Three Mini-Scenarios

by Craig Sheeley

Don't Drink and Duel

A mini-scenario about DWI (Dueling While Intoxicated)

New Year's Eve, 2038 - A frontal system descended on Springfield, Missouri, bringing with it heavy fog that froze to the streets, glazing them with ice on one of the heaviest drinking nights of the year.

"I shtill shay, if he's dead, he shouldn't get the prizhe money!"

"Oh yeah? Well, what about his famly? Didja ever shtop to conshider them? Huh?''

"Oh, heck with his family. He knew," Fred paused to collect his thought and take another long drink, placing the bottle among a dozen empties. "He knew what he was getting into."

Larry looked across the barroom table, with bloodshot eyes full of righteous indignation. "You heartless scum."

"Lissen, Mister Bleeding Heart Do you wanna take it outside?"

"You got it, chump!" Larry shouted, standing up and listing slightly to port Both duelists staggered for the door, angrily searching their pockets for keys.


This mini-scenario requires only standard road sections - one at a time, because of the poor visibility Leaving the road piles the vehicle into a ditch the appropriate side of the car takes ram damage at half the car's speed.

Each duelist is a 30-point character with a Division 10 car ($10,000 limit). They start at opposite ends of a road section.

Special Rules

Fog The fog is heavy and low there is no visibility beyond 10" (50 yards). Only cars with IR or radar can see a car beyond this range, and then firing is at -2, as per Darkness rules.

Darkness. The time is after midnight, and the streetlights don't make much of a dent in it. The only reason visibility is up to 50 yards is because of streetlight illumination. There are no darkness firing modifiers within 10" (50 yards) of the target.

Intoxication. Both duelists are feeling no pain. They are at -1 To Hit and subtract 1 from all Control Rolls.

Ice. The streets are covered with ice, with appropriate penalties.

Victory Conditions

Considering the condition of the duel lists, escaping without crashing could be considered a victory However, the duelist who defeats the other is the winner.


The Cops. The Springfield Police are on the prowl, looking for DWIs to bust (the city needs the revenue). A standard Patrol Cruiser (DCW page 61) with two patrolmen (Driver + 1, Gunner, Handgunner) enters the fray, looking to capture the duelists or at least make them less of a hazard. The police will only shoot at tires and turrets.

Partygoers. Other celebrants drive through the area at irregular intervals, interrupting the fight. Roll id each turn. On a 1, another vehicle drives into the area. These vehicles enter from a randomly chosen map-end at ld+1 times 5 mph (1-35 mph). All crew are Driver and Gunner +0. Roll 1d on each table below to determine make and action.

Roll	Car
 1      Survivor-M (VG 2, 9)
 2      Dagger (VG 2, 12)
 3      Silver Star (VG 2, 18)
 4      Longhorn (VG 2, 29)
 5      Conestoga (VG 2, 26)
 6      Shrimp (VG 2, 10)

Roll    Action
 1      Keeps on driving through
 2      Keeps on driving through
 3      Fires while driving through
 4      Fires while driving through
 5      Fires while driving through
 6      Stays and fights until killed

Gang War - Chicago Style

Gang wars are uncommon in Chicago, but they still occur despite the enforced peace of the Chicago Transit Authority and organized crime. These three mini-scenarios chronicle the three chief engagements of one such gang war.

Part 1: Rumble

The Church of America-affiliated gang, New Americans, started the war with an armed clash at one of the hangouts of the North Stars, a South-Sider gang. It looked like certain victory for the North Stars until the New Americans equalized the fight with greater firepower...


The battle takes place on City Blocks map #19, the Micro Arcade. Any counters moving off the map are assumed to have fled the battle and cannot move back onto the board.

The Micro Arcade is DP 5, except for the front side (the curved side) which is glass (DP 1). Pedestrians can be targeted through the glass.

The North Stars have 12 gang members and $2,500 of equipment. The New Americans have 6 gang members, $2,000 of equipment and one tripod-mounted MG with one gunner. All gang members are Handgunner-1. Equipment purchase is limited only when buying weapons. The only weapons allowed are pistols, SMGs, shotguns and grenades.

