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August 28, 2015: Interview With Atlas Games - What You Donít Know About Munchkin Gloom

In addition to the fantastic interview of Atlas Games' Keith Baker, done by Board Game Geek at Gen Con 2015 in the video below, we decided to do our own questioning. Furthermore we snagged a question from our Twitter followers!

Below is our Q&A with Keith Baker, Munchkin Gloom Game Designer, and Michelle Nephew, Tenured Editor, from Atlas Games.

How did this come to be? When did someone say lets put these two games together and see what happens?!

Keith Baker: Michelle knows what went on between Steve Jackson Games and Atlas Games. When the idea was first presented to me, it was a matter of does this make sense? The basic principle of Gloom is that you are telling a story about a group of characters, and you want them to suffer and die. In Munchkin, you want your character to triumph; where was the bridge with Gloom?

Initially I worked with the idea that you would play the monsters in . . . [more]

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