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Uncle Albert's

Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop

Minni Safes

Uncle Albert's Cargo Safe is the ultimate for protecting large loads of valuable cargoes. But if you were carrying something small and precious, you were out of luck - that is, until now. The new Mini-Safe has all the toughness and quality of its larger cousins, but without the bulk - and more importantly - the cost. The best protection you can give your cargo is a Mini-Safe, only from Uncle Albert's!

Mini-Safe - Comes in two sizes. The small one costs $150, weighs 20 pounds, and takes up one space. It can hold 1/2 space (or three grendade-equivalents) of reasonably square materials. Papers, computer parts or jewelry would fit - a rifle wouldn't. The large one costs $700, weighs 150 lbs; takes up 4 spaces, and holds 2 spaces of cargo. Both have 35 points of FP armor on each of six sides. The options normally available on the Cargo Safe are not available on the Mini-Safe.

Anti-Vehicular Rifle

Another breakthrough in weapoons technology - and only from Uncle Albert! In the past, pedestrians who wanted a fighting chance against vehicles had to lug around a tripod-mounted weapon - and a friend or two to carry the ammunition. Our new anti-vehicular rifle is the first truly portable weapon proven effective against vehicular armor. Also exceptionally effective against non-vehicular targets. Get the new AV Rifle today - and even the odds!

Anti-Vehicular Rifle - To hit 9, 1d-1 damage, $600, 10 shots, CPS 5, loaded cost $650. 3 grenade-equivalents. Does full damage to vehicles.

Fireproof Suit

Fire is the duellist's deadliest enemy. That's why you can't afford another hazardous drive without Uncle Albert's new Fireproof Suit. Gauaranteed completely effective against vehicular fires or your money back. Tests have shown that this suit will even offer partial protection from a direct flamethrower hit! (NOTE: We do not recommend you try this yourself. Uncle Albert's money-back guarantee does not extend to this type of abuse.) Stay cool in the hottest situation - with Uncle Albert!

Fireproof Suit - $500, no weight or space. Worn under body armor, the suit will protect the wearer completely from vehicular fires for 30 turns - after that , the wearer takes one point of damage for every 10 more seconds exposed. The suit protects the same way against flaming oil and building fires. If the wearer is hit by any type of flamethrower fire, damage is halved (round down). The suit offers no protection from any other type of weapon, and the cost is treated like body armor cost for determining elegibility in the various AADA competition devisions.

Single Weapon Computers

The vehicular computer is one of the gratest inventions of the 21st Century - but it has to be programmed for all types of weapons and situations, which is very inefficient in a one-weapon vehicle. Again, the folks at Uncle Albert's have a solution - the Single Weapon Computer. It only works for one weapon - but if that's all you've got, why pay for more? And at half the price of regular computers, it's a bargain. Special this month: Tell 'em you saw it in Autoduel Quarterly, and installation is free!

Single Weapon Computers - $500, no weight or space. Adds +1 to hit for any weapon - but must be set on installation to aid a single weapon type in a single position (VMG front, or RR in turret, for example). Like a regular computer, it can only aid one crew member, and which crew member benefits is also sit at installation. If the weapon the SWC is attached to is destroyed, a replacement may be installed with no loss of efficiency.

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