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August 21, 2019: Autoduel Weekly: Custom Dice

An important part of the new edition of Car Wars is the underlying game mechanics that are driven by custom six-sided dice. Unlike earlier editions, the upcoming Car Wars Sixth Edition game does not use standard six-sided dice. Instead, we have created six different dice that each serve a specific purpose:

  • Yellow. A workhorse die, weighted heavily to more damage than defense.
  • Green. Two wrench faces make this great for weapons with special effects – flame weapons, for example, that set a target on fire when a wrench is rolled.
  • Red. The red die is defense-heavy . . . but that also means it is skid-heavy since the shield/skid icon shares the same face.
  • White. With double star and double wrench faces, this die can be a monster that throws a lot of damage at an opponent.
  • Black. Insanely overloaded with wrenches; four of the faces are the wrench icon.
  • Blue. Effectively the 50/50 die, with three shield . . .


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