The Driver's Seat

Hello there! As this is written, issue 5/3 is, alas, two months late. The convention season, combined with several high-priority projects and compounded by problems with the transfer of power, made us fall behind. It's a good issue though, and I'm certainly proud to be in charge of it. 5/4 is already on the calendar, and should go out on schedule (In early December) if all goes well.

I Was a Teenage Oops

This issue's beauty comes direct from the back cover of ADQ 5/2, where we featured the "Vindicator." I got a number of letters congratulating us on publishing one of the most devastating stationary gun emplacements in the game - and those were the polite ones. The problem is that the description left out the four solid tires. Now, if you were to go back and add up the cost and weight of the components, you'd come up $2000 and 300 lbs. short of the listed figures - exactly the cost and weight of four solid tires. So yes, the description was incorrect, but no, the vehicle is not incorrect - just remember that its tires are solid, and it has four of them, and you'll do all right. I'd promise this sort of thing would never happen again, if I weren't so certain it will ...

-Scott Haring

Changing Gears

A brief time out ... This is David Ladyman, checking in as interim ADQ editor. Scott has been gone a week (see box below). We'll miss him. A lot. (I, in particular, will miss the rules arguments, but the doctors say both our ulcers will be improving now!)

Next week, Stephen Beeman takes over the wheel. He knows the rules, and seems a competent editor; that's what we're planning on. (Some of you have heard from him already as he cleared our backlog of letters and Illuminati BBS questions.) As always, let the good times roll!

-David Ladyman

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