Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 3Issue 2

Robbery Under Arms

By Peter Schutze
"Robbery Under Arms" is a scenario for two or more players. One player runs a truck carrying precious cargo through a lawless stretch of interstate. As the truck passes an entrance ramp, a group of heavily-armed duelling vehicles swing onto the highway. Are these the escorts that have been promised, or are they hijackers? As twin Vulcans bite into the rear armor of the trailer, the truck's crew knows the answer...

The hijacker player (or players) gets $180,000 to build at least three land vehicles (no helicopters) and as many crew members as necessary (no extra passengers). Each crew member gets 50 skill points to spend - 10 points for a skill at base level, 10 points more for each plus - but cannot spend more than 30 points on any one skill. Note that some characters will have to have the Trucker skill to prepare for taking the truck.

The trucker player is driving a stock Maul tractor, pulling a stock Behemoth trailer. The truck driver is Trucker +2, Gunner +1, Handgunner; the tractor gunner is Trucker +1, Gunner +1, Driver, Handgunner. The five gunners in the trailer are Gunner +1. The trailer is carrying medical equipment, but hidden in the CargoSafe is over $30 million in currency (it's a good thing the players can be trusted). The truck is moving at 50 mph; when it gets 5" past the entrance ramp, the pursuers enter at any speed they wish. After the ramp section, the highway is straight, debris-free road for the remainder of the battle. The scenario ends when the truck is captured (or destroyed in the attempt) or the hijackers are killed.

Vehicle Stats

Maul: Sleeper longnose, x-hvy. chassis, large truck power plant, 10 solid tires, driver, gunner, 2 linked RRs front, MG in turret, RL right, RL left, fire ext; 2 hi-res computers. Armor: F70, R60, L60, B30, T50, 6 10-pt. wheel guards. 16,140 lbs; $103,050.

Behemoth: Ban trailer, quick-release kingpin, 8 solid tires, 5 gunners, 2 turreted lasers linked TF, 2 turreted lasers linked TB, 2 HLs linked left back, 2 linked back), link for all 6 MDs, 8 RRs (4 linked pairs, one each right front, right back, left front, left back), 22 AP flechettes, small car power plant, CargoSafe. Cargo capacity: 23 spaces, including 10 within CargoSafe. Armor: 100 in all locations, 50 in each position on interior CargoSafe, 4 10-pt. wheel guards. 41,960 lbs; $188,150.

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