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Welcome to Autoduel Quarterly.
Since the original Car Wars game was first published in mid-1981, it has grown tremendously in popularity. Articles and reviews have appeared in The Space Gamer and other magazines - and Omni named it one of the ten best games of the year! There's an increasing demand for more Car Wars material. We can't fill that demand in The Space Gamer; TSG subscribers want to read about other things some of the time. Therefore: ADQ - a magazine devoted entirely to Car Wars.

Actually, ADQ will be as much a quarterly "supplement" as it will a magazine. We'll try to hold "magazine stuff" (i.e., editorials, ads, and columns like this) down to a minimum. The only regular columns will be about new vehicles or locations for your game world. The one purpose of ADQ will be to help you get more fun out of your Car Wars material.

David Ladyman, your editor, and the rest of the ADQ staff will be working to bring you more material, every issue, about a consistent "future history" for autoduellists. Whether you look at Car Wars as a role-playing game or as a set of rules for miniature battles - or both - the American Autoduel Association's maps, vehicle data, and road alerts, presented here four times a year, will keep you in touch with your fellow duellists.

Enter, then, the world of the future... where men and cars fight it out on the road and in the arena, and the right of way goes to the biggest guns. Welcome to Autoduel Quarterly.

- Steve Jackson

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