The Driver's Seat

HTMLized by William Reed

Greetings, and welcome to a world 50 years in your future. We don't have a total view of this world as yet, although we do know that autoduelling, with all of its causes and effects, plays an important part in it. Four times a year, we'll be bringing you news of this world, from your point of view. We'll have updates from the North American Road Atlas and Survival Guide, news briefs, design strategy from the masters (and near-masters), simulations of recent events to help you sharpen your skill, answers to your questions on how autoduelling works and, always, lots of new product advertising. We hope to include occasional news from our sister organizations abroad, such as the London update in "Westway" (TSG 57), and interesting glimpses of other possible worlds, similar to the "Magic in Car Wars" articles in TSG's 51 & 55.

To make it work, we need an active Association. That means you. (It won't work if it depends on just us. Given a choice between writing and driving, we'd rather be on the road.) If you don't fill us in on the details of that new targeting device or grenade launcher you've just developed, how can we share it with the rest of the Association? Have you devised an effective vehicle for smuggling fruit? Tell us. We rely on observer reports to help us update the Road Atlas and Survival Guide. Have you visited an interesting Fortress or run into a particularly obnoxious cycle gang recently (and survived)? Let us know the details so we can inform and forewarn others. And any time you notice anything of interest in the news, pass it along. Someone might be able to turn that report into an interesting simulation of the actual events. All contributions are credited and paid for, of course. For more information on that, check the Writers' and Artists' Guide in the back.

You'll notice an expanded recent history on the next page. We're filling in details, but we're not sure of all of them. Just what has happened with the U.S., or with our neighbors to the North and South? Is there an active rail system? Where? Do planes still fly? Using what power? How strong is the peace (read disarmed autos) movement? Where is it based? Is no-fault insurance still required for vehicles? What is life like in a walled town? Around and abandoned city? What are relations between the Free Oil States of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and the rest of the U.S.? Do space colonies exist? Has California fallen into the ocean? We don't know yet. Maybe you can tell us. We won't take every suggestion, of course - we're working toward a consistent, interesting picture of the autoduellists' world of 2033, and beyond.

Finally, what else do you want in ADQ? We're considering running "opponents wanted," announcements of Car Wars tournament convention dates, and possibly a register of AADA local clubs. This is your quarterly - let us know what you want in it.

Until next issue,
Let the good times roll!
- David Ladyman

Table of contents for ADQ 1-1