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Feel the wind in your hair and travel in style with our new, fully automatic Convertible Hardtop! California Creations accepts no responsibility for damage suffered using this product.

Convertible Hardtop -- $1,500 ($2,500 to retrofit), 50 lbs., takes 1/6 (round up) of the vehicle's spaces. Not available for vans, station wagons, campers, buses, helicopters, hovercraft or cycles. Only takes up 2 spaces on pickups. Raising or lowering the top is a firing action, taken in the acceleration phase. It takes 1 full turn to raise or lower the top. When the top is down, the vehicle still has top armor, but the driver and any crew are not protected by it. Passengers and gunners may fire into any arc, and the driver may fire into any arc but forward. People in the car are targeted at -5 (in addition to other penalties).

Top armor is bought normally, but is limited to 20 points (plastic) for structural reasons. No top-mounted weapons or accessories may be mounted with a convertible hardtop.

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