Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 10Issue 3

CCJ-3 Raven

from Airtech
The new Raven from Airtech is the ultimate in corporate travel and comfort. safe, fast and able to hold its own, the Raven can carry four passengers at Mach 1.3 through all kinds of weather and combat-hazard zones. The Corporate Combat Jet 3 is radar-shtealthed for the safety of your executives. Not available from dealers. Please contact Airtech (ELMAY Account #B-573-8T)!

CCJ-3 Raven - Large airplane, 2 4-space HP jet engines in EWPs facing back, 1 fuselage-mounted 5-space HP jet engine, 2 2-space HP jet engines (1 per wing), 3 HD car tires, swept wings, pilot, 4 passengers, GC front, 2 smart-linked hi-speed AAMs on wing-tip mounts (1 per wing), 2 2-space rocket EWPs (1 per wing) each with a hi-speed AAM, CD back, linked EWP-mounted AAMs, 5 safety/ejection seats, retractable landing gear, refueling probe, 2 45-gallon economy tanks (1 per wing), 1 45-gallon economy tank (in fuselage), hi-res targeting computer, 2 vehicular computers. RP armor: F30, R30, L30, B30, T30, U21, 10 pts. RP armor on each engine EWP, RP-treat wing-tip mounts and rocket EWPs, 10 pts. Normal CA around pilot, 10 pts. Normal CA around passenger group. Accel. 25, Top Speed 1,020 mph (1,030 with gear retracted), stall speed 133, HC 1, 15,999 lbs., $969,460.

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