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Well, it's definitely time to start thinking about the 2036-37 AADA World Championship Tournament. The full scoop is below, but first, we have some new clubs to welcome to the family:

Baltimore League of the Autoduelling Elite (BLADE)
Rob Owens, President
8014 Paddock Ct.
Severn, MD 21144

Dayton Autoduel Division (DADD)
Scott Suazo, President
3068 Ranchfield Dr.
Beavercreek, OH 45432
Sponsor: Black Forest Hobby Shoppe
2318 E. Dorothy Lane
Kettering, OH 45420

Four Horsemen of the American Autoduel Association (FHAADA)
Stephen Peters, President
RD #l, Box 534N, Guth Circle
Orefield, PA 18069

Woodinville Autoduellist & Terrorist Organization (NATO)
Paul Roney, President
15107 NE 201st
Woodinville, WA 98072
Sponsor: Fun Stuff
P.O. Box 1511
Woodinville, WA 98072

Roadies of Atlanta Division of Duellers, Unifiers, Exterminators, and Legionnaires (ROADDUEL)
Shaunnon Drake, President
655 Bittersweet Trail
Atlanta, GA 30338

Colorado Arena and Road Society (CARS)
John McCarty, President
7233 W. 103rd Ave.
Broomfield, CO 80020
Sponsor: Mile High Comics
Westminster Mall, 88th & Sheridan
Westminster, CO 80030

London, England, Autoduel Association (LEADA)
Phil Radley, President
12 Wordsworth Close
Romford Essex RM3 7PD

These latest additions bring the total number of clubs on our roster to 43. The AADA continues to grow at a slow, steady pace. Some clubs drop out and let their charters expire, but even more join up, so we continue to move forward. Forming an AADA chapter is simple. First, you find five AADA members. Becoming an AADA member is simple, too -- just subscribe to Autoduel Quarterly, and you're in! Once you have the five members, select a president. Then send us an application, listing: 1) The names of the five members; 2) The address of the president;
3) The name and address of your sponsor, if any; 4) Your first and second choice for a group name; and 5) A $15 chartering fee. A handy charter form is provided on the inside of the mailer cover of this issue. A sponsor can be a handy thing. A sponsor is an organization
or business (usually a game store or hobby shop) that pays the chapter's chartering fee and provides a place for them to meet and play. In return, the hobby shop gets free plugs in Autoduel Quarterly, and a regular group of Car Wars fanatics visiting the store, ready to buy lots of products. The $15 chartering fee, by the way, covers the cost of the prize Steve Jackson Games provides to each Club Champion. Speaking of which . . .

Tournament News

The 2036-37 AADA World Championship will be held during Origins '87, July 2-5, 1987, in Baltimore, MD. All AADA members will be eligible to participate, one way or another. For a chapter to participate in this year's tournament, it must be paid up and current as of March 1, 1987. On that day, the eligible list will be finalized, and the clubs divided into regions. The list of eligible clubs and their regions will be printed in ADQ 5/l, right here in "AADA News."

Clubs can hold their Club Championship any time, but February or March would be best. Club presidents are responsible for reporting the outcome of the championship, providing the name and address of the winner, a copy of the design of the winning car, and as much description of the event as you want. Steve Jackson Games will send a $15 gift certificate to each reported Club Champion.

Club Champions are eligible to participate in a Regional Championship. Regionals should take place in April, May, or June, and should be hosted by one of the clubs in the region. A local game convention would be an ideal place to do this, but the host chapter's favorite hobby shop, game room, or kitchen table could do in a pinch. Groups interested in hosting regional tournaments should contact the AADA at Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760, and indicate their interest (it's advisable to wait until you find out what region you're in, though). It is the host chapter's responsibility to contact all the Club Champions in their region, and inform them of the arrangements for the Regional. It is each Club Champion's responsibility to get there. If a Club Champion cannot attend the Regional, no alternates can be sent -- so it's very important
that the host chapter give the Club Champions plenty of lead time to prepare to attend. The president of the host chapter is responsible for reporting the results of the Regional, providing the same information as above. Regional Champions will receive some sort of special prize from Steve Jackson Games. Two years ago, the Regional Champions received AADA wristwatches; last year, they received embroidered jackets. This year's prize has not been decided on yet.

Each Regional Champion is also eligible to play in the World Championship Final at Origins. Getting to Baltimore is the Regional Champ's responsibility; if he cannot attend, no alternates are allowed. To help defray the cost of travel, however, Steve Jackson Games will provide a $50 cash travel reimbursement for any Regional Champion that does travel to Baltimore to play. Overseas chapters are a special case. Each overseas chapter (currently in England and Australia) is considered its own region, in that the Club Champion is automatically eligible to play in the World Championships in Baltimore. These overseas Club Champions will also get the Regional prize and the $50 travel reimbursement. In addition, we will run an At-Large Qualifier at Origins, probably on Friday night. To be eligible, you must be an AADA member and be able to prove it (a mailer cover from the most recent ADQ with your name on it should suffice), and have not already competed in the tournament. (A Club or Regional tournament loser can not come back and play in the At-Large -- they've had their chance.) A certain number of At-Large Qualifiers -- probably two or three -- will get to participate in the World Championship, though they will receive no other prizes. The finals will be held (probably) on Sunday morning. The winner will receive a lifetime subscription to ADQ, and a trophy. There will also be prizes for second and third place this year.

Well, that's it. Go out and practice, and see you in Baltimore!

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