Mini-Scenario 4
The Defense of Wooded Grove
A Chassis and Crossbow Mini-Scenario

by Andrew Metzger

HTML conversion by Michael P. Owen, March 2000

Wooded Grove is a small urban town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northern Georgia. Today it shares a reputation similar to
that of Midville, Ohio. It's inhabitants are known to be fierce fighters in defense of their home town. But this town's reputation extends much
farther back in history than that of Midville. It all started back in 2014 A.D. when "Shotgun" Sam Lubbuck and his gang rolled out of the
Appalachians bent on crushing the town to be able to steal food and gas. The inhabitants of Wooded Grove had other ideas . . .

"The Defense of Wooded Grove" is essentially a Chassis & Crossbow version of  "Crusaders" (from Crash City and Deluxe Car Wars). You
will need the Midville maps from Deluxe Car Wars, or Car Wars and Crash City. Chassis & Crossbow itself is explained in Dueltrack -- you'll need that, too. The nature of Chassis & Crossbow scenarios requires certain limits, and additional explanations. If something isn’t mentioned or clarified below, assume it to be the same as it is in "Crusaders." This can be played with 2 to 4 characters and a referee. One player will play Lubbuck's gang, and one to three players can play the townspeople. All the characters are assumed to have Running at base level, and get 40 more skill points which may be distributed among the various skills as the owning player sees fit.

The Lubbuck player gets 30 characters and $100,000 worth of cycles and gear. But this is a time of scarcity; custom-made cycles sporting the
highest quality weapons and accessories just aren't that common. Therefore, the Lubbuck player can build the cycles however he wishes with
these limitations: there are three multi-barrel carbs and one fuel injection available -- the rest must have carburetors; no engine may be bigger
than 150 cu. in.; and finally, there are only a few vehicular weapons available. The Lubbuck player may purchase up to 2 MGs, 1 smokescreen, 1
HR, 1 FOJ, 1 LAW, and 1 VLAW. All other weapons must be purchased from the C&C hand weapons list. Of course oil jets and spikedroppers
are available. Don't forget that many of the above weapons cost either two or four times the listed costs.

The townspeople are divided into three groups; the Wooded Grove Militia, the Crackshot Vigilantes, and the local Police. The Wooded Grove
Militia is typical of a small-town militia -- no standard in arms or gear, but many able bodies willing to fight for their town. They have 20
members and $20,000 with which to buy their weapons and gear. As with the Lubbuck gang, there are certain restrictions on weaponry. The
Militia has available to it 1 tripod MG, 3 VLAWs, and ld6 mine counters. These weapons again cost either two or four times those of 2036,
reflecting the scarcity of heavy weaponry. The Militia may purchase any number of spike loads they wish. They also have 16” of chain that
they may set up anywhere.

The Crackshot Vigilante group is a very new group who have decided to armor their vehicles, albeit crudely, and do something about the rising
bandit activity in the area. They haven’t actually done anything yet, being so new, so this is their christening encounter. They have 2 to 5
characters and get $40,000 with which to build 2 to 3 cars and purchase personal gear. The limitations that they have are the following: the
available engines are one each of 250 cu. in., 300 cu. in., and 400 cu. in.., in that order. That means if the player chooses to build only two cars,
he doesn't get the 400 cu. in. engine. Two of the three engines have carburetors, the third has fuel injection and turbo, if desired. This is an old
hot-rod from more prosperous days. Unlike the engines, the turbo option may be had even if the player chooses only two cars. Finally, 1 HR
and 1 VMG are available for mounting on the vehicles, at the same penalties to cost as above.

The local Police force has also recently undergone improvements in their vehicles and gear. Due to the increased bandit activity, they have
armed and armored their cruisers to some extent, and police officers now have crude forms of body armor (detailed below). There are 6
characters who man the three Police Cruisers, and each of these characters has body armor, a shotgun, and a heavy pistol. The police
officers inside the station behave as they do in "Crusaders" as do the hospital staff and the Ambulance, although the Ambulance
is quite different from its 2036 counterpart. There is no mounted weaponry outside of the police station (i.e. the MG and the RL bunkers)
although a police officer with a SMG and body armor is stationed at each of those points.

There are a few additional items available to the townspeople and the cycle gang, over and above the various equipment listed in Chassis &
Crossbow. First, a crude form of body armor has been developed utilizing leather pieces. Leather body armor costs $500 and has 1 DP. The
wearer may only carry 5 grenade-equivalents, and has his speed reduced by two 1/4" squares. A significant advantage, however, is that the
leather armor is treated as metal armor in terms of damage. That is, it acts like 2 DP to hand weapons, and is semi-nonablative, like metal armor.
Also, other personal gear not listed in Chassis & Crossbow that can be purchased are backpacks, smoke grenades, and machine pistols.
Additional vehicular items are extra magazines for oil jets and spikedroppers (and of course hand weapons), cycle blades, and sunroofs. For all
other items, if it isn't mentioned in Chassis & Crossbow, it can't be had.

Finally, just because a certain weapon may have been found (or stolen), that doesn't mean that you can always run down to the local gun shop
for ammo. Rare and Very Rare weapons may have little, or even no ammo accompanying the weapon. To determine how much ammo is available
for any particular weapon, a number of dice are rolled based upon the number of shots the weapon has. For a weapon with 10 shots, 2d6-2 are
rolled; for a 20-shot weapon, 4d6-4 are rolled; and for a 25-shot weapon, 5d6-5 are rolled. Single shot weapons are assumed to have that single
shot when found. Ammo for hand weapons, and for oil jets and spikedroppers may be purchased normally.

Vehicle Stats

Police Cruiser  -- Luxury, 350 cu. in. engine, multi-barrel carburetor, 25-gallon Economy gas tank, 4 standard tires. Driver and gunner. SMG on articulated mount operated by gunner. Carries a portable fire extinguisher. Space for two passengers and 3.5 spaces of cargo. Metal armor: F3, R3, L3, B3, T2, Ul. Accel. 15, top speed 115 (w/o passengers), HC 1, Base MPG 17, 7,615 lbs., $12,075.

Ambulance -- Van, 300 cu. in. engine, carburetor, 25-gallon Economy gas tank, 4 standard tires. Driver and two gunners (paramedics). Carries two stretchers, and medical equipment. Has a total of 14 spaces left for passengers/cargo. No armor. Accel. 15 mph, top speed 120 (w/o passengers), HC 0, Base MPG 20, 3,495 lbs., $10,065.

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