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October 18, 2019: Autoduel Weekly: Vehicle Build Points

In Car Wars Sixth Edition, you will need to construct a car before you're ready to enter the arena. Each car in the game is designed using Build Points (BP), an abstract measurement that suggests the relative power of the selected weapon, accessory, or upgrade card. Items range in cost from one to eight build points, and the start of every game session includes deciding on the number of build points that each player will work with for that event. The Car Wars Sixth Edition rules suggest two game sizes -- a small game (16 BP), and a large game (36 BP) -- though you're not restricted to those two choices. You want to run a 20 BP game? Go for it! 

What do items cost? Here are a few examples to give you a better feel for the Build Point system.

  • Spoiler - 1 BP - This grants you a bonus Ace token at the start of each round. When you are forced to spend a Control token, you may instead spend . . .


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