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Do motorcycles have chassis? A cycle's frame is its "chassis."
--Nic Wolff, New York, NY --DL
1) Is it possible to put wheelguards on a motorcycle? 1) Yes; one guard per tire, protecting both sides, at regular weight and cost. They cannot be retractable. HC is reduced by one.
2) Is it possible to strengthen the frame of a motorcycle, and, if so, would the weight modifier and cost be the same as for cars? 2) Not so far.
3) Is it possible to have two forward-firing machine guns on a motorcycle and a heavy sidecar at the same time? 3) Yes; they can even be linked.
4) What happens to a motorcycle when the engine is shot out? 4) It decelerates at least 5 mph per turn, coasting to a stop unless something affects it.
5) If a motorcycle is struck, how is the damage distributed? Does the bike automatically crash? 5) See "Cycle targeting" under "Combat: Targeting" in Car Wars.
--Christopher Willett, New London, CT --DL
1) Can a weapons rack be placed in an RV or van? How many spaces does it take? How many grenades worth of weapons does it hold? How much does it weigh? 1) Yes; at least one space, but it could be more -- that's up to you. Each space the rack occupies will hold 15 grenades' worth, weigh 25lbs. (empty), and cost $50.
2) Is it possible to put more than one power plant in a vehicle? 2) Yes, but power factors are not additive -- additional power plants are strictly backup units. It certainly isn't a good idea to take them along as extra armor, given the current chance of catching on fire. (See the Car Wars rules revisions in this issue.)
3) Is it possible for a heat-seeking rocket to exist? How much would it weigh and cost? How many spaces would it take up? 3) Probably; why don't you tell us?
4) Can the engine out of a Dempsey be put into an RV? 4) No. Just as the Killer RV in Sunday Drivers was a one-shot forerunner of Truck Stop, so the Dempsey XM-6 is a predecessor of a unified set of military vehicle rules. (No, we don't know if and when we'll have a set of such rules.) We don't suggest transposing tank components into civilian vehicles; it's likely to produce unbalanced play.
5) Can a pickup have a camper shell? What would be the weight? the cost? What would be its armor? 5) Yes; see number 3.
--Bill Blais, Edmonton, Alberta --DL
1) Can you put a turret on a sidecar in such a way that you could fire to the front, one side, and back? 1) A sidecar turret ... why not? There are some technical problems, but Uncle Albert thinks it'll sell. Watch his ads in ADQ.
2) Could you have remote-control mines? 2) Yes, you could easily have remote-control mines, detonated either by cable or by radio. The cost would be the same as for ordinary mines. However, you would have to double the cost if you wanted mines that could be set off both by remote control and by being run over.
--Dirk Tischer, Birmingham, TX --DL
1) Do cycles move in 1/2" increments, or 1" increments like a car? 1) Cycles move a full inch for every 10 mph, just like cars (and trucks).
2) When making a bend, does the move from B to C on the chart add another D3 tot he first move from A to B, or do you roll each D3 separately? 2) A to B is a D3 maneuver executed in one phase. So is B to C. They are both bends. If you want to do it all in one phase, execute a tight bend at D6.
3) Can a pedestrian carry a heavy weapon (MG, LAW, etc.) at full 25 mph rate? 3) Any pedestrian can carry up to "6 grenades worth" and still move at max. speed. Neither an MG or a LAW encumbers a pedestrian that much.
4) In the "Crusaders" scenario of Sunday Drivers, can the internal police and city hall forces be deployed on the roof? 4) Yes.
--David Saha, Bellaire, TX --DL
1) How much does a clip of ammo weigh, in grenades and pounds, for hand weapons? 1) Cost is of the clip itself, not counting ammo. Lb. (weight) and G (grenade equivalents) are for fully loaded clips. Neg. = negligible.
Machine Gun: $50, 55#, 2ge
Submachine Gun: $20, 2#, 1ge
Rifle, Shotgun, Hvy. or Lt. Pistol: $5, neg. #, 1/2ge
Recoilless Rifle: $50, 20#, 2ge
(Note that the MG and RR costs reflect a change in Sunday Drivers rules.)
2) How long does it take to reload a hand weapon? 2) Two seconds.
3) In Sunday Drivers there was a rule change to the effect that all tires within 2" of a grenade take 1 die damage and vehicles take 1/2 die damage to the nearest side. Does this mean a grenade exploding under a car affects all four tires and the underbody armor? 3) Yes. Note that on some oversized vehicles, not all tires will necessarily be within 2" of a grenade under the vehicle.
CWC2.5, pg. 65, Explosive Grenade, Does 1d damage to all vehicles within a 1/2" burst radius.
4) Is detonating an AP grenade a firing action? 4) Yes.
--Curt Graham, Carmel, CA --DL
1) How deep must water be to short out the various vehicles? 1) Half the height of the vehicle.