The North Stars begin the scenario in the Micro Arcade. The New Americans begin the scenario at the edge of the small grass area across the street; the MG and its gunner begin the battle beneath the tree.

Victory Conditions

The battle is finished when one side has either fled the battle or had all its members killed.


Surprise Lost: the North Stars have been informed of the New Americans' plans and can buy any weapons they wish with their $2,500.

The New Americans attack with eight gang members.

The Back Door. The Micro Arcade's back door has been unlocked by a New American sympathizer. The back door is located at the back wall closest to the "R" symbol in the arcade. The New Americans may begin the scenario with up to four members at the back door, ready to enter.

Part 2: Hit

The North Stars retaliated for the Arcade massacre in time-honored Chicago fashion. A lone auto drove past the New Americans' favorite pool hall and destroyed it.


The mini-scenario uses map #20 c[he Bunker Pool Hall/Crawdad Hole Cafe) and four two-lane road sections from City Blocks.

The Bunker Pool Hall is DP 7(10) - it's well-named. The Crawdad Hole Cafe is DP 4(8).

The North Stars get $20,000 to construct one car, no larger than a luxury; all crewmembers have 40 skill points. This vehicle begins the scenario on any street on the map.

The New Americans have $25,000 to build two vehicles and arm eight gang members. The gang members begin the scenario inside the Pool Hall; the vehicles are parked at the curb at any street side of the Pool Hall. Remember, to use the cars, the New Americans must get into them and start them up as per the rules in DCW (page 23).

Victory Conditions

The North Stars win by destroying the Pool Hall and escaping. Escape is accomplished by driving the length of the four road sections after leaving the map of the Pool Hall without being stopped or destroyed. The New Americans win by stopping them.


CTA Interference. The CTA (and the organized crime bosses) disapprove of the gang war and intend to dissuade the gangs from fighting. To this end, a professional duelist hitman has been sent to teach the gangs a lesson.

The CTA hit-man is driving a custom model: Sedan, x-hvy. chassis, hvy suspension, super power plant w/catalysts and superconductors, four steelbelted PR tires, driver, tuned turreted TwL, two HRs F (wILGL), HRSWC. Sloped LR armor: F35, R30, L30, B25, T25, Ub. four 1~point IR hubs. Acceleration 10, HC 3; 6,111 lbs., $27,966.

The hit-man is wearing IBA and is armed with an Assault Rifle with underslung GL. He is Driver-3, Gunner-3 and Handgunner-1. His mission is to destroy all three gang vehicles.

Part 3: Assault

The CTA finally decided that the war had gone far enough and intervened. The North Stars decided to stop the war rather than face CTA wrath. The New Americans refused the truce offer.

The insult to the CTA could not be ignored - the CTA's offers were "offers that couldn't be refused." The word hit the streets: New American leader Tom "Ferretface" Collins was in trouble. Nightfall confirmed the rumors as dark cars rolled forth from hidden garages, headed for Collins' Amy City residence...


This mini-scenario uses the southern half of the East Midville map. Collins' house is the residence at the corner of First and Pine. The wall around the house is DP 8.

The Amys are prepared for trouble. They have ten gang members (30 skill points apiece) and $25,000 of equipment in the neighborhood (the "equipment" may include vehicles but no aircraft). They may set up in the warehouse (block 15), the house across the street (the house on the southwest corner of block 19, Collins' house, or anywhere on the street (outside of buildings). Collins' car, the Wild Weasel (a stock Warhawk from AADA Vehicle Guide 2 is in the private parking area of Jones' house. Collins may not start the scenario in a vehicle.

One of the New Americans must be designated as Ferretface. This designation is secret until his identity is discovered.

The CTA has six hit men (60 skill points apiece, no more than 30 skill points in any one skill) and $60,000 of equipment. They enter from any mapside.

Special Rule

Each turn that Collins' counter is seen by an enemy unit, roll 2d. On a 10 or better the enemy has identified him. The identity of his counter is known for the rest of the game.

