Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3


Eldrich Automotive
For all the racers who can't afford to keep a gas tank full - the Nightgaunt. It can reach an impressive 150 mph, and its active suspension gives it vital speed on those turns. It more than holds its own in Division-30 races, where the big gas engines just aren't seen.

The Nightgaunt gives good protection with its metal armor, and offensive punch is provided by its turreted RR, fully loaded with HESH ammo and an extra magazine.

Drive a nightgaunt and rule the night!

Nightgaunt - Reversed Hvy. Trike, CA frame, hvy. suspension, active suspension, super trike power plant with PCs, SCs and overdrive, 3 FP & SB PR tires, driver, RR in turret with HESH ammo and extra magazine of HESH ammo, metal/plastic armor F3/40, R1/12, L1/12, B2/30, T2/12, U1/5. Heavy-duty brakes, ABS, streamlining, SWC for RR, two 5-point armored hubs and one 5-point cycle wheelguard. Accel. 10 (5 160+), Top Speed 150 mph (with overdrive), HC 4, 2,754.5 lbs., $29,704.

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