Car Wars Expansion Set #10

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Car Wars Expansion Set #10 has more of what you've been waiting for! Like 170 more counters!

Counters for vehicles. Counters for helicopters. Counters for trikes anad cycles. Trucks and tractor trailers. Police units. Grasshoppers. Buses. Plus racing pits. Drop spike plates. And a helipad! All of the collected counters from Expansion Sets 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and Dueltrack.

Can there be more? Yes!

Car Wars Expansion Set #10 also contains the never-before-released Car Wars Deluxe Wheelie. What is it? A fun, colorful pair of wheels that help a player keep track of vital game information -- including the entire Control Table!

Look it at for local hobby store or send $5.50 (Texas residents add 41¢ sales tax) to:

Box 18957-T, Austin, TX 78760

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