Combat Showcase

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Designs From Tomorrow

The vehicles from tomorrow, with complete statistics and schematicws, are yours in the Combat Showcase.

The 2037 New Car Exposition was the unqualified hit of the Texas National Fair! Combat Showcase, the official showbook of the event, provides complete information on every vehicle, plus a new way of picturing an autoduel vehicle -- the schematic.

A schematic shows the placement of all a vehicle's components -- power plant, weapons, even crew. And they're ready for combat. No time wasted double-checking math and drawing up a record sheet -- just pick a page, get a pencil, and play!

This beautiful 56-page book also includes the track layout and winning vehicle designs from the AADA 2036 World Championship.

A guaranteed classic of its kind, Combat Showcase is coming soon to autoduelling suppliers throughout the continent, and only from Steve Jackson Games.

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