Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 3Issue 2

Reader Survey

Some time ago (a year ago, to be exact), we published a survey in Autoduel Quarterly to get a better idea about what our readers are like, Response was very good - we received 212 responses, and we continued to get survey responses for many months after the survey was published! We also promised one-year subscriptions (or subscription extensions) to three respondents picked at random. The winners are: Tom Emerick of Streetsboro, OH; Todd Elkins of Evart, MI; and Sean D. Barrett of Huntsville, AL. Congratulations to the winners!

Now for the results. This should come as no surprise, but the readers of ADQ are overwhelmingly male - 207 to 5. Fifty-five per cent of the respondents are in high school, and another 29% are in college. Only 7% of the respondents have 0-8 years of education, and 9% have more than 16 years in school. The age breakdown is pretty concentrated too - 59% of the respondents are 14-18 years old, with the remainder spread fairly evenly through the 19-30 range. The youngest respondent was 10, the oldest was 38.

As could be expected from the age breakdown, the vast majority of respondents had an income under $5,000. Despite that low income, 55% of those who responded owned a computer, and 65% of the remainder had access to one. Seventy-five per cent of the respondents were subscribers, and 25% bought their copy at a newsstand or hobby shop. Only 2 of the 212 respondents borrowed their copy. Two hundred and seven (207) of 209 said they always save their copy of ADQ - the other 2 said they "sometimes" save it.

We learned a number of other interesting things - people who didn't want computer articles outvoted those who did, 54% to 46%; 67% of the people have bought a product based on an ad in ADQ: 55% wanted the same amount of fiction (40% want more); and 94% wanted gaming notes to accompany the fiction.

The number of gaming products our respondents bought in a year broke down this way: )-2, 3%; 3-5, 12%; 6-10, 26%; 11-15, 19%; 15-20, 12%; and over 20, 29%. Hours spent playing games in a week broke down like this: 0-5, 22%; 6-10, 45%; 11-19, 21%; and over 20, 12%. Only 20% of the respondents never bought or used miniatures; most of the responses fell in the "sometimes" or "rarely" category.

Here's how the respondents rated various ADQ regular features, on a scale of 1 (the worst) to 9 (the tops):

ADQ Custom Feature - 6.42
AADA News - 5.82
North American Road Atlas - 6.64
Driver's Seat - 6.44
Newswatch - 6.68
50 years Ago - 6.20
ADQ&A - 7.92
Backfire - 7.31
Uncle Albert - 8.73

Even the lower-rated features did pretty well, and the response for Uncle Albert was phenomenal. Obviously, we're pleased.

We also asked for some written comments. We appreciate the kind words under "likes" - the scenarios and Uncle Albert were the most frequently mentioned - but we learn more from hearing what you don't like. The single most common response on the "don't like" list was "nothing." Again, thanks. But following closely behind was the frequency of the magazine - many of you want to see ADQ come out more often. Other gripes include the size and number of pages (some of you want more pages and a bigger magazine - so would I, but there's only 24 hours in a day), and a myriad of other complaints named by one or two people.

Many of the responses were a matter, obviously, of personal taste - some said we had too much fiction, others said we didn't have enough; some said our articles were too basic, others wanted it more simple; some said there wasn't enough Uncle Albert, and one person said there was too much. So it goes...

We want to thank again everyone who took the time to respond to the survey - you were all a great help in helping us understand what our readers want, and what they don't want.

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