Victory Conditions

The CTA forces win by killing Tom Collins. The New Americans win if he escapes off the northern edge of the board. There are no other victory conditions.


North Star Assault. The North Stars refused to stop the war and executed the assault on Tom Collins instead. They have twelve gang members (30 skill points apiece) and $30,000 to kill the Ferret.

Free-For-All. Both the North Stars and the CTA showed up for the assault, with the forces listed above. The New Americans still win by having Tom Collins escape. The CTA wins by killing Collins and at least ten other gang members (either side). The North Stars win if Collins is killed and at least six

Battle of the Bass Boats

The time-honored Trout Master Annual World Fishing Contest has previously been restricted to unarmed boats; this year, armed craft are allowed. Despite the armament, the contest is still won by the boat having the most fish at the end of one hour. It may occur to players that if only one boat comes in, it will, by default, have the most fish

The Battle of the Bass Boats is a mini-scenario for three or more players using the Boat Wars rules. Bass boats are cruiser-sized, shallow-draft vessels, designed for stability, and have the following stats: $14,000, 5,000 lbs., max. load 12,000 lbs., 20 (+17) spaces, armor cost/weight $30115 lbs. HC 0. They may not have decks or hydrofoils but may use any other option. All boats must have an Armored Beer Refrigerator (see Uncle Albert's 2039 Catalog Update) to keep the fishers happy.

For the Fish-Off, each boat crew is limited to six crewmembers (pilot, gunner and up to four fishermen). More passengers may be carried to replace dead fishermen, but they may not fish unless they replace a fisherman downed by injury or illness. Each team has a budget of $35,OOO for boat and equipment.


Use one or both of the maps from Boat Wars. Place the contestants so that the boats are all at least 20" away from each other, in a circular pattern if there are more than two boats. Place the Referee's Boat (see below) in the middle.


The principal goal of the Fish-Off is to catch fish. The boat crew that catches the most fish within one hour is the winner.

Fishing takes place in five-minute turns while the boats drift or troll slowly. Each turn, each fisherman rolls 2 dice: On an 11 or 12, a fish is caught. If two or more fishermen in one boat catch a fish in the same turn, the boat is in a "hot spot" which extends for a 3" radius around the boat. Any fishermen in this radius catch fish on a roll of 9+ on two dice for the next three five-minute fishing turns.

Any firing interrupts the current fishing turn. All fish caught in that turn are lost. If the combat is resolved in five minutes (300 seconds), the next fishing turn proceeds normally.

Winning the Contest

As mentioned before, the boat with the most fish at the end of the hour is the winner. Of course, if only one boat survives with fish, it wins by default...

The simplest way to ensure winning is by destroying the other contenders. Since fishing speeds make for near-stationary targets, the first shot has a good chance of hitting.

However, the Referee's boat is present to curb hostilities, and will fire on the first boat to open fire.

The Referee's Boat

The Referee's boat is on hand to protect the bass-boaters from outside interference, and from each other. The referees will fire on anyone discharging a weapon and will keep firing at the first offender until the offender stops shooting. Fire will then be shifted to the nearest firer until that firer stops shooting, then to the next, etc. The referees will stop firing when their boat is destroyed or when all firing stops.

Referee - Speedboat, medium power plant, jet drive, half top, pilot, gunner, ITL and RI with incendiary ammo in turret, extra magazine for RI (with incendiary loads), standard torpedo left, standard torpedo right, link for both torpedoes, hi-res computer for gunner, radar, radar jam mer, IR radio. Composite IR Metal/normal plastic armor: F5/20, 13/1 5, R3/1 5, BOIl 3, T0120, UO/1 0. Accel. 10, top speed 60, HC 3, 7,000 lbs., $38,165.


Since bass boats have so much spare space, carrying extra passengers is an option. A couple of swimmers with Scuba gear and limpet mines can cause a great deal of trouble.

If you intend to start a fight, make sure your first shot is a good one, b~ cause the Referees will attack you immediately. Of course, you might trick your target into shooting first, adding the Ref's firepower to your own.

Use of plastique duck decoys or the shark rules (p.6) is at your own discretion.

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