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Steve Jackson's Appearances

Want to meet Steve? Here's a list of conventions he's attending, as well as other events where you can find him and say hello.

Our other staff members make appearances, too – click here for a complete list.


No events are scheduled right now. Check back later!

Trip Reports
November 6-8, 2015
Madison, WI

Gamehole Con is a convention for all types of gaming. All types, do you hear me? They expect about a thousand people for 2015. Everyone who's been to this con assures me that it's a very special event, friendly and well organized. Plus, Madison is amazing. So I'm going!

One of the things about this show: they invite a LOT of game makers. Madison is very close to Lake Geneva, where so much started, and a lot of the best Gygax-era names come to visit. I'm expecting to see Ed Greenwood, Tim Kask, Frank Mentzer, Ernie Gygax, Jim Ward, and the creator of some of my very favorite Old Skool games, Tom Wham! Not to mention young whippersnappers like Matt Forbeck, Jonathan Tweet, Jenn Brozek . . . oh, go read the site.

Also John Kovalic! There will be Brandy Alexanders, have no doubt, and we may very well create a Munchkin set while we are hanging out there, just because we CAN. This will be a rare opportunity to get a double-signed Munchkin shirt in one fell swoop. That sounds like a Munchkin monster already. Level 13 Fell Swoop. Of course, “Fell Swoop” also sounds like a Star Wars character, doesn't it? Maybe that's my Jedi name now.

Okay, back to Gamehole Con.

A unique event will be the con-within-a-con sponsored by The Game Crafter. Aspiring game creators will be able to learn a lot of things about prototyping, and a whole lot of other breaking-into-the-business stuff, that I wish I had known 30 years ago, or even 20 or 10. And quite possibly some things that I wish I knew now. We shall see . . .

November 2, 2015
Retailer Appreciation Open House Day
Austin, TX

As we get moved back into our office after repairing the water damage – and remodeling the whole place since it was torn up anyway – we are throwing a party for our friends in retail.

It will be Monday, November 2, from noon to 4. There will be catered goodies from my Buda neighbor, Miss Red's Place, and each store will receive a Gift Pack worth over $400. We hope you'll use some of the games for demo, but there's always the option of selling them all and laughing madly.

I will do a little presentation on what we have new and upcoming, answer your questions, and help you eat the goodies.

This is by invitation only, but if you are a brick&mortar game retailer within travel distance, and did NOT get an invitation, write to and we will see what can be sorted out. Likewise, if you got an invitation but have not yet RSVP'd, please respond to Because you would not want us to run out of goodies, right?

July 23-26, 2015
Austin, TX

Brick Fiesta is a Lego fan convention, now in, IIRC, its fifth year. It moves between cities, and for 2015 it will be back in Austin. I will be there; Guy Himber of Crazy Bricks will be Guest of Honor. SJ Games will have a booth next to Guy's, and in one or the other of them, you will definitely be able to get Guy's Munchkin Bricks. There will be at least one, and maybe two, giant-sized versions of our games with Lego-built boards. There will also be massive quantities of other Lego-geeky stuff.

So you should come if (a) you're in Austin and you're enough of a game fan to be reading this – in which case you want the two-day membership – or (b) you're a Lego fan anywhere in Texas, in which case you want the full four-day Total Geek membership. Which is not actually called that, but should be.

June 26-28, 2015
Chattanooga, TN

I liked my first visit to LibertyCon so much that I was happy to be invited back. And Chattanooga is such a great city that on a previous visit I actually looked at real estate magazines. So this one will be fun. LibertyCon is a very comfortable, companionable event, gamer-friendly but definitely a full-spectrum SF convention.

The guest list is excellent. It's headlined by David Weber, best known for the Honor Harrington series (though he's done a lot of other great stuff). The toastmaster is none other than Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary.

(And it will be held in the Chattanooga Choo Choo, a hotel that not only has its own model train layout*, but is right on the city's electric-bus line that runs straight to the Aquarium and the good restaurants. A great choice.)

*News flash: they're remodeling, and it is anybody's guess whether or where the trains will be at the time of the con. Ah, well, more time to play games.

June 17-21, 2015
Schaumberg, IL

While I am primarily at this marvelous event to admire awesome Lego and to hold Seekrit Meetings ////////////////////// consult with Guy Himber (Munchkin Bricks, I will be doing a signing at the Crazybricks booth at 1pm Friday, lasting till a bit after 2 so the people getting out of 1pm events will have a chance. Come by and say hi! I will deface your games for you.

Look for the banner.

Or look for me at the PennLUG / TBRR table, or at the Great Ball Contraption. Or at the charity auction. Or the mixers :)

Or at the big Munchkin game that Guy and I will do for charity, using the amazing board that he built.

And yes, we do in fact have a copy of Munchkin Steampunk here.

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