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February 26, 2017: Al Had A Hoot At OwlCon 2017

What a weekend! I'm back home, safe and (mostly) sound, after an amazing weekend at OwlCon

Events started Friday evening, and we were ready! We kicked the convention off with some autodueling fun in Car Wars: The Card Game. There was a great turnout for Revolution! (with the Anarchy expansion), and plenty of feline mayhem was made with Simon's Cat Card Game. Sanity-blasting fun came from The Stars Are Right, and Gotham City's greatest supervillains made off with lots of loot in Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game. Of course, we also played LOTS of Munchkin that night as well!

Saturday at OwlCon was even better! Munchkin was suitably represented, and we had a lot of fun with our original set mixed with Munchkin Oz. Players were able to study for their oral history exams using our most-excellent, giant-sized copy of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, while others had spooky fun haunting . . . [more]

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