Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3

The Golden Falcon

Birkheart Design
This award-winning design by former champion-duellist Rupert Birkheart is now available to the public. The proven prototype is still flying, patrolling the skies above the road-gang-infested areas of 1-70 in the Colorado Rockies. No other chopper on the market can match the Golden Falcon's combination of speed and strength in a small helicopter. Just imagine yourself encased in 100 layers of laser-reflective metal armor, and 73 layers of fireproof plastic. A trusty Vulcan cannon in a universal turret gives reliable versatile firepower, and two 3-space external rocket pods can hold whatever the situation demands. Load up on air-to-air missiles and take care of pesky twerps who invade your personal airspace. Or perhaps a variable fire rocket pod would be more your style, to aid in obliterating those armored ground varmints? This deluxe model is armed with two rocket launchers and two army surplus SAMs for a well-rounded attack. Whether your mission is escorting, patrolling or recon, the Golden Falcon is designed to get you there and back again.

Golden Falcon - Samll Chopper, pilot/gunner. Standard plant with SC and PC, Power units 23,000. VMG in universal turret. 2. 3-space external rocket pods, 2 RLs and 2 SAMs. Laser Reflective Metal/Fireproof Plastic F 18/12, R 18/10, L 18/10 B 18/10, T 10/20, U 18/11. 10 pts. of LRFP plastic on both rotors and ERPs, 2 helmets with IR goggles, linked RLs, long-range radio, 2 targeting computers. Radar, Radar Detector, Radar Jammer. Accel. 10, Top Speed 200, HC 2, 11,498 lbs., $80,930.

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