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September 22, 2014: Munchkin At Walmart

Our intrepid COO, Phil Reed, was at Walmart buying kitchen utensils and jars of mayo (okay, let's be honest; he was there buying toys) when he spotted this shiny gold box on the shelf!

Let's break this down for a second, because spotting Munchkin in Walmart is really cool for a couple of reasons. First, Walmart reaches a lot of people. Huge, dizzying numbers of people shop at Walmart, and now those people will be noticing that shiny gold box just like Phil did. This means that more people will buy Munchkin, which means more people will play Munchkin, which means that you'll have more people to play Munchkin with, and we'll be able to make more cool stuff for Munchkin, like Munchkin Love Shark Baby or Munchkin Steampunk.

Second, the more attention Munchkin gets in general, the more likely we are to be able to pursue really cool licensing deals that allow us to make things (or enable . . . [more]

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