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April 20, 2014: Walking And Gaming -- Are We There Yet?

As I've discussed twice previously, my wife (international Woman of Mystery and Doc Savage fan Nikki Vrtis), myself, and our seven-year-old son frequently take walks. When we do, we like to pass the time by coming up with games we can play while trudging hither and yon.

Although we've started trying to introduce 20 Questions to our son, he gets frustrated by it; I don't think he quite gets it yet. ("Okay; I'm thinking of an animal. What's your first question?" "Uhh . . . is it a poodle?" "Try to think of a more general question, son." "Oh. Is it a dog?") Plus, the imposition of a 20-question limit gives him decision paralysis, even though we've never stuck to it.

Still, he's been a bit more interested in what are called "lateral-thinking puzzles," which poses an impossible -- or at least odd -- situation, and challenges players to come up with yes/no questions to figure . . . [more]

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