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The Widowmaker is a one-of-a-kind plaything, formerly the property of a Mexican jefe who suddenly found pressing business elsewhere. We acquired this vehicle from the Texas Property Reclamation Agency for a steal, and we're letting it go for a staggering 30% off the AADA-approved price! Take one look under the hood at the turbo-supercharged small-block V-8, and you'll fall in love. Needs slight body and engine work.

Widowmaker - Luxury with CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, blueprinted 350 ci engine with tubular headers, turbo-supercharger, 15 gallon duelling tank, four steel-belted, fireproof PR Radial tires, driver, two linked VMGs forward, HRSWC, spoiler, streamlining. Metal/FPArmor: F 12/15, R 9/12, L 9/12, B 10/11, T 0/8 U 0/7; 10 pts. FP CA around engine, four 1-pt. wheelguards. Acceleration 15 (20 at 40+), top speed 140, HC 3; 6,595 lbs., $63,865.

Graffiti Warrior

There are some nights you'd like to go out and paint the town bright, phosphorescent red. This customized Amex became the Division 30 Graffiti Warrior to do just that in style and comfort, and is available at our usual spectacularly low price. Armored like a Panzer and solid as a rock. And it comes with full magazines of Glowworm phosphorescent paint (in your choice of colors) free of charge!

Graffiti Warrior - Sedan with CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, large power plant with superconductors, four metal tires, driver, paint gun forward, two linked GSS (Rand L), HDPS back, all loaded with glow-in-the-dark paint, turreted VMG, overdrive, no-paint windshield. Metal/plastic armor: F 5/25, R 5/25, L 5/25, R 5/25, T 0/40, U 0/26. Acceleration 5, HC 3; 6,114 lbs., $26,638.


Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be subtle. When you want to completely trash your opponents, you can't do much better than Mike "Madman" Montesano's Division 25 favorite, reconditioned by our crack staff of mechanics for you! Ugly as it is, the 2037 Hudson jackhammer has power, endurance, and an average damage output rating that sends its opponents scurrying for the exits.

Jackhammer - Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, hvv. suspension, large power plant with superconductors, four solid tires, driver, blast cannon wiextra magazine front, VFRP left, VFRP right, fire extinguisher. kmor: F 35, R 35, L 35 B 30, T 15, U 15 two 5-pt. wheelguards back, two 5-pt. armored hubs front. Acceleration 5, HC 3; 6,595 lbs., $24,300.

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