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December 7, 2016: Tanks For The Holiday Memories!

The holiday season is well underway – that magical time of year perfect for gathering friends and crushing them under the treads of a gargantuan cybernetic tank. Well, we've got you covered, with Ogre Scenario Book 2. This downloadable book from Warehouse 23 and your copy of the Ogre Designer's Edition will get you ready to play 14 amazing, fan-made scenarios.

Foretold during the super-successful Designer's Edition Kickstarter, this stunning collection is now available to all, ready to download and print (or use on a digital reader of your choice . . . it's the future!). Whether you're playing "Luck of the Draw" as a solitary adventure, joining two other gamers for the battle of "The Dragon of Magdeburg," taking part in the nine-player "Salvage" scenario, or gathering some in-between number of friends for the other scenarios herein, you'll have hours of fun. And if you don't have Ogre . . . [more]

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