Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 4Issue 1

The Comet

By Scott D. Haring

Nelson Cycles announces the Comet, a dependable workhorse of a motorcycle that's at home in the city, on the highway or in the arena! Its Rocket Launcher-based weapon system can dish it out, and the new Armored Wheel Hubs protect the previously vulnerable wheels. The new standard in multi-purpose cycles is the Comet from Nelson!

Comet - Heavy cycle, hvy. suspension, Lg. cycle plant, 2 PR radials, 4 10-point armored wheel hubs, driver only, RL with extra magazine in front, single weapon computer. Armor F9, B6. Accel. 10, HC 3, 1,300 lbs., $6,730.

The Comet

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