2) How dust- and watertight are the various vehicles? (Do they float?) 2) No more so than today, which means that some are well sealed and some aren't. A tight seal on a vehicle would cost a hefty amount; let your referee determine how much.
3) What are the effects on acceleration and deceleration of uphill and downhill travel? 3) Slopes affect both max. speed and acceleration. In general, figure that each degree of slope decreases (or increases) max. speed by 1mph. Thus a 30 degree uphill slope decreases max. possible speed by 30 mph. Figure that an uphill slope under 15 degrees doesn't affect acceleration; that a slope between 15 degrees and 30 degrees cuts maximum possible acceleration by 5 mph; that a slope between 30 degrees and 45 degrees cuts acceleration by 10 mph; etc. Downhill slopes add to acceleration in the same way. Braking isn't hard to do; it isn't made easier or harder by slopes.
4) What is the effect of firing a burst effect weapon at point-blank range? 4) If you're within the range of a burst effect weapon, whether you're the one who fired it or not, you take the appropriate damage.
5) Shouldn't there be a To Hit modifier for firing at or from a weaving vehicle? Similarly, what about the effect of high speed on targeting? 5) Weaving is simply a series of maneuvers, so you're suggesting a modifier for maneuvering vehicles. This is logical; we've omitted it to make Car Wars more playable. However, if you want an adjust, use it when you referee. (Maybe a minus to hit if Handling Status falls below -2.) As for high speed targeting, any weapon which can fire at one target and then swing 60°and fire at another target in less than a second (which any turreted or side-firing weapon can do), is going to have very little trouble tracking a speeding vehicle.
6) What is the jumping capability of cars, and how much damage does a jump incur?
(Also asked by James Phillips, Hanover Park, IL and Lee Lytle, Stow, OH)
6) Falling damage is covered in last issue's ADQ&A. To "jump," a vehicle has to be going fast enough to cross the gap before it falls below the landing site. It will fall 1" in the first second, and 4-1/4" in the first two seconds. A take-off ramp (or slope) helps, of course: a vehicle at 60 mph, taking off from a 15 degree ramp, travels 9" before falling back to its take-off level. Extrapolate other results from that.
7) What is the effect of electrical shock on a vehicle, and how well is the driver insulated? 7) If it penetrates (and remember armor is plastic, not metal), it might arc across one random interior component (including occupants), fusing or frying it.
8) Given the bruising and physical shock effect, don't you think that being hit on the body armor ought to be a +1 hazard? 8) Anytime a vehicle or its occupants take damage, there is a Control Table roll; if you'd like to increase the difficulty of the Hazard by +1 when you're refereeing, go ahead.
9) Presumably, doors are lockable from the inside on vehicles. Will a limpet mine do enough damage to unlock a door? 9) Not until it removes the armor.
10) Shouldn't there be a possibility that a T-Boned car will roll? 10) In real life, yes. If you want to include that possibility when refereeing, then do so.
11) What is the effect of crushing an opponent against a solid object? 11) Figure collision damage from the initial collision (vehicle A striking vehicle or pedestrian B). Then, if vehicle A carries B along with it (as per "Conforming Movement" in this issue's Advanced Collision System), figure a second collision with solid object C at A's revised speed, with collision damage occurring first to B. If solid object C delivers more damage than B can sustain, pass the remaining collision damage on to A.
--James Rousey, San Fransisco, CA --DL
1) Tire blowouts are unclear. If the tire is lost to enemy fire it is a D3 hazard, yet if the last hit of damage is from enemy fire the wheel is lost and handling goes to -6. Losing a tire to enemy fire would seem to be an automatic change to -6 handling. Is this so? 1) Not quite. (We agree -- the rule is not written too well.) If you lose a tire to spikes, move the handling marker to -6 immediately and roll for a possible crash; the car's handling class drops by 2 starting next turn. If you lose a tire to enemy fire, move the handling marker to -6 immediately and roll for a possible crash; the car's handling class drops by 3 starting next turn. The designation of those hazards as "D2" and "D3" is confusing and might well be ignored.
2) Can a car or van continue to drive after having lost one or more tires (not wheels) without loss of speed? 2) Yes, it can. This is not realistic, but the rules allow it.
--Thomas Miller --DL
1) Do you receive a driver skill for killing a vehicle with a ram (i.e., bootlegging into a cycle gang)? 1) Yes
2) Can you use a weapon burst to scatter or set off mines? 2) Not unless you spend a lot of time at it -- for most practical purposes, therefore, no.
3) Is it possible to drive between the posts on the chain counters? It looks like you can't. 3) A cycle can get between them, a car can't.
4) Can you make a pothole by firing at the street? 4) All right. If you want to put a pothole in the road, do more than 8 points damage with a single shot. The pothole will be 1/4" on a side, and will act as a D2 hazard when driven upon.
--Eric Reeder --DL

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