Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 2

Arena Watch: The Circle of Doom, Hartford, CT

Brian Morrison
The most recent addition to the duelling scene in the Greater Hartford area is the Circle of Doom, constructed on the site of the old Dillon football stadium. Completed in October, 2039, it serves as host to some of the best duelling competition in the area, and the usually small Hartford sports market has been drawn heavily to this arena, making it one of the most successful venues in the region.

Arena Notes: The main feature of the arena is the circular center area, which actually rotates counter-clockwise at 25 mph (moving M" every phase). The walls on the circle, and the walls of the surrounding parts of the arena each have four openings. Thus, when the platform has rotated 45", there will be no openings from the platform to the rest of the arena! The walls on the circle are 25 DP, and the ones in the rest of the arena are 40 DP (except the structures closest to the circle, which are indestructible). The TV bunker walls have 75 DP. It is a D2 hazard to enter or leave the circle, because of the speed at which it is rotating. Usually, there are no dropped weapons allowed on the platform itself, but anywhere off of it or in the openings leading to it are fair game.

Arena Events: The Circle of Doom runs a standard AADA Divisional weekly schedule, with Sunday cleanup and Friday amateur nights. One of the more common Special Events is as follows:

Center Scramble: Victory is based on points, with one point for a firepower or mobility kill. Vehicles lose comparable points when their own firepower or mobility is lost. Vehicles must cross the center of the middle circle before they can score any positive points (although negative points may be scored). Dropped weapons are banned on the center circle for this event.

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