Encumbrance in Car Wars

By Charles Oines

Ed snuck in toward the biker's camp. He was wearing his flak lacket: over that he had on a loaded battle vest When he came into range, he pulled a flash grenade off his vest.
And dropped it.
"Dagnabbit" he muttered. "Over my GE limit again!"

"You two," growled Sid, picking out two of his lazier employees, "fetch that micromissile launcher! I'm ready to install it"
Oscar and Bert walked over to the weapon stores and located the requested hardware, and stood by it, scratching their heads.
"Um, boss?"
"We can't lift it We don't know how many grenade equivalents it is."

Okay. That's it. The concept of "grenade equivalents" has gone too far. The whole situation has hit the stage of excessive silliness, and I'm going to deal with it by publishing an official variant. If you like it, use it. Otherwise, stick to GEs. Here goes:

A pedestrian can carry up to 200 lbs. of hand weaponry and other equipment. Several pedestrians can work together to carry heavier items (like tripod weapons) by dividing the weight among them. If you can get enough helpers, you can push your car back onto its wheels...

The amount of weight you carry affects your running speed:

Running Speed penalty

Weight          Running 
carried      Speed Penalty
0-20 lbs      None
21-40 lbs.    -1 square
41-60	lbs.  -2 squares
61-120	lbs.  -3 squares
121-200       -4 squares and must stop to rest every other turn

In addition to weight, personal equipment is also classified as to how it's carried: No-handed (on a belt, clip, or otherwise attached to the wearer), One-handed (most weapons fall into this category), Two-handed (large weapons and other bulky items), and Backpack. A pedestrian can carry one two-handed weapon or accessory in his hands at one time, or two one-handed weapons. Any number of no-handed weapons may be carried at one time. A pedestrian may only wear one backpack item. Backpacks are no-handed items when worn.

A weapon in a holster takes one turn to ready, while a slung weapon takes two turns to ready.

Backpacks cannot be worn while driving. Each backpack is assumed to take up 1/2 space when carried as cargo. It takes 1d turns to get an item from a backpack.

Backpack Items

Backpack Can hold up to 20 lbs of one or no-handed items.
Laser Rifle Backpack
Portable Field Radio

One-handed Items

Derringer                  .5 lbs. 
Pistol                    1.0
Heavy pistol              3.0
Machine pistol            5.0
Hand-held Flare launcher  6.0
Limpet mine/beacon        2.0
Bowie Knife                .5
Grenade                   1.0
Riot Shield              25.0

Two-handed Items

Laser Rifle (Not including backpack) 10.0 lbs. Personal Flamethrower (includes backpack) 50.0 LAW 20.0 VIAW 10.0 Grenade launcher 11.0 + weight of grenades Folding Stock 3.0 Portable Fire Extinguisher 20.0 AV Rifle 25.0 Heavy AV Rifle 30.0 Laser LAW 25.0 Laser VLAW 18.0 Man-Portable RL 35.0 Man-Portable MML 30.0 Gyroslugger 14.0 Shells weigh 1 lb. each Double-barrel GS 18.0 Assault Rifle 12.0 Stinger 30.0 Bazooka 20.0 Extra shells weigh 2 lbs. SMG 9.0 Rifle 10.0 Shotgun 8.0 Speargun 5.0 Tripod weapons 25.0 + 1/2 weapon's weight.

No-handed Items

Laser Targeting scope   1.0 lbs.
Body Armor	       10.0
Improved Body Armor    25.0
Spiked Armor           +1.0
Blended BA or IBA     1/2 weight of normal item
Battle Vest             5.0 Can carry up to 10 lbs. of one or no-handed items.
Flak jacket            12.0
Life jacket             4.0
Swim Fins               4.0
Scuba gear             60.0
Fireproof Suit          3.0
Gas Mask                3.0
Goggles (any type)      1.0
Silencer/Flash suppressor
 for hand weapons,      5.0
 for vehicular weapons  2.0
Under-Rifle GS/GL       8.0

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