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1. Is the STS (Sound Tracking System) from ADQ 5/2 official?

2. Does a folding stock give an SMG (or rifle or shotgun) a +1 to hit in addition to reducing it to one GE?

3. Let's say a character is wearing a battle vest and carrying an anti-vehicular rifle, for a total of six grenade equivalents. He pulls a heavy pistol from his battle vest, bring his total encumbrance to 7. Can he use the pistol or must he drop the AV rifle first?

4. In ADQ&A in ADQ 2/1 you said a tractor/trailer rig needs two fire extinguisher systems; in ADQ 3/4 you said it only needs one. Which is correct?

5. Does a tripod weapon have to be set down to fire, or can you fire one "Rambo-style?"

Martin Hills
Liverpool, Australia

1. No, but as with any unofficial item, you can feel free to use it in your campaign -- indeed, I might even allow it in my campaign. But I wouldn't allow it in an AADA tournament or other "official" event.

2. No, the +1 to hit only applies to pistols and weapons where the stock increases encumbrance, and then only applies when the stock is actually extended.

3. He must drop the rifle (this is a free action).

4. Oops. The first answer (the rig needs separate systems for the tractor and the trailer) is correct. The trailer extinguisher functions as long as it is attached to a power source, either in the trailer itself or in the tractor.

5. No, the weapon must be set up on a surface (ground, wall, pickup bed, whatever) to be fired.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Do you apply percentages of gas engine price (blueprinting, tubular headers, carburetors [and turbochargers and superchargers] to the basic engine cost, or do you apply the next price change to the previous price change?

2. Does a vehicle's handling status go back to its starting HC if it comes to a complete stop?

3. Do you check to see whether you've set off mines if you drop them and later (before your next movement) you skid or fishtail across them?

4. Do rocket magazines take up vehicular space? How much?

5. Where do corner-mounted dropped weapons land?

Paul Paella
Tonawanda, NY

1. Increases like blueprinting and tubular headers are added together to figure the final engine cost. The savings for carburetors and multi-barrel carbs, on the other hand, are calculated from the base engine price -- you don't save more money by blueprinting your engine!

2. Yes, a vehicle's handling is reset to its maximum at the end of a turn if the vehicle is moving between -10 and 10 mph.

3. Yes.

4. Yes, one space per space of internal capacity -- a three-space magazine takes up three spaces.

5. They land diagonally adjacent to rear corners but beside front corners.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Do cycle racing slicks exist?

2. Will active suspension eliminate the HC loss from taking 4 points of damage to a metal solid tire?

Matt Tundo
Mt. Clemens, MI

1. No -- they're too wide for use on a cycle, trike, or a dragster's front.

2. No.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Are the variant fire rules used in tournaments? How about the critical hit rules?

2. Can you recharge a laser LAW/VLAW from a vehicular power plant or a laser battery? If so, how long does it take?

3. Can you make anti-power-plant rockets armor-piercing?

4. What happens if a smoking jenny rocket hits an obstacle before it finishes its path?

5. Can smoking jenny rockets be loaded with tear gas? How about puff dragon rockets?

6. What does a foam grenade need to put out a fire in a gas-powered vehicle?

7. How many turns does it take a driver to right his vehicle if it's on its side after a roll?

8. What is exactly breached armor? Does it protect from tear gas or concussion grenades? Can you throw a grenade through breached armor? What happens if a vehicle with breached armor drives through a flame cloud?

Rich Fantasia
Bethpage, NY

1. Yes; no.

2. Yes, at 30 seconds per charging.

3. Sure.

4. It stops, doing no damage.

5. Yes; no.

6. It needs a fire extinguisher. Foam grenades cannot extinguish gas fires.

7. Oh, roughly 1,000 -- that's how long it takes to call a tow truck and roll the car over. A person might manage it himself under certain circumstances, but that's something to take up with your referee. It's certainly not possible in the middle of a duel.

8. A breach consists of several medium to small holes in the armor -- it's no longer worthwhile against bullets and warheads, but it'll keep out rain, tear gas, grenades, and small arms fire (unless that small arms fire consists of AV ammo!). Swiss-cheesed armor won't, however, protect the occupants from the effects of a concussion grenade. As for flame clouds, the damage is applied as weapons damage to that side -- you don't roll 1d-1 damage to every interior component!

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Do WGMs get a +1 stationary bonus?

2. Can WGMs/RGMs be armor-piercing?

3. Does the 1" x 1" spike gun counter count as four separate spike counters or one counter that four times as big?

4. Do limpet beacons work from inside a mini-safe? How?

John Wendt
Santa Cruz, CA

1. Nope.

2. Yup. Expensive, but possible.

3. Just one big counter.

4. Yup. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Stephen M. Beeman

What is the total gallon capacity of a tanker trailer or a tanker carrier?

Stephen Mason
Fulton, MD

Vague and indeterminate -- base it on weight, not gallons. For example, the Petroliner from Vehicle Guide 2 carries a little over a ton of gasoline -- that's roughly 375 gallons. Assume that a tanker's limit is weight, not volume.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Can you use overdrive on internal combustion engines? Would it cost any extra?

2. What exactly are the firing arcs of crew members and passengers in a vehicle?

Jonathon Walton
Taylors, SC

1. Yes, but they're still limited to 170 mph -- after that, the bonus is only one-tenth normal. Gas overdrive costs the same as electric overdrive.

2. When the vehicle is designed, each passenger or crew member must be given a specific firing arc, either right, left, front, or back. The person may not fire from any arc other than this one. This does not apply to cyclists -- they have 360-degree field of fire.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. What is the effect of an ice dropper in water?

