1. Can a WGM be guided upward to high-altitude targets?
  2. When you list "AP ammo" in your vehicle designs, do you mean "anti-personnel ammo" or "armor-piercing ammo"?
  3. When a pedestrian targets another pedestrian with a hand weapon, does he still get a -3 to-hit modifier? It seems unrealistic for a guy to plug another with a machine-pistol at 16' away with a 1 in 6 chance of hitting.
  4. Does the bomb do 4 or 2 dice damage? DCW confusingly lists one or the other in different places.
  5. Can a twin laser be used in a LGL? Can a rocket gain the benefits of a LGL and a targeting computer at the same time?
-Jeff Cavano, Benicia, CA

  1. Sure. but it has a 72" range limit - after it runs out of fuel, it will fall back to earth (you can either assume it just went away, or you can use your physics textbook to help you figure out exactly where).
  2. Actually, it depends on the weapon. MGs, VMGs and hand weapons have anti-personnel ammo, but not armor-piercing; therefore, AP stands for anti-personnel. For weapons like RLs, MMLs, and various rockets, which have armor-piercing loads but not anti-personnel ones, AP stands for armor-piercing. At this point, no weapon has both anti-personnel and armor-piercing ammo available. We'll try to make this less confusing in the future.
  3. Well, I'm not going to reality test this one ... but it doesn't seem that unlikely to me. Remember, that's a 1 in 6 chance every turn, which is only one second long - if you fire for five seconds, odds are real good he'll go down.
  4. Oops. Congratulations - you found a mistake no one's ever found before. The 4 dice figure is correct.
  5. Yes, and yes Hook the targeting computer to the targeting laser - whatever the final "to hit" number of the laser is, that's the "to hit" number of the rockets. So it pays to make that laser as accurate as possible.

  1. Can StealthKote Shield be used on a boat?
  2. If so, will it protect you from Homing Torpedoes?
-Scott Starkey, Torrance, CA

Yes, and yes.


  1. In Dueltrack, a turret on a dragster is pre-set so it can't fire to the rear, so could you put an FT in a turret on a normal vehicle and pre-set it so it can't fire forward?
  2. How long does it take for a Paramedic to treat someone?
  3. If cycles can't have solid tires, what happens when a cycle with OR solid goes from off-road onto the highway?
-Jeff Smith, Glendale, CA

  1. Sure, but I still don't see why you'd want to.
  2. I assume you're not using the optional hospitalization rules given a few issues back (ADQ 4/4). Just assume that a paramedic can treat one casualty every 5 minutes.
  3. -3 to HC.

  1. Can AP rockets explode if your car is on fire? (While the warhead can't, the propellant might.)
  2. Can a VFRP use incendiary rockets? (If so, what are the stats?)
  3. Can HRs, MRs, LRs,MRs, or MFRs be incendiary?
-Brent Eubanks, Phoenix, AZ

  1. Yes, armor-piercing rockets are still an explosion hazard.
  2. 3. No. Only RLs and MMLs may carry incendiary ammo.

-James Rexford, Oak Grove, KY

No, it takes damage just like it does against all other fire attacks. But it cannot be set on fire.

-Bob Becker, Auburn, WA

On some of the letters I get, I'm lucky to decipher a name. But your idea has merit; starting next issue, if anyone wants their letter (for both "ADQ&A" and "Backfire"), just say so - and make sure we can read your handwriting!

-Daniel Schultz, Jeffersonboro, PA

Well, it would be if our pseudo-scientific explanations for why rules are the way they are was as important as the rules themselves. But the simple fact is that explanations like "the driver's head is in the way" is a rationalization. Subcompacts can't mount turrets (other than the Zero-Space Turret, of course) because we think they're too small, period. So, even when the vehicle is remote-controlled, it still cannot mount a turret.

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