Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3

Arena Watch: Columbia Coliseum

Kirk Utterback
Since the Food Riots, Columbia has been a hardy "hick town." Between "local boys made good' and alumni of the local college's highly-rated autoduelling squad, it's not surprising that many top duellists come from this area.

The Columbia Coliseum offers no Amateur Night and only sponsors professional duelling on a first-come basis with no exceptions.

Arena Notes

Outer wall - 15' high and has 100 DP.

Center wall - 7.5' above the level of the surrounding ramps and has 50 DP.

Ramps - All ramps have a 45-degree incline.

Pit - Is 100' deep.

Gates - All gates are 15' below the main arena floor having 45-degree ramps which lead up and 20 DP sliding doors.

TB bunkers - Have 7.5' thick SafeTeePro transparent walls with 30 DP.

Restrictions - Any and all damage will be paid in full by duellist or his/her sponsor.

Point system - The CC ususlly uses a set amount for vehicle and pedestrian kills plus extra for the short jump (doubled for the long jump).

Arena Schedule

Monday - Thursday: Normally sanctioned duels ranging from Div. 5 to Div. 100.

Friday: College night.

Saturday: Challenge night.

Sunday: Repairs.

Arena Events

Hack'N'Slash - 6 duellists battle under the following conditions: must have a ramplate and gas engine, no gunners or passengers, no defensive weapons or weapons doing 1d or less damage.

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