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July 10, 2020: Deadly Doodles 2 Available Now!

Did you think you were done? That you mastered the mazes? Dominated the dungeons? Well, not quite . . .  Just when you thought you were out of the labyrinth, we're pulling you right back in with Deadly Doodles 2, the new expansion to Deadly Doodles! Featuring art by the fabulous Katie Cook, Deadly Doodles 2 expands on the base game with six maps, printed on double sided dry-erase board, as well as a custom d6 die. Each map features brand-new challenges and goals, such as collecting diamonds, avoiding cursed gems, or navigating your way through locked doors to find the loot. 

We've played a teaser of one of the maps from the game on our #SJGamesLive stream. You can get an idea of the gameplay from that stream, and keep an eye out for even more play-alongs with Deadly Doodles coming soon. 

Deadly Doodles 2 is available now at your friendly local game store, or on our webstore Warehouse . . . [more]

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