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August 5, 2021: Detonate Your Next Game Night With Le Boomb!

We have published a number of fast-playing dice games over the years. Zombie Dice. Cthulhu Dice. Z-Shot. Dino Hunt Dice. Chupacabra. As small, portable, and relatively inexpensive games, our dice games make an excellent addition to any backpack and each is a great filler title to entertain the group as you wait for the late players. 

Last year, just before the world locked down and everything went weird, we added another title to our catalog of dice games, with an updated edition of the older Mayfair Games release, Le Boomb!

As part of the preparations for Gen Con, we've been reviewing our catalog and selecting games to display and demo at the convention. I was reading through our 2020 releases earlier and realized that Le Boomb! never had a fair shot. We announced it, Hunter and the team posted a video showing the gameplay, but the loss of conventions over the last 15+ months wiped . . . [more]

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