Can Overdrive be used in conjunction with Nitrous Oxide? If so, can the two be linked to allow simultaneous activation?

-- Jerry D'Antonio, Aurora, CO

I think it should work. If there are any automotive experts out there who think I'm wrong, let me know. The link would be no problem - just pay $50.

-- SDH

1) Will an Infrared Targeting and Driving Aid allow one to see through smoke as an infrared laser does?

2) Is an Ice Dropper shot melted by incendiary ammunition or a flame cloud?

3) If a rocket is linked to a laser guidance link, does the laser have to score a hit on the vehicle for the rockets to gain the bonus? If so, and it misses, do all the rockets miss, and if it hits, do each of the rockets have to roll to hit?

4) Can a Targeting Laser be made infrared even though it has no damage to halve?

5) Can Rocket Launchers and Micro-Missile Launchers be loaded with Armor-Piercing Rockets?

6) Can one make ammunition High Density and Incendiary at the same time?

7) Can Overdrive be mounted on a gad-powered vehicle?

8) Since one could get multiple gas tanks, why couldn't one get 25 1-gallon gas tanks instead of 1 25-gallon gas tank; the cost, weight, and space would be the same, but each would have its own DP. 25 duelling tanks around a driver is BIG protection. Is it possible?

-- Ryan Watkins, Glendale, CA

1) Yes.

2) The snowmobile article elsewhere in this issue includes some rules for melting patches of snow with fire weapons. Use those rules, assuming the ice from an Ice Dropper is equivalent to a thin layer (say ½") of snow.

3) I answer this question about every other issue, and it still comes in again and again. So one more time: The LGL gives each linked rocket the to-hit number of the laser. Each shot is figured separately, though - the laser does not need to hit for the rockets to be effective. And the rockets can still miss, even if the laser hits.

4) Yes.

5) Yes.

6) No. I get this question (in lots of variations) a lot, too. The general rule: Special ammo types can not be combined into a single "super bullet" or "super rocket." There are some exceptions, of course - Tracer ammo is specifically designed to be combined with another type of ammo. But unless the rules specifically allow an exception, assume the types cannot be combined.

7) Another good question. For now, gadgets designed for electric power plants (like supercharger capacitors, heavy-duty transmission, and overdrive) should work only for electric plants; and internal combustion gadgets (like turbos and nitrous oxide) should work only for IC engines.

8) Technically, this is legal - and vile. Anyone who tries this in a tournament I run will automatically be disqualified for being a rules-lawyer jerk. The problem is, the rule makes sense in moderation. If you want a car with two gas tanks, for extended range or emergency backup, there's no reason the second one shouldn't be as tough as the first. I think the solution is for everyone to use common sense, and enforce an unofficial two-tank limit. A car design featuring more would have to have a very good, logical reason based on the job the vehicle is designed to do. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

-- SDH

1) The damage for the new twin laser is 2d6+6. Does the +6 automatically knock off a point of regular metal armor? What about LR metal armor?

2) Does a Flame Cloud Ejector's flame cloud affect tires when burning?

3) Can you blueprint truck and bus internal combustion engines? Can they have tubular headers?

4) How many shots from a Laser Batter does a Twin Laser get?

5) Do Laser Batteries count against the 1/3 spaces limit? It is a magazine, but not really. Well?

-- Pete Macajek, Houston, TX

1) No. Only die rolls of a "6" knock off a point of damage. If the die comes up a "6," take off a point - laser-reflective or not.

2) The FCE does damage to all exposed items on the vehicle - all armor locations, tires, wheelguards, wheelhubs, external weapon pods, sidecars, rockets on a rocket platform, pedestrians clinging to the roof - everything.

3) Those two items add to an IC plant's power factors. Truck and bus engines don't have power factors. So there's no way to measure their effect.

4) Same as a Heavy Laser - 25.

5) A Laser Battery is installed next to the power plant (and adds 1 DP to it) - so it doesn't count against the limit.

-- SDH

1) Are searchlights as effective during the day at blinding people as they are at night?

2) Will a smokescreen between you and a searchlight relieve the -10 blinding effect?

3) Does flaming oil do damage every phase a vehicle is on it, or just when the vehicle hits it or crosses onto it? What damage will occur if a vehicle remains in a flaming oil slick for more than a second?

-- Thomas Brandes, Fairlawn, OH

1) No. Searchlights have no effect during the day.

2) It will reduce the penalty greatly, to a -2 - and the victim can continue to look at the gameboard.

3) Like all dropped weapons, damage is assessed when a vehicle first touches the flaming oil counter, and is not assessed again unless the vehicle breaks off contact with the counter and then touches it again. If the vehicle comes to a complete stop on flaming oil, it would be logical to assess damage at the end of every turn. So what if a vehicle is crawling along at 2.5 mph and takes 8 turns to cross a counter of flaming oil? I don't know - this is a referee judgment call.

-- SDH

I have a rich opponent that has up to three clones at a time. This gets annoying because he's a superman now (Gunner +6), and if I get lucky and kill him, he's always back in a couple of days. One time, I killed him and two of his three clones, so he just hid out for a month until he could get three more clones. Any suggestions, anyone?

-- Chris Reed, Charlotte, NC

Yeah. Stop playing with this bozo.

-- SDH

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