Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 3Issue 2


  1. When a car armed with an explosive weapon catches fire, and that weapon is subsequently destroyed by the fire, is that weapon still subject to possible explosions?
  2. If a car were to be totally submerged, would the passengers be electrocuted?
  3. I deep seeing all these pictures of convertibles. How can I design my own, and what would the modifiers be to hit the occupants?
--Richard Jensen
Portland, OR

  1. When a weapon takes its full DP in fire damage, that means it's inoperative - but it isn't reduced to ash. The ecplosive components of rockets and other weapons would continue to be dangerous for quite some time. How long? That's a good question ... I'd say about 10 times the DP of the weapon in seconds. That is, a 2 DP weapon would continue to be an explosion hazard for 20 seconds.
  2. No. The plant would short out, but suffer no permanent damage. There might be a hazard from drowning, though.
  3. A convertible is simply a regular car with no top armor. It costs $500 to saw the roof off, but them the extra weight saved can be put in other things. Treat a rider in a convertible like a pedestrian under cover: -3 for the pedestrian, and -2 for the cover, for a total of -5.

  1. What happens to a pedestrian hanging onto the back of a moving van trailer when the assault ramp is lowered?
  2. Can a pedestrian hang onto the back of a moving van trailer open the rear doors?
--Peter Reed
Tyne & Wear, England

  1. Does the phrase "squished like a bug" mean anything to you?
  2. I'd put this under the heading of "roll two dice and pray." And succeed or fail, the pedestrian would have to make another roll to stay on the trailer (and the worse he botched the first roll, the harder the second one should be).

  1. If you set a weapon in a turret on automatic, what direction does if fire in?
  2. If you have two (or more) fire extinguishers in a vehicle, do you get to roll tow (or more) times at the end of the turn - once per extinguisher - to see if the fire goes out?
  3. Do the rules in Truck Stop for climbing aboard a tractor-trailer rig apply when a pedestrian is trying to move from a vehicle to the truck, or just pedestrians standing on the ground?
--Steven Johnson
Birmingham, AL

  1. A turreted weapon on automatic will fire in the same direction it fired the last time it was aimed. To avoid argument, we recommend that you simply not put turreted weapons on automatic. You can use the Truck stop rules to move from one vehicle to another while both are moving. Figure the relative speeds of the two vehicles to determine difficulty, then subtract two from your roll.

  1. Can a clone be imprinted with another person's identity upon that person's death? What if it is imprinted with the person's identity and updated from creation just as if it were his own clone?
  2. If a vehicle completes a roll on its side and it has a blast effect weapon on that side or in a turret, may it use the weapon to "blow" itself upright?
  3. Will a wire-guided missile do any collision damage if it hits a target before the 12" arming distance is reached? If so, what speed is it considered to be travelling, and what is the Damage Modifier?
  4. Is Uncle Albert considering any plans for retractable wheel blades?
  5. Do all the wheels of a vehicle have hub motors, or just the rear or front ones? What about a cycle?
  6. Are there any G.E.V.s in 2035?
--Paul Owensby
Colbert, GA

  1. If you try to program a person's brain pattern (his memories, personality, etc.) into another person's physical brain, so much will get lost in translation that what wakes up won't be legally (or functionally) human, much less the person you intended. A person's memories and personality will only successfully transfer completely to a biological duplicate, that is, his own clone.
  2. Generally not, but I have allowed a player to place a hand grenade under his car's side and use the blast to help him push the car over - this is about the only way one person can push a car back upright, and even it won't work on a van. When I ref, it takes 5 seconds for the person to plant the grenade in just the right place, get back up and push - and even then it only works on a roll of 9 or better on two dice! And whether it works or not, the affected side takes a full die of damage from the grenade.
  3. Talk about a brutal way to take someone out. The missile is moving at 200 mph, so collision damage would be assessed at that speed - 35 dice? But because the wire-guided missile is so light (only 15 pounds), it should have a seriously small damage modifier - say 1/25. This is still nasty enough to take out a pedestrian, but shouldn't hurt a vehicle too much.
  4. Hmmm ..., it doesn't sound very cost effective. But it is pretty sneaky. We'll see ...
  5. All wheel locations have their own motor - that's two for a cycle, four for a car (four-wheeled or six-wheeled), more for larger vehicles.
  6. No.

  1. Does the rule that high-density ammo is not available for hand weapons apply for the tripod MG?
  2. If a car's wheel guards are shot off, does it still suffer the handling class minus?
  3. Is it possible to mount weaponry on the roof of a vehicle without benefit of a turret (as an anti-chopper weapon)? How about on the underbody of a vehicle (usable when "flying" via off-road rules)?
--Alex Zisch
San Jose, CA

  1. No. It's a regular MG mounted on a tripod, and can use HD ammo.
  2. No, the HC penalty is lifted.
  3. It's legal, but it would come into use so infrequently, it doesn't sound too cost-effective.

  1. After a pedestrian leaves a burning car, is his body armor on fire?
  2. Do weapons on automatic get gunner bonus?
  3. Can a vehicle surrender?
  4. Do radar- and wire-guided missiles get gunner and computer bonuses?
--Eric Bernai
Manahawkin, NJ

  1. No. The pedestrian's in enough trouble as it is, don't you think?
  2. Weapons on automatic get no bonuses for gunner skill, computers, or sustained fire. About the only thing they get bonuses for is point-blank range and the size of the target.
  3. No, but the occupants can. By the way, surrendering and then shooting your opponent in the back is considered very bad form.
  4. Yes.

can retractable wheel guards be lowered in the same turn that a pop-up turret is raised? Do the wheel guards and turret have to be linked? Can you link wheel guards and turrets?

