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September 23, 2017: Ogre Vs. Fencer

I'm experimenting with neoprene terrain – specifically, making some terrain myself, both to play Ogre Miniatures and to get an idea what ought to go into a commercial set. Bottom line of the experiments so far: it has been fun to do it as a craft project, but it would be a lot more cost-effective to buy it at the store if I could find exactly what I wanted. But experiments will continue. SCIENCE! and all that.

After I'd made a table's worth of terrain, I took some pictures, and they came out better than I expected. Of course, the ones with miniatures are more interesting than the pictures that just show flat stuff, so here's one of the good ones. We have here the Ogre Mark V from Ogre Miniatures Set 1, facing off against the Paneuropean Fencer from the as-yet-unKickstarted Set 2. This time, we got the molds finished before starting the Kickstarter, so we have sample models to show . . . . [more]

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