Prometheus Motors Lawn Mauler

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When you climb behind the wheel, you have an "equalizer" at your fingertips. When you move onto the highway, you feel the firepower you carry. Now you have that same feeling of security as you work in your own back yard.


proudly announces the introduction of its 2035 line of Lawn Mauler riding mowers.

Armed with a 36-inch cut and a .50 caliber MG, the Mauler can cut in half your time in the yard, or anyone who tries to slow you down. The motor and blade housing are fully armored, and the Mauler comes equipped with the attached holster for your favorite sidearms. Solid, deep-tread tires are standard. Optional grass catchers, trailers, garden implements, and rear firing MG mounts are available at your local Prometheus Lawn Mauler dealer.

The Lawn Mauler

For a beautiful lawn, for a secure lawn.

Lawn Mauler image
Lawn Mauler -- Riding mower, mower motor (2 DP, 400 power factors, top speed 30 mph), light suspension, standard chassis, 4 solid micro-tires (2 DP each), driver, MG front, armor: U7 (bladehousing), L3, R3 (protects motor only), F2, B7 (armored seat back). Accel 10, HC 0, 800 lbs., $2,720. Optional equipment includes a grass catcher (20 lbs, $50, adds 2 pts. armor to right side) and a cart (50 lbs, 4100, has 2 solid micro-tires, armor cost/weight is $5/5 lbs. per point, has a 500 lb. weight capacity -- keep in mind the power factors of the motor when figuring total weight). Other implements are also available -- it's up to the referee to determine specifics.