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November 27, 2015: Holiday Surprises!

We are going to make shopping soooo easy for those of you still getting over turkey lag and who have, therefore, not yet left for the mall. Stay right where you are. Go directly to Warehouse 23 and check out what we have in store for you. (Yes, I said store. I think I've spent too much time with Andrew and Steve.)

Not only do we have a great Munchkin deal for you, you can even get FREE shipping! When you buy our Munchkin Messenger Bag, priced at $74.95, we'll stuff it for the holidays with more than $30 worth of swag. Perfect for you or your favorite gamer, the Messenger Bag can hold up to two core games, two Munchkin Boxes of Holding, and two smallish baby dragons (although none of these is included). Combined with our Free Shipping promotion, this is a sweet deal!

What Free Shipping promotion? From now until December 18, physical orders $65 and over ship absolutely free (within the . . . [more]

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