Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3


GHOST Continues to Haunt Worlds

Also, U.S. President Assassinated

Once again, a rookie from the Greater Hartford Organization of Saboteurs and Terrorists chapter has come out of nowhere to dominate the AADA world championships. 2042 World Champion Jon Karl entered the tournament as an atlarge qualifier and worked his way up through the ranks to challenge the reigning champions in the final round and win!

Due to an outbreak of plague in Akron, as well as renovation of the Flying Fortress arena (i.e., it was made before the new jumping rules), the National Championship was held in the Arch arena in downtown St. Louis, Missouri (L'Ouftance), on a gridless 3-D mapboard. Points were awarded for passing over and under the Arch, as well as the standard points for kills, and this influenced designs greatly. Of the six contenders, only two had directfire repeating weapons, one took a missile van, and the other three had dropped weapons only - at least that was the plan when the referees reviewed the cars.

2042 finalists were defending world champion Todd MacDermid of GHOST, Grand Master Duellist and FOS regional champion Mike Montgomery, Central regional champion Tim Jacques of NOVA, Cliff Christiansen of NOVA, ex-RCADAer Heath Culp. and Jon Karl of GHOST.

The action started furiously, with all cars scrambling for the center of the arena (no one was allowed to fire until his car reached the dividing center line of the arena). Car #1, piloted by Heath Culp, accelerated up the ramp, external rocket boosters blazing. His pilot screamed "Banzai!" over the corn system, and flew into the presidential booth. The ensuing explosion stunned the crowd, but not the duellists on the floor. They merrily laid mines everywhere, and started activating radio controls, causing minor damage to several cars.

The first real action came when the two favorites went after one another - defending-champion MacDermid sideswiped Grand Master Duellist Montgomery's car at obscene speed, his bumper trigger activating the oil and ice dischargers on that side. Montgomery's car vaulted 90 feet through the air and rolled into the wall. Fighting to the end, he tried to squirm through his damaged car to continue to detonate his mines, but Christiansen hosed his bottom armor with .50 API until he killed Mike's driver. First kill was split between Christiansen and MacDermid.

All the time, Karl continued over and under the ramp, racking up points. Jacques salvoed nearly a dozen heavy rockets at MacDermid's car, but his targeting laser was fooled by a laser web and a hot smoke discharger, and his rockets blew a hole in the wall! Jacques finally surrendered his unarmed and practically unarmored van to Christiansen, who was charging in with ramplate and HMG. Kill to Christiansen.

The defending champion was the next to go. Blowing a high-speed turn coming off the ramp, Karl detonated mines beneath him and MacDermid skidded into the wall, where he discovered just how deadly the bumper-trigger oil/ice discharger trick was - his bumper trigger oiled and iced his own car! Hoist on his own petard. MacDermid smashed into the wall at 80 mph, and was squashed. Kill to Karl.

As the clock ticked down on the final seconds, Christiansen tried valiantly to oust Karl, who held the lead by one point. but Christiansen's mines only caused minor damage, and Jon Karl was proclaimed 2042 AADA World Duelling Champion! Cliff Christiansen took second, and Todd MacDermid was third.

The "What, Me Worry?" Award

This year's "What, Me Worry?" Award for Unbelievably Bad Idea goes to Michael Garrity. During the semi-final in the Arches Arena, he backed up onto a ramp into his own streamer-launched flame cloud - with breached armor, no less! Fate was kind to him, though, since he survived the experience.

Team Play

While the AADA does hold team events, the AADA World Duelling Championship do not qualify as such. In order to prevent collusion in the arena, the following guidelines are offered as suggestions for tournament referees:

Make Them Take the Shot: If a car has a good shot at a target, and doesn't already have a target that it's pounding on, make the driver take the shot. A good shot means an 8 or better to hit, with at least 5 shots of ammo left in the weapon (or 5 or more mine counters still out on the map). At one point during the final, one club member declined to take an easy shot at a fellow club member. The referee enforced the shot, which turned out to be in the shooter's favor.

No Talking in the Ranks: Do not allow players to make deals. Do not allow secret communications; anything that's said, everyone can hear. And if two or more players start driving around the arena without shooting at each other (if possible), promise to dock victory points if the shooting doesn't pick up...

Surrenders: Only allow these if a vehicle obviously cannot continue fighting, and then only to the closest enemy vehicle that can seriously damage or destroy the surrendering vehicle.

The AADA World Championships are supposed to be lone-wolf bloodbaths, not "you scratch my back, I'11 scratch yours." Enforce this attitude.

Oriental Assassin Kills U.S. President at the World Championships

Adding to the excitement of the 2042 AADA World Championship Finals, Car #1, Heath Culp's trike. was altered into a sort of high-speed, jumping kamicar by an unknown assassin. The normal driver was later found executed, apparently by a blow from a samurai sword. Driver and trike were loaded with enough explosive to wipe out the Presidential Box, after the trike's momentum took it through the protective barrier. Both President Culkin and Vice-President Carter were killed instantly. The Senate president pro-tem could not be located for comment, and Secretary of State James Duke assumed temporary control of the government. After he is located, the Senate President Pro-Tem will assume governmental control until the President or the Vice-President has a clone ready to assume the duties of office.

An intensive investigation is underway to determine the identity, method and motive of the assassin. Secretary of War David D. Rake claims, off the record, that "the whole incident smells of a Texan/Japanese plot."

--Craig Sheeley

VVcrld Racing Championships

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the AADA was not able to get a complete account of the World Racing Championships, also held at Origins/GenCon in Milwaukee, but we are able to report the winners.

Jeff Rakow successfully defended his championship title for the third consecutive year, and Cliff Christiansen of NOVA took second, giving him the runner-up slot in both 2042 World Championships.

German Championships

The German National championship was held at STARD in Hamburg. André Friedrich of GBAH took the title.


Nova's "Ogre M345" heavy tank emerged the resounding victor in the head-to-head armor grudge-match against Asp's lighter Fang II, held at Origins/GenCon. The 125-ton "Ogre" took out the 45-ton "Fang" after 10 seconds of brutal battering.

NOVA has also announced their second annual "NOVA Awards" for outstanding contributions to autoduelling. NOVA modestly voted itself "Chapter of the Year," and "Duellist of the Year" went to NOVA member Cliff Christiansen, for his high standing in both world championships.

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