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March 18, 2018: Bandpass Design

Last year, when Geek Chic closed up shop, it was as big a surprise to many of their employees as it was to their customers and fans.

Now, several of those employees have taken what they learned and launched their own company, Bandpass Design. From where I sit, so far, they seem to be determined not to make some of the mistakes that doomed Geek Chic. For one thing, they aren't accepting orders until they have the bandwidth to build the furniture, and they seem totally fine asking people to wait before spending money rather than after. (In fact, Bandpass says they aim to have no more than eight weeks between payment and delivery.) They are also not offering the variety of furniture that Geek Chic did; right now, they have exactly one table, the Dresden, with a variety of styles and modifications that don't change the overall design.

We're glad to see that the good parts of Geek Chic . . . [more]

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