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Discerning autoduellists know the value of surprise -- and so does Uncle Albert! Our crack R&D team is constantly improving our great products, to keep you a step ahead of your foes on the way to the winner's circle. Trust Uncle Al, the Duellist's Pal!

Carbon-Aluminum Frames

NorAm Chemical uses the latest in zero-G manufacturing techniques to produce super-strong, super-light carbon fibers embedded in light but steel-tough foamed aluminum spars. The result -- all the load capacity of regular frames with only half the weight! You'll be amazed and your enemies will be dismayed at the armor these bodies can carry! Available in all major vehicle styles. Warning: Carbon-aluminum frames are unusually vulnerable to collisions. Uncle Albert does not take responsibility for any inconvenience this drawback may cause.

Carbon-Aluminum Frames -- Quadruples body cost (before chassis and suspension modifications) of any body type, but halves body weight. The CA frame must be purchased when the vehicle is designed and cannot be retrofitted. A vehicle with a carbon-aluminum frame takes double damage from all rams, rolls and collisions. Racing body styles may not use this item -- they are considered to already have it, and thus also take double damage in collisions.

Super Tires

Everyone agrees that tires are a duellist's best friend. Until now, though, those tires were easy pickings. But Uncle Al's new Fireproof and Steelbelted tires will help you keep on rollin'! Please specify size and type when ordering. Fireproof tires not available in whitewall versions at this time, but Uncle A's R&D team never sleeps!

Fireproof Tires -- Twice cost, no extra weight. If a vehicle lacks fireproof tires, any burn mods taken to the tires act as burn mods for the whole vehicle. Metal tires are automatically fireproof.

Steelbelted Tires -- Steelbelting adds 50% to the cost and weight (round up) of any tire except metal solids. Increases the tires's DP by 25% (round down). If steelbelted tires are made fireproof, the cost increase for steelbelting is figured before the increased cost for fireproofing.

Weapon Concealment

Uncle Al knows that sometimes we all have something to hide. Now, constant development has brought concealment into every duellist's price range.

Weapon Concealment -- Costs $250 per space of weapon concealed, weighs 50 lbs. per space concealed. No space for 1- or 2-space weapons, 1 space for larger ones. Component armor for a weapon counts as part of that weapon for concealment purposes; the space taken up by concealment counts towards the 1/3-spaces-per-facing restriction. Unconcealing a weapon counts a a firing action for that weapon -- the concealed weapon may not be fired until the next turn. All other rules regarding weapons concealment are unchanged -- see the Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update, p.27.

Napalm Mines

He laughed when he ran over your mines, but he stopped laughing when he smelled smoke! Our Napalm Mines are a low-cost way to keep 'em on their toes and off your tail! Warning: Uncle Albert takes no responsibility for accidents caused by this highly volatile item.

Napalm Mines -- Napalm mines now have a fire modifier of 4 and burn duration of 3. All previous rules regarding napalm mines and tires no longer apply; these mines deliver a single fire modifier to the vehicle unless both the vehicle's armor and tires are all fireproof. This represents an official rules change; all other rules regarding these mines (including cost, weight, and so forth) are unchanged -- see the Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog, p.9. Napalm mines are volatile and may explode in the same manner as rockets and flamethrowers. Furthermore, if a napalm mine counter ends a phase in a burning flame cloud or flaming oil slick, the mines immediately explode.

Flame Clouds

Uncle Al gives the people more of what they want -- fire! Our flame cloud ammo has quickly become the standard load -- less viscous but more flammable than older versions.

Flame Clouds -- Reduce hazard to D2. FCEs now have a burn modifier of 3, duration 1. Before ignition, the flame cloud looks like a paint spray, and blocks fire like a paint spray, but the "paint" will not stick; driving through the cloud before or after it ignites does not give the target a -2 to hit. These rules are official and apply to all types of flame clouds -- the old rules (D4 hazard and no burn modifier) are no longer valid. Other applicable rules are unchanged  -- see ADQ 5/4, p.7, or the Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update, p.9.

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