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May 23, 2017: A Year Of GURPS After The End

GURPS After the End, our "post-apocalyptic campaign-in-a-box" series, recently turned one year old, and I've been looking back at the highlights of my own ongoing "nano and nukes" campaign. The party has changed composition a bit, but always stayed weird and quasi-religious: they started as bodyguards of a Neo-Catholic bishop and are currently the entourage for a superstar singer who preaches the Gospel of Rock. They've fought their way past security bots and squirrel-pions, survived a forest of exploding apples, and created a network of friends and contacts. But perhaps their most notable acquisition was Babette . . .

As described in GURPS After the End 2: The New World, the mutant bears known as "teddies" are terrifying, hideous murder machines. A mated pair of them nearly did the party in. After they prevailed, however, they followed the tracks back to the beasts' lair . . . [more]

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