Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3

Leo Pride Mark 2

Evans Motors
Have you ever wanted to take on one of those big luxury cars with a nice, old-fashioned trike? Well, now's your chance. Two smart-linked Variable Fire Rocket Pods will decimate your opposition. With enough armor to take a Tank Gun hit, this baby will keep on pounding until everyone else rests in pieces. Vaporize those four-wheeled pests!

Leo Pride Mark 2: X-hvy. Trike, X-hvy. Chassis, Hvy. Suspension, super trike PP with PCs and SCs, 3 PR radial tires, 2 smart-linked VFRPs (one R, one L), FCE R, Flechette Gun F, HRSWC, Safety Seat, no-paint windshield, overdrive, 10 points component armor around driver and PP. FP plastic armor: F40, R35, L35, B40, U20, T10. Accel. 5 (2.5 w/ overdrive), Top Speed 92.5 mph (112.5 w/ overdrive), HC 3, 3,969 lbs., $24,878.

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