--Allen Varney
Austin, TX

Lowering retractable wheel guards is considered a firing action; so is raising a pop-up turret. Normally, one person can perform only one firing action in any one turn. But in this case, it would be fair to assume that the two items can be "linked" (at the usual cost) to one "combat readiness" button, that would accomplish both actions at once.


  1. Can a targeting computer or cyberlink be used in conjunction with a laser guidance link (ADQ 2/4)? If so, would the bonus apply to the laser and the rockets?
  2. Would an airdam hit laid mines or spikes before they affected the tires or underbody of a vehicle?
  3. Can cycle blades be mounted on cars, vans, oversized vehicles, etc.? How about putting them on the hub caps of tires, for that "spinning saw" effect? This could be a project for Uncle Albert ...
--Jef Afanador
Woodinville, WA

  1. Absolutely. This can be a deadly combination.
  2. No. the mines and spikes would affect the vehicle normally.
  3. Cycle blades can be mounted on other vehicles. Body blades cost and weigh the same as 3 points of armor for whatever vehicle you're mounting the blades on. As for spinning them for extra damage, that's sick. Keep it up.

  1. If a pedestrian is wearing improved body armor, and the body armor DP is lost, is the armor "gone"? i.e; can the pedestrian move normally and carry 6 grenades?
  2. How about normal body armor and vehicular armor? Is it completely destroyed, or just pushed aside by oncoming bullets?
  3. Can a pedestrian wear more than one suit of body armor? How does this affect his movement and carrying ability?
  4. If a pedestrian cannot wear more that one suit, can he change suits in combat? How much space/weight is a suit of body armor? How much time would the change take?
  5. When using bumper triggers, does the weapon damage take place before or after ram damage?
  6. Is a bumper trigger destroyed after use?
  7. What happens to laser-linked rockets when firing through smoke?
  8. If your tires start to burn, is your whole car on fire? What about wheel guards and other external weapons and accessories?
  9. Does damage to weapons with extra magazines go to the weapon or to the extra magazine first?
  10. Can you fire a tripod-mounted MG or RR up? After all, it is a hand weapon.
  11. Can a helicopter have top-mounted weapons?
  12. Can a cycle have an EWP?
  13. In a convention-type event, where one player cheats unintentionally because of lack of knowledge of the rules, such as having 5 rocket launchers mounted forward in a luxury, what should be done?
--Steven Huntsberry
San Rafael, CA

  1. The shot up body armor is useless for protection, but enough of it is still there so that the drawbacks (slower movement, reduced carrying capacity) are still in effect.
  2. Ditto with normal body armor and vehicular armor.
  3. Only one suit per person.
  4. Changing body armor is a complicated process. It would take about five minutes and a fair amount of space. Doing it in a vehicle or during combat of any sort is impractical.
  5. Assess the weapon damage first.
  6. A bumper trigger is destroyed only when the armor on the side it's mounted on is destroyed.
  7. Smoke will block the targeting laser, so the rocket drops to its unguided "to hit" number of 11. Of course, you've still got to add in -2 for the smoke, plus whatever modifiers may apply ...
  8. Because it's extremely hard to try to write rules that cover how a fire spreads through a vehicle (believe me, I've tried), we've said - for simplicity's sake - that when any part of a vehicle is set on fire, the entire vehicle is on fire. The only exception is in the rules for Napalm Mines (which can be found in Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog). If you can come up with a variant you like better, go ahead and use it.
  9. Consider a weapon with an extra magazine as one, single, tougher weapon. It has one more DP, and when full damage is taken, the weapon stops working.
  10. Sure.
  11. Are you kidding? I guess you could synchronize a machine-gun to fire between the rotors (it worked in WW I), but other weapons, such as flamethrowers and lasers, would be extremely unsuitable.
  12. A cycle can mount the one-space EWP, but they must be matched sets - one on either side.
  13. If no harm was meant, and the event was over, I'd let the results stand. If it's caught early enough, of course, fix the mistake and continue duelling.

  1. Can linked weapons share one extra magazine?
  2. Can four MGs in two 2-space external weapon pods be linked?
  3. If you wanted extra magazines for weapons in a EWP, does the magazine have to be in the EWP, too?
--Andy Lloyd
Orinda, CA

  1. No. An extra magazine can feed into only one weapon.
  2. Yes.
  3. The extra magazine must go in the EWP.

  1. Am I correct in assuming that if a vehicle's armor is fireproof, laser-reflective, or both, any wheelguards installed must match?
  2. Can weapons attached to a bumper trigger be fired normally when the bumper trigger is activated?
  3. Can you hook laser guidance links to a multiple-fire rocket pod, and to a micro missile launcher?
  4. When firing anti-personnel freshette grenades, do they all detonate simultaneously, or can they be set off individually?
  5. Do weapons mounted on external weapon pods have the normal arcs of fire that weapons mounted in the front or rear of the vehicle body have?
--David Valenze
Champlain, NY

  1. Yes. Airdams and spoilers, wheel guards, ram plates, and camper shells must match the armor type of the vehicle. The only accessories that can have a different type of armor from the main vehicles are sidecars and external weapon pods.
  2. As long as the bumper trigger has not fired the weapon already in the same turn, a weapon may be fired normally.
  3. Yes, but the $200 per rocket cost would have to be paid for each individual rocket.
  4. You can detonate them any way you wish: individually, in pairs or other combinations, or all at once (provided you pay for the links).
  5. Yes.

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