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June 23, 2017: Q&A With Munchkin Spell Skool Artist Katie Cook!

To celebrate the release of Munchkin Spell Skool, exclusively at Walgreens (hitting stores in the next week or so, so swing by your local Walgreens to pick up a copy, before they disappear), we sat down with Katie Cook and asked her a few questions about the game, her thoughts on magic, and her favorites from the set!
You've done a lot of work on Munchkin sets now – Munchkin Love Shark Baby, Munchkin Puppies, Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition. Did you approach Munchkin Spell Skool any differently?
    I try to approach everything I do with a sense of humor and enthusiasm . . . the Munchkin stuff especially so. These sets are such a blast to work on. 
As you know, players in this Munchkin game are young students at a magic school. Did that theme inspire you? How?  
    I guess you could say I am a fan of a certain series of . . .


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