Take it to the limit with THE AIRTECH PIROUETTE

For the chopper pilot who won't settle for second-best, we present a helicopter that won't, either. The Airtech Pirouette utilizes the latest in fly-by-wire technology to match your every move with electronic precision. With handling, top speed and endurance unmatched by any helicopter on the market today, the Airtech Pirouette's only limits are those of its pilot.

Airtech Pirouette - Small helicopter, std. helicopter power plant, pilot only. Laser front. CACR, jettisonable maneuver foils, improved tail assembly, hi-res computer. LR metal/normal plastic armor: F10/7, R10/6, L10/6, B10/6, T10/6, U10/7, 10 points plastic armor on each main rotor, 10 points plastic armor on each maneuver foil. Accel. 10, top speed 250, HC 3; 9,330 lbs; $68,880.

AIRTECH. Because the skies aren't always friendly.

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