Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 5Issue 2

Metal Tires

Those new high-accuracy weapons have made tires an endangered species again in some areas. Duellists tired of seeing their cars turned to trikes by a well-aimed rocket salvo have put the call out to Uncle Albert - and Uncle Albert responds! His new metal tire has a ruber exterior that makes it look and perform like any other tire. Tougher than solids! And only from Uncle Albert's!

Metal Tires - $1000, 150 lbs; 20 DP. No effect (initially) on vehicle's HC. After tire takes 4 points of damage, rubber exterior strips off, revealing metal beneath. As soon as any one tire on a vehicle is reduced to bare metal, vehicle's HC drops by 1. HC drops no further, no Matter how many tires are reduced to bare metal. Once a tire is completely destroyed, of course, additional penalties to HC will follow.

Metal Tires are not available in Off-Road versions, but are available in motorcycle versions (same cost and DP, half the weight). Truck Metal Tires are also available - $3000, 300 lbs; 30DP.

Fire Retardant Insulators

Blast and fire weapons are some of autoduelling's most efficient buys - but all that damage can backfire in a serious way if the weapon explodes in you lap during an innocent little vehicular fire! These dandy new Fire Retardant Insulators will protect a single component from fire damage - and if it can't burn, it can't explode! Another hot idea from Uncle Albert!

Fire Retardant Insulators - $250 and 50 lbs. per space, takes up 1 space for every 2 spaces that component being protected takes up. For example, protection a 2-space RL would require an Insulator of 1 space, $250 and 50 lbs.' protecting a 3-space AC would take 2 spaces, $500 and 100 lbs. Armor, tires, etc. cannot be protected by this item - only internal vehicular components. This item adds no DP or other protection against normal damage.

Components protected by Fire Retardant Insulators take no damage from vehicular fires, and only half damage from flame weapons (flamethrower, flaming oil jet, flame cloud ejector, napalm mine, etc.). Crew members cannot be protected by this item, as they would suffocate.

Impact Armor

Dumping your cycle can be a real pain when your body armor doesn't protect against falls or collisions! Why leave unless armor and miscellaneous body parts strewn across the asphalt, when for a few dollars more you can get some real protections against terminal road rash? Our new Impact Armor is great for bikers, hang-gliders, and anyone else who occasionally hits the deck a little harder than usual.

Impact Armor - $2000. Impact armor gives the wearer 6 additional DP and is fully effective against falls and collisions. In addition, any damage sustained in a fall or collision that penetrates the armor is halved. Of course, once the armor's DP have been used up - either by fall or by gunfire - it no longer works. (Example: A duellist wearing Impact Armor is hit by a slow-moving bus, which inflicts 10 points of damage. The Impact Armor absorbs 6 of the 10 points, and reduces the effect of the remaining 4 to 2 points, thus saving the duellist's life. The armor is no longer effective now, so if the bus comes back, the duellist is in trouble.) Impact Armor cannot be worn in combination with Body Armor or Improved Body Armor. Impact Armor has the same effects on speed, reflexes, and carrying capacity as Improved Body Armor, but provides no protection from fire or gas.

Blended Body Armor

Are you the type of person who doesn't want to stand out in a crowd? You're not the only one. Body Armor tends to make you stick out like a sore thumb, especially in more "civilized" settings. But now you don't have to give up the protection of body armor to wear the latest styles! Uncle Albert has coordinated a unique cooperative effort between Atlas Bodyworks and Monique's of Paris to produce Blended Body Armor. Looks like street clothes, yet protects like the finest duellist's livery!

Blended Body Armor - $750 and up. Gives the wearer 3 extra DP (just like Body Armor), but is indistinguishable from street clothes. Custom tailoring, or specialized formal wear such as a tuxedo, will cont more (GM's discretion). Regular body armor of any type cannot be worn over this material. Improved Body Armor can also be purchased in a Blended version for $5,000 and up, and does not include a gas mask. Impact Armor is not available in a Blended version.

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