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February 28, 2015: Small World, Tom Siddell . . . Small World!

As the Munchkin comic deal with Boom! Studios became a real thing, one of the writers' names hit me like a +5 Electric Radioactive Acid Potion: Tom Siddell. Tom Siddell!

I know that name . . . as the artist and author behind Gunnerkrigg Court, which has been on my "Read as soon as it updates!" webcomic list for years and years. It continues to keep my interest . . . in fact, it just keeps on getting better. If I say "It's about a school where strangely talented kids, human and near-human, study magic and hypertechnology while Momentous Events Unfold," I've described it – but only in the same sense that I could describe Moby-Dick as "This psycho guy picks a fight with a whale. Whale wins."

In other words: it's complicated. Gunnerkrigg Court is very smart, and very well drawn, and very well plotted, and every so often there's a page that transcends webcomicity and becomes very beautiful . . . [more]

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