Mini-Scenario 2
Night Raid

by Joshua Lindemann

HTML conversion by Michael P. Owen, March 2000

Things have been getting a little too hot for the Vipers lately. Five days ago, the had a little trouble with the local Boy Scout Commandos troup, who had somehow tracked down the Viper base. A deadly night raid killed 15 gang members with only minor casualties on the other side.

The surviving Vipers took to the Chequamegan National Forest, where their bad luck continued. Before they had their camp defenses set up, some hunters stumbled onto their location, and reported it to the Forest Rangers. A covert Ranger team went in that night, eliminated four Viper guards and captured the gang leader, losing only one man. The insignia on the dead Ranger's uniform told the Vipers all they needed to know about where to find their leader, though, and they vowed revenge . . .

This scenario requires the map from Truck Stop (which is also in Deluxe Car Wars). It also needs two players (or teams of players) and a referee.

Viper Set-Up

The Vipers have called in their last favors, and acquired the services of a mercenary helicopter pilot. The 10 surviving Vipers plan to parachute into the Ranger station and liberate their leader, killing as many Rangers as they can. Each Viper is an experienced parachutist, so there's no need to roll for a safe landing.

Each of the Vipers starts with four skills at base level: Running, Martial Arts, Handgunner, and Cyclist. In addition, they each get 40 skill points to add new skills or gain bonuses in the ones listed (the maximum bonus allowed in any one skill is +3). They also get $25,000 to spend on personal equipment (of which $2,000 must be spent on the 10 parachutes). Cobra, the gang leader, gets the same 4 basic skills, but can spend 80 additional skill points (but no skill can be higher than +4).

The helicopter is called the Pegasus. It is armed as follows:

Pegasus -- Transport helicopter, Super Helicopter power plant, pilot, 10 passengers, 2 linked VMGs in universal turret under, radar-guided missile system front, stealth, infrared, hi-res computer. Armor: F50, R25, L25, B50, T16, U50. Accel. 10 (5 when using stealth mode), HC 1, 13,222 lbs., $153,510. The pilot is a Gunner +3, Pilot +2.

The plan is for the helicopter to cruise in at minimum safe parachuting height (20") under cover of stealth and infrared and hover over some part of the compound. The Vipers will parachute out, one per second (it will take five seconds for each parachutist to get to the ground). Each Viper may land anywhere inside the walls he wants within 6" of the helicopter's position, but can land no closer than 4" from any building. It takes 3 seconds tot ake the parachute off once on the ground. Remember that the parachute is 2 grenade-equivalents, so each Viper can only carry only four more grenade-equivalents worth of weapons. Also, the Vipers cannot use backpacks or weapons that include backpacks (portable flamethrower, laser rifle), because the parachute gets in the way.

After the Vipers have all jumped, the helicopter will leave the map on the south side. Ten turns after exiting the map, it will return from the south at a height of 3", and support the Viper attack. The Vipers will fight to the death, but the helicopter pilot is just a mercenary; if things are going badly for the Vipers, he'll try to escape.

Ranger Set-Up

The Ranger player gets 15 men, ten of whom will be asleep at the beginning of the scenario. Each Ranger gets four skills at base level: Runner, Handgunner, Martial Arts, and Paramedic. Each Ranger gets 30 more skill points to spend wherever they choose. The Rangers also get $30,000 for personal equipment, and $150,000 to build a helicopter that is parked outside the wardroom door by the security office. Obviously, it would be a good idea if at least one of the Rangers had the Pilot skill.

The Rangers have Cobra in a cell (located where the men's showers are marked on the map) with a 10 DP lock. One of the awake Rangers should be outside of this door; put one in the gatehouse, two in the security office, and the last one anywhere you want.

When the alarm goes off, the sleeping Rangers will be armed and ready in 5 turns. They will come out of the #7 bay door in the main building, 3 at a time. It is expected that at least once of the Rangers will head for the helicopter, start it up, and take on the Pegasus in an air battle while the Vipers and Rangers fight it out below.


The Vipers win if they kill all the Rangers, or get them to surrender. They will get back their gang leader, plus all the personal equipment the Rangers were using, the helicopter (or salvage, if it crashed), any surviving Rangers as hostages, and the $50,000 Ranger payroll that was in the safe.

The Rangers win if they kill or capture all the Vipers. Each surviving Ranger will get a $10,000 bonus for exemplary work.

Referee's Notes

An option to make this scenario less complicated: Don't give the Rangers a helicopter, and have the Pegasus simply fly away after dropping off the Vipers.

Where are all the ground vehicles? The main body of the Rangers are out on patrol. These are civilian, National Guard-type fill-ins, holding down the fort. (Which is why the Rangers' skill levels aren't that good.)

And when does the alarm go off? You'll keep the suspense level high if you don't tell either player until it happens. For balance, the alarm should go off about the time when the fifth Viper hits the ground; but you can set up some sort of random mechanism that could give one side or the other an advantage.

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