ADQ Vol. 6, No. 1 Front Cover

Spring 2038

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Vehicle Guide 2 Designer's Notes -- Ken Scott
Writing for Car Wars and Autoduel Quarterly
An Interview with Gold Cross -- Jim Davie
Parimutuel Wagering in Car Wars -- Jeff David George
Fire and Loathing iu Autoduelling -- Jim Davie
Off the Shelf Car Design -- Charles A. Oines
Tournament Design Strategy -- Tim Ray
Dodges and Dragons -- Charles A. Oines
The First Five Years: A Cumulative Index of Autoduel Quarterly
Dueltrack and Vehicle Guide Errata


The Driver's Seat -- Stephen Beeman
Newswatch: History of Parimutuel Wagering -- Jeff David George
ADQ Classified
Backfire -- Letters
ADQ&A -- Questions and Answers


Electrofabrique Suisse
Origin Systems, Inc
Pioneer Products
Steve Jackson Games
Order Form
The Blaster
The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume 3 (The South) and Volume 4 (Australia)
The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2
Car Wars Arena Book
Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop


Editor: Stephen M. Beeman
Editorial Assistant: Ben Ellinger
Art Director: Ken Trobaugh
Production Staff: Carl Manz, Czeslaw Sornat, Melinda Spray
Publisher: Steve Jackson
Managing Editor: Beverly Hale
Circulation Manager: Creede Lumbard

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