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the Driver's Seat

Boy, am I gald to see fall! As I write this, it's still August, but I'm trying to wrap up this issue before I head out on one last big convention trip, this time to GenCon 18 in Milwaukee and then PacifiCon in San Francisco. Things slow down a bit after that, but there'll always be plenty to do...

As I write this, three back issues of ADQ are still available. Issues 2/4, 3/1, and 3/2 can be had from us via direct mail. There are very few 2/4s left, however - by next issue, they should be all gone. If you need these to complete your collection, send $3.50 ($3.00 for issue 2/4) to Steve Jackdon Games, Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760. The price includes postage and handling, but Texas residents should add 6 1/8% sales tax.

Those of you with particularly sharp eyes may have noted something a little funny about last issue. I think it was our prettiest cover yet (Denis Loubet just gets better and better...) but then we went and put the wrong date on the cover. Issue 3/2 should have been the "Summer 2035" issue, not the "Spring 2035" one. We got the date right on all the page bottoms, but not the cover. How embarrasing... Anyway, we decided that our new motto would be, "It's always springtime at Autoduel Quarterly." Anyone disagreeing will be used for target practice...

I've finally gotten out from under that pile of letters I mentioned in the last issue, and I'm working on a new one. Remember, I'll answer any letter, but only if it comes with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The same goes for submissions to the magazine - without an SASE, I can't let you know what we're going to do with it, or return it if we decide not to use it. And keep those submissions coming - we can't put this rag out without your help.

We're doing things a little differently this issue, mainly because we've got this gread story from John M. Ford. "Alkahest - THe Deathtoll Solution" is about a colorful gang of freelance troubleshooters that agree to deal with a band of mutant-powered hifackers. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that (there better be - it takes up 15 pages!), plus lots of gaming notes and statistics on gadgets at the end (just don't show up in my campaign with any of it...). I'm also taking a first step toward clearing out my two-year backlog of "Road Atlas" submissions by running two chapters of the "North American Road Atlas and Survival Guide." Also, because of the length of the other items in this issue, there is no scenario. I don't plan on doing that very often, but I'd like to know if it's OK, every once in a while. So let me know what you think.

I also want to take some time out to congratulate the 2034-35 AADA World Champion, Duilio Ramallo of Los Aneles, CA. Complete details on the summer tournament action, as well as some information on some new aspects of the AADA, and be found in the "AADA News" section of this issue.

On another front, it looks like the Autoduel computer game will be out before Christmas. Anyone who visited our booth at Origins saw a preliminary version up and running. It's going to be a lot of fun, combining an archade-style combat game with a broader, strategic campaign. The folks at Origin Systems say it will be out for Christmas - the first version out will be for the Apple II series, with verdions for other machines following closely behind.

Looking Ahead

We've got lots of product ideas for this winter and next year, and I wanted to clue you in on some of them, so that you could give us some feedback on what's likely to be popular -

Car Wars Expansion Set 8. Tentatively titled "Chopper Challenge," this will feature another four-color map (just like Car Wars Expansion Set 7!), helicopter counters, and scenarios featuring helicopter attacks on wilderness ground bases, real deer hunting, Bambi's Revenge, and grasshoppers, too. This one's likely to be out not to long after you read this.

Dueltrack. A full-scale supplement featuring metal armor, gasoline-powered engines, and racing! May also include some "Chassis & Crossbow" material (low-tech duelling with simple weapons, like crossbows and baseball bats).

Vehicle Guide II. We've got some new vehicle types not covered in the first guide (ten-wheeled trucks and buses, and car trailers), plus a number of types of vehicles that were not covered very extensively (like helicopters and trikes), plus quite a few new weapons and accessories (courtesy of Uncle Albert and others) that haven't been put on stock vehicles before. Now here's the real catch - you get to help write this one! Anyone who gets a design published in VGII will get a free copy, and his or her name in print. Remember, concentrate on the newer vehicle types and gadgets; don't just rearrange weapons and armor on previously published designs; and pliase include a neat worksheet so we can check the stats and your math quickly. Now it may take a while before this comes out (like anouther whole year), so you don't have to flood us with designs this week. But give it some thought, because we'll use as many good designs as we can fit in.

Car Wars Expansion Set 9. This one's a natural - counters for all the vehicles in Vehicle Guide II. Should they be black-and-white again? Printed both sides? Just one side? In coulor? We'll do it however the najority of you want it (remembering, of course, that we'd like to keep the price reasonable), so let us know what you think.

Organizations Book. Supplement detailing various organizations, legal and illegal, in 2036, with information on the vehicles they use, the type of work they do, and sample scenarios featuring them in action.

Boat Wars. When Steve said he had some ideas for a water combat supplement for Car Wars, I didn't know if he was kidding or not. I'm still not sure...

Taht's what's on our wishlist for '86. What's on yours? Do any of these ideas sound really hot? Really stupid? Somewhere in between? What didn't we list that you would really like to see? Please send us your ideas - drop them in at the end of a letter, send us a postcard, whatever - we want your input.

Well, I've got to get back to work. Keep On Duellin'!

--Scott D. Haring

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