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September 17, 2019: Live In The Labyrinth Is Coming!

If you've followed us online in the last few years, you know we've brought you into the office (virtually) to check out new games, previews, and inside looks with our #SJGamesLive video streams.

Now we are bringing you a different inside look, with our new show, Live In The Labyrinth! Join some of our staff and friends for an onging fantasy roleplaying campaign using The Fantasy Trip rules. Not familiar with the system? That's okay . . . neither are the players! You can tune in to see how this old-school, lightweight system is quick to pick up and play, and to see if the staff can survive the Death Test and trials beyond!

Live In The Labyrinth will stream live every Wednesday, starting September 18th, at 2pm Central time. If you can't watch us live, the videos can be watched later.

Visit us on Twitch.TV ( and click Follow to get notified when we go live . . . [more]

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