2. Can you put two different one-space weapons in a two-space turret?

Jay Brenner
Kettering, OH

1. It produces a 1" x 1/2" debris counter; this debris affects only boats.

2. Sure.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Will the laser-reactive web respond to a hand weapon using a laser targeting scope?

2. Can the laser-reactive web central logic unit be replaced by a computer gunner?

3. Do the Crash Table to hit modifiers apply to computer gunners?

4. Is the computer gunner affected by nighttime targeting penalties? If so, can it use radar or infrared targeting systems?

5. If a vehicle with HC 3, active suspension, and radial tires uses radio control, will it have an HC of 0 or 2?

6. For RC senders, what stats are correct: those in Deluxe Car Wars or those in Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog?

7. How much does it cost to convert cycle turret sidecars to off-road use? Surely the 300% can't apply to the whole contraption.

John Romero
New Iberia, LA

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Yes; yes.

5. HC 2 -- the final HC is limited to 3.

6. RC senders have no space or weight if they are attached to a gunner or driver position on a vehicle. They take up the listed space and weight in a vehicle if the sender is placed in a non-standard position, such as cargo space.

7. Sure, it should cost less, but for simplicity's sake the suspension change is based on the full cost. I guess the you could rationalize it in terms of toughening up the turret mechanism to withstand the rigors of off-road travel, but why bother? The real reason, all the reason you need, is that is simplifies game play and doesn't make the game any less enjoyable. That's all that really matters.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Does fire affect things (especially crew members) inside component armor?

2. Does component armor for a turreted weapon take up space in the turret?

3. Can extra magazines be placed in the turret with the weapon or must they go beneath it?

4. In ADQ 5/1 Scott Haring went to great lengths to explain what turrets to explain what turrets could go on which vehicles; in the process, he stated a pickup with a camper shell cannot use a three-space turret. In ADQ 5/4, however, you stated that a camper (by which I presume you mean a pickup with a camper shell) can use a three-space turret. What gives?

Rikk Heney
Herndon, VA

1. No, only the component armor. CA affectively adds its DP to that of the item, whatever that may be.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, they may use space in the turret. However, only weapons and magazines (and of course, their component armor) may be placed in a turret.

4. It's called a rules change. First of all, in case I didn't make this clear: "Camper shells" no longer exist. If you want one, use the camper body style. It only makes a difference in the cost, but it's a significant difference. Furthermore, campers (not pickups with camper shells) can use three-space turrets now.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Can active suspension raise the HC of a van over 2?

2. Is a laser targeting scope blocked by smoke? Can it be made infrared?

3. Does LR armor work against IR lasers?

Rich Archer
Minoa, NY

1. Yes.

2. Yes; yes.

3. Yes.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Can grasshoppers use bombs?

2. Could a gas-powered car have an electric "backup" power plant?

Eric Tomlinson
Elmira, NY

1. Yes.

2. No. It can use a laser battery or a small cycle power plant for emergency power, however, using the battery to power lasers, fire extinguishers and so forth.

Stephen M. Beeman

When sloping armor, for what (if any) accessories must the sloping cost be paid?

Jeff Wilder
Louisville, KY


Stephen M. Beeman

1. Can EWPs fire down? In ADQ 4/1 you said they couldn't but the Evil Eye on p. 56 in Vehicle Guide 2 has downward-firing EWPs.

2. Can RL flare rounds be laser-guided (as a cheap incendiary weapon)?

3. Can a tripod gunshield be made of metal armor?

4. Can sedans be made into grasshoppers?

5. Are metal tires fireproof?

Douglas I. Odell
20422 79th Ave. W.
Edmonds, WA 98020

1. I don't see why not.

2. No.

3. Yes, but only two points worth -- the ten point limit for this (and, indeed, any other such item) applies to weight, not just number of points. Thus, you could have ten points of plastic, nine points of LR plastic, or two points of metal.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. If an item has component armor or a fire retardant insulator, does the extra space count against 1/3-per-side limits? Does it count towards spaces for concealment?  Can component armor and fire retardant insulators be combined?

2. If a backpack full of grenades is thrown with the pin of just one grenade pulled, will all the grenades go off?

Jason L. Robert
Northridge, CA

1. Yes; yes; no.

2. No, only the primed grenade. The others are destroyed without detonating.

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Do incendiary rocket launcher rounds have a burst effect?

2. Will hot objects (burning FOJs, FCEs, wrecks and so forth) block IR sighting? Will they block IR lasers? Will anything block IR lasers?

Tim Ray
Austin, TX

1. No.

2. Yes, hot objects completely block IR sighting and lasers. (Regular smoke and paint are not hot).

Stephen M. Beeman

1. Can small ten-wheelers be powered with standard car engines using HD transmission? Can they use large car gas engines (say, 700 cubic inch), provided the power factors are sufficient?

2. Would you relax the previous ruling prohibiting the use of HD transmissions or overdrive with gas engines? Many vehicles today use such items, and these are simply modifications to the transmission -- the power source shouldn't matter.

3. Can the two front tires of a ten-wheeler differ from the other eight tires without penalty? If not, what is the penalty? If tires are mixed on the front or rear, is the HC penalty -1?

4. Do wheelguards protect tires from flame cloud damage?

5. On ten-wheelers, are all ten wheels affected by flame clouds?

6. On ten-wheelers, do the outer tires protect the inner tires from burst damage?

Michael Montgomery
Cedar Park, TX

1. No; no.

2. Yes, you may use these items on gas engines.

3. Yes; yes.

4. No.

5. Yes.

6. Yes.

Stephen M. Beeman

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