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January 27, 2022: Hexagram 9 On Kickstarter Now

Hexagram 9, the newest issue of The Fantasy Trip dedicated zine, is now available (and funded!) on Kickstarter, along with a host of new items to add to your campaign! If you're new to Hexagram, you'll find it features a wide range of things you can add to your TFT game, like scenarios, new monsters, articles, and even FAQs from the community. This issue features: 

  • Questions and Answers by Steve Jackson and Peter von Kleinsmid
  • The Piroboli Stones by Howard Kistler
  • Pacing Your Party by Timm Meyers 
  • Questions Three – David Blanchard, interviewed by Steve Jackson
  • The Circus Job by Stefan Jones
  • 60-Minute Heroes by Steven Marsh
  • Orc Clans by The SJ Games Staff
  • Battlefield Weather by Phil Reed
  • Servants of the Slime by Dan Vergano
  • Random Meetings on the Road by Jean McGuire
  • Brass Skeletons by Steve Jackson

The fun doesn't stop there, however! This campaign also . . . [more]

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