Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 3Issue 2

Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop

Catalog Specials

Uncle Albert celebrates the publication of his new 2035 Catalog with the introduction of four new items guaranteed to make life more difficult (and considerably shorter) for your opponents. If your order for any of these items also includes proof of purchase of Uncle Albert's 2035 catalog, take an additional 1/2% discount of Albert's already incredibly low prices! With Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop, the best just keeps getting better!

Gauss Gun

Uncle Albert harnesses the latest in electromagnetic technology to develop a new weapon! Lighter operation is a real bonus for those using stealth technologies, too!

Gauss Gun - To hit 6, 3 dice damage, 3 DP, area effect, 2 spaces, $10,000, 300 lbs; 10 shots, CPS 50, WPS 10. Loaded weapon costs $10,5000, weights 400 lbs. Loaded magazine costs $550, weighs 115 lbs. The gauss gun fires small projectiles at high velocity by sending them through an electromagnetic field. Operation of the weapon is silent - firing it will not give away the location of the firer.

Flechette Gun

Uncle Albert's new Flechette Gun has the explosive anti-personnel kick of an AP grenade - but it can be used over and over in battle. WARNING: This weapon is not effective against vehicular armor at all, and should not be considered for that purpose. Eliminate those pesky pedestrians with the new flechette gun!

Flechette Gun - To hit 6, 1d + 1 damage (see below), 2 DP, area effect, one space, 100 lbs; $700, 20 shots (CPS 10, WPS 2.5). Loaded weapon costs $900, weighs 150 lbs. Loaded magazine costs $250, weighs 65 lbs. Has normal effect on pedestrians (even those in body armor) and tires, but no effect on vehicular armor or other components. If fired at a motorcycle, and the location result is "driver" or "tire," full damage is done.

Drop-Spike Plate

Tire spikes are cheap and portable, but they only go so far. What if you could get the tire-shredding power of a gate-defence-style tire trap, with the portability and affordability of spikes? Impossible, you say? Not with Uncle Albert! The drop-spike plate lets you do some serious damage to an opponent's tires - at a reasonable cost! Quality like this is available only from Uncle Albert.

Drop-spike plate - $200, 50 lbs; 1 space, 6 DP. The plate can be mounted on the underside of any vehicle except cycles, small trikes, and subcompacts (reversed trikes also cannot use the plate, for obvious reasons). Buses and semi-trailers 20' or longer may mount a larger plate: $350, 100 lbs; 1 space, 4 DP. The regular plate measures 1/2" x 1/2"; the larger one is 1" x 1/2". Only one plate may be carried on a vehicle, and it is a one-shot weapon. Dropping the plate is a firing action; when dropped, the plate appears directly beneath the dropping vehicle (the tires of the dropping vehicle are not affected, except in the case of a reversed trike). If any part of another vehicle counter touches the plate counter, all tires of the vehicle take damage - one die of damage for solid tires, two dice for all others. The plate does not take damage by being run over. Each plate, like a spike counter, affects a vehicle only once. If a vehicle leaves the area and returns, of course, the tires are damaged again.

Automatic Target Acquisition Device (ATAD)

The array of electronics in the 2035 catalog is truly impressive, and now Uncle Albert's got a new gadget that'll blow your mind as it helps you blast your opponents! The ATAD picks up possible enemies by radar or sighting laser (your choice), and when they get within a predetermined range, blammo! You can keep your mind on driving and other weapon systems, and let the tracer do your fighting for you! Perfect for those without the room for a gunner.

ATAD - No space or weight, $4,000 for the central logic unit and $1,000 for the sensor package for each weapon or linked set or weapons connected to the logic unit. User may choose between laser- or radar-based units. Laser-based ATADs will not work through smoke and paint, while radar-based ATADs will not pick up targets shielded from radar. Prior to combat, or as a firing action, a character may designate a "critical range" (from 0 to 10 inches) for each controlled weapon. If any solid object larger than a basketball enters the critical range of the weapon and is in the weapon's arc of fire, the weapon will immediately target and fire on the object - treat it as automatic fire, even though the firing weapon may not be aimed straight out. A weapon hooked up to an ATAD may be fired normally by a crew member, but if it is fired and the ATAD then sets the same weapon off in the same turn, the weapon will not fire again. Conversely, a weapon fired by an ATAD cannot fire again in that same turn, voluntarily or not.

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