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September 18, 2014: Munchkin Zombies: Armed And Dangerous Now At Books-A-Million And Hastings

Are you still playing Munchkin Zombies without any of the expansions? Wow, um . . . well, now's your chance to grab a special edition of Munchkin Zombies 2! The new Munchkin Zombies: Armed And Dangerous box set has the same Munchkin Zombies 2 cards and comes with six zombie pawns so cute they will melt your brain . . . and then slurp it up. (Eeewww.) Available exclusively at Books-A-Million and Hastings, this version is a great gift for any Munchkin fan on your holiday shopping list . . . or for yourself if you're itching to consume the flesh of the living and just can't wait for Santa.

Throw in Munchkin Zombies 3, Munchkin Zombies 4, the Munchkin Zombies Decay d6, and the Munchkin Board of Health for an extra spectacular time of braaaaiiiiinnnnsssssss!!!

-- Phil Reed

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