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February 5, 2023: GURPS "New Edition" Chatter At RPG.Net

After the TikTok video asking about a possible new edition of GURPS went a little wild (see this Daily Illuminator post), the internet took action. We've seen discussions in a few different places, but I'd like to direct your attention to this thread at RPG.Net where forum user theuglyknight posts: 

"Honestly it wasn't my thing in the past , but I'm pretty excited at the thought of it now. I think on the whole the industry has moved away from heavier games but the pendulum is starting to swing back. I'm also aware that Gurps is actually a whole spectrum of heaviness, but in my (admittedly perhaps wrong) perception it's one of the crunchiest.

So what does a new edition look like?"

Not surprisingly, the discussion goes in several different directions, but it makes for an entertaining read if you're interested in thoughts on what could possibly happen if there were a new edition of GURP . . . [more]

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February 4, 2023: The Original Mimic?

The "mimic" type of monster has seen an upsurge in popularity recently. Most typically disguising itself as a treasure chest, the mimic might also be a chair, a doorknob . . . or anything else that some unwary delver might touch.

So who thought of this evil beastie?

I just ran across a story that might depict the original fictional Mimic. It's "The Stentorii Luggage," by Neal Barrett, Jr. – and it appeared in Galaxy Magazine in 1960! So Barrett may have intellectual priority on the idea. And, regardless, it is a great story.

-- Steve Jackson

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February 3, 2023: Steve Talks Car Wars With Three Ravens

Late in 2022, we announced our partnership with Three Ravens Publishing for new fiction in the Car Wars universe. Steve was recently on their TDB Pirate Radio podcast talking autoduelling! Steve (and Irene) joined a panel of talented creatives to talk Car Wars Sixth Edition and the origins of Car Wars as a universe, as well as a variety of other topics concerning writing and world-building. If you're interested in the creative process that goes into writing and game design, this has some great insights, as well as a fun conversation with a lot of nerdy folk. Check it out on their YouTube page, and keep an eye out later this year for the Autoduel Chronicles!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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February 2, 2023: Wiz-War Kickstarter Ends Today

The doors to the magical labyrinth are closing today, so this is your last chance to back Wiz-War on Kickstarter! Our new edition of Tom Jolly's classic boardgame features art by the legendary Phil Foglio, with classic "take that!" gameplay curated from the eight previous editions by long-time Wiz-War fan Steve Jackson. For those wanting a closer look at the play and components, Steve joined us on #SJGamesLive for a playthrough that you can see on YouTube. Which wizard reigned supreme? You'll need to watch it to find out, but I can tell you there were a lot of large rocks thrown around. 

I'd also like to note that while this game will be going to retail stores later, it will definitely not be at $30 like on the Kickstarter, so . . . Back today, share it with your friends, and help Wiz-War finish strong! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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February 1, 2023: Kickstarter Reports, February 2023 Update

We are starting the year off strong with Wiz-War! This new edition of Tom Jolly's classic boardgame has been waiting for a shot at crowdfunding, and we are hoping that everything proceeds smoothly enough that we can fulfill the campaign this summer and then offer the game to stores in the fall. We have more projects to take to Kickstarter, but the exact order is a tad murky as we continue to adapt to the chnging world.

Read on to see the active projects . . . and please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to see what comes next.

Wiz-War, Tom Jolly's Classic Boardgame Returns!

  • January 23 to February 2
  • 1,576 backers and on schedule
  • The Kickstarter campaign comes to a close tomorrow! The game is at the factory, through the tooling process, and everything is on track to ship later this year.

Rose Labyrinth Roleplaying Game Adventure Set

  • December 19 . . .


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