ADQ Vol. 6, No. 4 Front Cover

Winter 2038

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Three Mini-Scenarios -- David N. Searle
        Gasman's Revenge
        The Agony of Defeat
        Route 'Em!
Duelling on a Budget -- Don Jacques
Hovercraft Designer's Notes -- Ken Scott
Autogyros -- Gareth Lowe and Charles A. Oines
Don't Kill the Messenger -- Christopher J. Burke
Convoy Tactics -- Rodney Orpheus
Advanced Cyclist Tactics -- David N. Searle


The Driver's Seat -- Charles A. Oines
Newswatch: History of the Japanese Protectorate -- Tim Jacques
Excerpts from the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: SCHAUMBURG, IL -- Barton H. Stano and M. K. Stoecklin
AADA Arenawatch -- Dennis Lauhala and Tim Jacques
        Tri-City Off-Road Arena, Richland, WA
        South Lexington "Rat Race" Arena, Lexington, KY
ADQ Classified
AADA News -- Charles A. Oines
Backfire -- Letters
ADQ&A -- Questions and Answers


AADA: inside front mailer
Origin Systems
California Creations
Crane Industries
Steve Jackson Games
        Order Form
        Boat Wars
        City Blocks 1 and 2
Indra Motors
Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop


Editor: Charles A. Oines
Art Director: Guy Burchak
Production Staff: Melinda Spray, Charles A. Oines, M.E. Roome
Publisher: Steve Jackson
Managing Editor: Ken Trobaugh
Circulation Manager: Creede Lambard

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