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1. Can you put an external weapons pod in the bed of a pickup?

2. Can you put a turbocharger and a supercharger in the same car?

3. Can one have more than can of nitrous oxide in the same engine?

Marty Martinsen
member of S.C.A.B.

1. Yes, but only if it fires to the back.

2. No, only the dragster is able to do that. The new turbo-supercharger (introduced in Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update) will take care of the problem, though.

3. Yes, but only one can be used at a time.

Scott D. Haring

1. Are bomb racks protected by bottom armor?

2. Under the speeding rules, what is the maximum speed of a T-cat powerplant? Still 150? Or would it be 170?

3. Can you speed with gas engines, helicopters, or oversized vehicles?

John Walker
Ann Arbor, MI

1. No.

2. The T-cat has no maximum speed under the special speeding rules. The plant's likely to blow up from abuse before you get too fast, anyway.

3. Gas engines cannot be "pushed" beyond their maximum top speed the way electric plants can. The electric plants for trucks and helicopters can be pushed, using the same rules as for car engines.

Scott D. Haring

Will PR Radials or active suspension work on a race car?

Brian Mauger
E. Amherst, NY

PR Radials will increase a race car's HC by one. Active suspension will not work (see p. 23, it says race car suspensions "cannot be altered in any way." )

Scott D. Haring

1. Can helicopters use internal combustion engines?

2. Can gas tanks be put in either EWPs or cargo areas?

3. Do weapons in EWPs apply to the 1/3 space limit for weapons firing to the side? If so, is the space in the EWPs added to that of the car for
figuring whether or not the space rule has been violated?

Reed Shupe
Bloomington, MN

1) Sure, but even the biggest IC engine only has enough power factors to lift the smallest choppers.

2) Definitely not in EWPs. The rule is that no "vehicular component" can be put in cargo space, while the gas tank falls under that rule, gas tanks in trunks and pickup beds are fairly common today. So, as an unofficial variant, it's OK to do it, but if the cargo space is hit by gunfire, the gas tank is automatically hit first.

3) One of the great advantages of EWPs is that their weapons do not count against the 1/3 space limit for weapons -- that limit only applies to weapons inside the vehicle.

Scott D. Haring

1. Is layering armor (metal and plastic) allowed in your tournaments?

2. Can a winch be used to pull a wreck into a semi-trailer?

3. Do you realize that allowing metal component armor reopens the loophole closed in issue 4/1?

4. Can component armor go around a gas tank? (Especially metal!)

5. Are the numbers for metal accessories correct?

6. Are you ever going to release descriptions of the various arenas mentioned in ADQ? For instance, an Arena-of-the-month type article. (In case you're interested, I have some arena submissions to send in).

7. Do long lists of questions annoy you?

Ron Midthun
Sauk City, WI

1. Depends on the tournament. At most conventions, when the referee's sanity is a factor, probably not. At the AADA World Championships, anything we've published (as "official") is fair game, including gas engines and metal armor!

2. Yes.

3. Metal component armor exists only because of an oversight on my part. When I put the design in, I was only thinking about good old ablative plastic armor . . . Most everybody who's brought it up, though, thinks metal component armor really destroys game balance. Therefore, a New Rule: Component armor cannot be made of metal. This is official.

4. Yes, but not metal (see answer #3).

5. No. No. No. I'm sorry. You guessed right -- they should be reversed to match the rest of the data. Metal armor accessories cost 2.5 times plastic and weigh 5 times plastic. I'm really sorry. All the Dueltrack errata (including this tremendous goof) have been printed up on a sheet that is now included with the game. Most of these errata have been covered in past "Oops Page" entries. We will someday bundle all the errata together and print it in one place -- maybe even here in ADQ.

6. Arenas are a good idea. We've even considered publishing an "Arena Book," filled with quarter-scale maps of arenas Who out there would but this wonderful product?

7. Only when I'm in a bad mood (like when I've answered 50 letters in a row . . . ). But no matter the annoyance, if you include a SASE, every question will be answered -- eventually. I then pick the best ones and run them in this column.

