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November 23, 2020: Hexagram #6 Kickstarter Entering Stretch Run

We've got a little over a week left in our latest project for The Fantasy Trip – Hexagram #6. The new issue of Hexagram features 13 new articles, from guides to fencing to guides for Infinite Arenas. One of the best parts about Hexagram is the fact that it's coming from a variety of authors, who are big fans of the game, so you're getting insight from fellow players -- usually with a very unique take on running campaigns. Hexagram is a bit like a batch of misfit toys for TFT players: a collection of unique and varied tools for GMs and players that just don't fit in a full supplement. Each issue contains treasures for the discerning gamer. 

But Hexagram didn't come to this party alone -- it brought friends. Some big friends, actually . . . two hardback supplements full of new material, as well as a brand-new playmat. Packed with five new adventures, Adventures 2 is a 64-page hardcover . . . [more]

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