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September 1, 2015: Q & A With Len Peralta

Today we caught up with illustrator Len Peralta, who is illustrating the upcoming Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition.

Q: Len, thanks so much for taking a few minutes to chat with us. Can you tell us a little bit about how your illustration style has evolved over your career?

A: Wow. that's quite a question! I like to think that it is constantly evolving and changing. I guess the real question is, who are the artists who have helped shape and evolve your art. That's an easier question. When I was 23, I made a bunch of notes in my sketchbook of artists who I admire. A list of my influences, so to speak. Tim Burton, George Plympton, Edward Gorey, Berke Breathed. Gahan Wilson. Charles Addams. Over the years, I've added artists like Scottie Young, Jim Lee and Lienil Yu to that list. They've strongly influenced my style and added a lot more depth to it. I've tried my hand at . . . [more]

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