Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 5Issue 2



There are some cars that take a special breed to handle - cars with so much raw power that lesser drivers will be burned by the touch. Such a car is the Vindicator. Feel the speed that only internal combustion can provide. Outmaneuver the toughest foe with the best handling package ever seen on a non-racing vehicle! Plu all the firepower you'd expect from a car of this class! Test the Vindicator today - if you'r up to it.

Vindicator - Luxury, X-Hvy. Chassis, Hvy. Suspension, 400-cu.-in. IC engine, Blueprinted with tubular headers, 15-gallon Racing tank, driver only. BMG in turret, 2 linked RRs front, Fire extinguisher, Spoiler. Airdam, HD Shocks, Radarproof FP Armor: F40, R30, B30, T30, U16. Accel. 15. Top Speed 135, Base MPG 15, HC3, 6,595 lbs; $48,330.


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