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May 24, 2019: The Fantasy Trip: Decks Of Destiny Megahex Tiles

One of the more popular new components for The Fantasy Trip that was introduced in the Legacy Edition, the dry-erase megahex tiles, is set for expansion with the new Decks of Destiny box set that is now funding on Kickstarter. These die-cut, double-sided terrain tiles are designed to be assembled to form dungeons, arenas, and other locales for adventure, with the six sheets of tiles in the Legacy Edition providing enough play space for a small battlefield.

So far, thanks to the support of project backers, Decks of Destiny includes nine sheets of megahex tiles, more than doubling the number of options available to GMs and scenario creators. And just as with the tiles in the Legacy Edition, these new megahex tiles are two-sided: one side is blank, for your own designs, while the other is illustrated with new terrain features. By mixing and matching tiles from both the Decks of Destiny . . . [more]

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