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Winter -- or what passes for it -- descends on Texas, and the fourth year of Autoduel Quarterly comes to a close. It's hard to believe that I've been doing this for 14 issues, now. Anyway, this issue should keep everybody happy. Mini-scenarios have always been well-received, and this, issue has five of them. Also, I want to recommend the "Corporate Car Wars" article, by "Mad" Al Loud of the Canadian Autoduel Association. They've come up with a new way to make Car Wars a year-round campaign, and it works. Be sure to check it out.

I don't have anything too earth-shattering for this column this time, but I do have a lot of little things, In no particular order --

New Goodies. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about Car Wars Expansion Set 10, which contains not only duplicate counters from Expansion Sets 3,4, 5, 7, and 8, as well as Dueltrack, but also the amazing Car Wars Wheelie! We provided a simple wheelie as a subscriber bonus a few issues back, but this new and improved, three-piece disc not only helps you keep track of your current speed and handling status, it also gives you the targeting modifiers for that speed, and calculates your control roll for you! You have to see it to believe it. It's $4.95, and available at your local hobby shop, or you can get it from us through the mail (see the order form on the inside front cover).

Coming soon will be the Combat Showcase, which will be fitted with new vehicle designs, presented in computer-generated record sheets, which can be photocopied and marked on in battle! All the details are not worked out on size and price at this writing, but look for it in early 1987.

Also, the second Car Wars Adventure Gamebook, Fuel's Gold, has been published by TSR, and should be available at bookstores everywhere. The book involves an ARF plot to terrorize Boston with a secret weapon -- a newly-discovered cache of gasoline! Definitely
worth checking out.

Postal Doings. Time to repeat our postal policies. We will gladly answer any rules questions or suggestions, if they are accompanied by a self-addressed; stamped envelope. Because of the crush of mail, we cannot answer letters that do not have an SASE -- though we will still read them. If you are making a submission to the magazine, please also include an SASE, so we can tell you the fate of your article. If you don't include one, we may still run your article, but you won't find out about it until you see it in print.

Foreign correspondents should include, instead of stamps, an International Postal Reply coupon. Your local post office can tell you what this is, and how to get one. And please have patience -- sometimes the work piles up, and we can't get to your letters right away. We will answer each one that comes with an SASE -- sooner or later.

Credit Where Credit's Due. It's come to my attention that the "Newswatch" from ADQ 3/4 was credited to me in‘the table of contents. That's a mistake. "The History of Kane Motors" was written by Andrew Buttery of Melbourne, Australia, one of our regular contributors. Sorry about that, Andrew.

Vehicle Guide II. About a year ago, I asked for designs for the second AADA Vehicle Guide. Well, we got an overwhelming response. Many of the designs were good, others weren't. After a thorough elimination process, many of the designs selected got taken for the upcoming Combat Showcase. So now, we need more designs! Please send us your favorite vehicle designs. Make them easy-to-read, and include a worksheet so we can check your math. We'll use all types of designs, but we’re particularly interested in vehicle types that weren't in the first guide -- ten-wheeled trucks and minibuses, car trailers, tractor-trailer combinations, reversed trikes, and the like. We also want to see designs that utilize the many new Uncle Albert gadgets that have been published since the first guide. We'd also like to see legitimate working
vehicles -courier cars with real cargo capacity, for example. And try to keep the costs down -- $55,000 motorcycles, while feasible under the
rules, simply make no sense (nobody would put a cyberlink and a laser on a vehicle with only 2 points of armor . . .). Now that you know what we're looking for, go for it! Send the designs to our regular address, but mark the envelope, "Attn.: Vehicle Guide II."


Classifieds. The response to "ADQ Classifieds" has been very good, but I have one small request. Because of the possible consequences if you (or I) make a mistake, we will not print phone numbers in the ads, just addresses. I don't want to be responsible for some innocent victim getting dozens of phone calls from autoduelling fanatics! So addresses only, please.

Second Edition Deluxe Car Wars. Nothing fancy here, we just took all the errata and clarifications and minor changes that we've previously listed here in ADQ, fixed them in the Deluxe Car Wars rulebook, and reprinted the book. The new rulebook will be in sets on the game store shelves in early 1987. The only difference (other than the changes) will be a notice on the title page of the rulebook. Just another improvement from SJ Games . . .

Bulletin Board. The new Steve Jackson Games computer bulletin board is up and cooking! Using the latest T-Net software at 1200 baud, the BBS has an ongoing Car Wars discussion, as well as boards for all other SJ Games products, plus a fair amount of just-plain-weirdness. Give it a call -- (512)-447-4l49. It's free, except for the long-distance charges, and fun!

Well, that's about it for this time. Keep On Duellin'!

-- Scott D. Haring

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