Scott D. Haring

1. Can helicopters be put into van trailers? If so, how many spaces would they take up?

2. Can a helicopter land and/or take off from a flatbed or on top of a van trailer?

3. Does a helicopter take damage if it lands on a mine counter?

4. Can a pedestrian jump from a helicopter onto the top of a moving vehicle?

Peter Reed
Tyne & Wear, England

1. No, the rotors would get in the way.

2. Off a flatbed, yes. I'm not sure the roof of a van trailer would be strong enough to take the weight.

3. Roll for the chance to set off the mines as it were a car. Underbody armor would take half damage (it's higher off the ground than the bottom of a car) but the skids would take full damage.

4. Sounds like a "roll two dice and pray" situation if I ever saw one -- since there should be a big minus to the roll, lots of praying is recommended.

Scott D. Haring

1. Does a laser take miles off an internal combustion engine?

2. How would a mini rocket take points off metal armor?

3. Would a laser take off a point of metal reflective armor if a "6" was rolled for damage?

4. Can a dragster have a ramplate?

5. How long does it take to start an IC engine?

6. In a 2-space EWP, could you have two 1-space weapons, one firing forwards and the other firing backwards?

Richard Feder
Ft. Lee, NJ

1. No, range is not affected.

2. Even though the mini rocket only does 1d-1 damage, if a 5 or 6 is rolled, a point of metal armor is lost.

3. Yes.

4. I guess so, but it seems pretty silly -- and I wouldn't allow it in my campaign.

5. Once you're in the vehicle, it takes three seconds to start the engine -- after that, regular movement and weapons fire is allowed.

6. It seems so . . . unnatural. No rule against it, but I wouldn't allow it in my campaign.

Scott D. Haring

1. How much does it cost to repair radarproof armor?

2. Can an MFR be put on a rocket EWP?

3. Can the counter-coaxial blade system be used on grasshoppers?

4. How many DP does the flame cloud ejector have?

5. Can rocket EWPs carry more than one rocket?

6. Can both braking systems (anti-lock and heavy-duty) be used on one vehicle?

7. Can you get an infrared targeting laser?

Jeff Roberts and Brandon Volbright
Fargo, ND

1. Twice the usual repair cost.

2. No.

3. No.

4. 2 DP. This was left out of the description in Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update -- sorry.

5. If there's enough space.

6. Yes.

7. Yes.

Scott D. Haring

In the second Uncle Albert's, there is an item called the Heavy-Duty Transmission, and in the explanation it says, "The maximum load is doubled . . ." Then, in the Car Wars rules, a maximum load is given for each type of vehicle. Does this mean the transmission doubles this maximum load?

Brad Epstein
Unknown Location

I think it's pretty clear in the description, but I this is not the first letter asking this question, so I'll try to be better understood. The Heavy-Duty Transmission doubles the weight a particular power plant can pull -- it does not affect the chassis of the vehicle in any way. Let's say a simple luxury has a Large power plant -- which has 2,000 power factors. With chassis modifications, a luxury can carry 6,600 pounds; but the power plant can carry only pull 6,000 lbs. because of its power factor limitation. Now, add a heavy-duty transmission. The luxury chassis can still bear only 6,600 lbs., and the range and acceleration calculations are also unchanged. The one thing that is changed is the amount of weight the plant can pull -- which is doubled to 12,000 lbs.! What good is that if the chassis of the car itself can still carry only 6,600 lbs.? Add a trailer! I hope this clears everything up . . .

Scott D. Haring

1. Can a gunner and driver use the same weapon if they fire it in different turns?

2. If a vehicle was moving at 5 mph and dropped some mines, and somebody ran over them right away, the explosion would hurt the firing vehicle's tires too, right?

3. This car rammed my friend, bounced off, went out of control, hit a wall, and was destroyed. My friend made his control roll and kept on going? Does he get a kill for that?

4. Are you coming out with miniature metal cars that we can paint and collect?

5. We can't decide on a president for our club. Do we have to? We don't want to battle it out.

Tim Basham
Taylor, MI

1. You bet.

2. Right. All tires within an inch of any edge of the mine counter would be affected.

3. Yes. A cheap kill, but a kill nonetheless.

4. In the past, Car Wars miniatures were made by Grenadier (and before that, we made them ourselves but we're talking ancient history really now). Careful scouring of game conventions, obscure hobby shops and collectors may turn up a few yet. As for new miniatures, we're talking to some companies about a new line, but nothing's official yet . . .

5. The presidency of an AADA chapter is as big a deal as you want it to be. We insist there be one so that we have an address to send mail to, and that new duellists in the area will know who to contact. If you can't come up with any other methods, I suggest you roll dice.

Scott D. Haring

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