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November 17, 2017: Ogre Miniatures 2-D Terrain!

Our Ogre Miniatures Set 2 Kickstarter is off to an amazing start, with a number of stretch goals for additional miniatures unlocked, as well as Ogre Terrain PDFs

Ogre Terrain has been on Steve's mind for quite some time, and it's something we get requests for fairly regularly. So we saw this as an opportunity to offer some print-and-play terrain for Ogre fans!! This 2-D terrain is perfect for gamers on the go, or for Ogre players who just don't have time to make detailed 3-D terrain. Steve wrote an article on Medium highlighting the uses, some tips and tricks for printing, and materials he's used for the process. He covers everything from the pricier, but higher quality, neoprene to the quick-and-dirty paper and cardboard. 

We're well on our way to the next stretch goal, so if you're on the fence, check out the campaign! We continue to unlock stuff for the "Many Minis" . . . [more]

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