Cyborgs, mutants, giant scorpions, ob~racing, football with hovercraft and I thought you would keep to that promise of decreasing weird articles. I loved issue 7/2. Keep the strangeness coming. Rubber armor has proved very useful in the Supercollider event at New Boston. How about Combat Football and Private Wars rules? Is Car Wars Tanks ever coming?
Keep it up,
"Howlin' Mad" Matt Sullins
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Decreasing weird articles? Us? Me? Ha. I'd sooner be an accountant.

With some trepidation, I turned to the State of the Art, 2039. Knowing that Car Wars is set in the present (future?) I was expecting a bland futuristic description of the cars and their weaponry that wouldn't explain how the things worked. Instead, we were treated to an informative article that cleared up a few ambiguities I had. For instance, if a RL has ten 2d damage rockets and only takes up two spaces, why does a on~shot MR, which is a 2d weapon, take up a whole space by itself? The answer the article told us indirectly was the loading, traverse and cooling gear. Ten MRs would have ten traverse and cooling systems, whereas the RL only has one. If I'd written a question like that to ADQ&A, I would probably get an answer along the lines of "it's only a game." The best part of the article was the application of it to past (current?) technology to the Car Wars world. With the Mutant Zone Chassis & Crossbow modifications, this is making the job even easier. Soon I'll be fighting battles between LandRovers, MUTTs, armored cars and military personnel, all set in the 1980s and 1990s.
From the above, you probably think I'm looking forward to the TANKS supplement. Yes and no. Tracked, half-tracked vehicles, M113 APCs, FAVs, Scorpions, Marder MICV, LAV, FAV, would be useful especially for Chassis & Crossbow scenarios as in Mutant Zone and maybe of some use for off-road scenarios in 2039. Actual tanks, well . . . The Ml Abrams of fifty years ago had a l2Omm gun which was capable of knocking out a heavy NATO tank at 2,405 yards (481 game inches). It weighed 11 7,724 lbs., had a top road speed of 45 mph, and accelerated from 0 to 20 mph in six seconds. It had the British-designed Chobham armor which was (claimed at the time, anyway) invulnerable to both missiles and tank guns. An Ml counter in Car Wars would be 1V4" long and just under an inch wide.
With the current state of technology, I imagine a tank of 2039 to be similar to the Ml but smaller, with laser-resistant Chobham armor, trackguards, and sophisticated electronics to stop anything or anyone and insure a high kill ratio with high survivability. The cost would be phenomenal, $10,000,000 minimum. All this would keep them out of the arena, and why would the army have them on the road, apart from protecting military convoys, and wouldn't they use an airship protected by aircraft?
Concluding the TANKS issue, yes I would like to see the supplement, but no I don't see too much use for the actual tanks themselves. Fighting with tanks reminds me of the 33rd-level fighter in D&D - invincible.
Lastly, I've been working on upgrading Car Wars to a miniatures game. Games Workshop has released a futuristic car combat game called Dark Future, which uses 1/72 scale miniatures. Using these and other 1/72 kits, I now have Car Wars miniatures at triple scale. The 3D effect is pleasing to the eye and, as I enjoy making and painting models, I find it rewarding as well. My current project is a 1/72 battle/duel that will be fought in a harbor with boats, cars, hovercraft, helicopters, oversized vehicles, bikes and an airship. The battleground will be complete with scenery, buildings and a ship. Hopefully (when it's finished) I'll be able to take it to a convention in the UK.
Talking of the UK, would ADQ accept articles on Great Britain of 2039, the pier arena of Weston-Super-Mare or the pedal-cycle wars they have in the UniversiW town of Cambridge? What is Britain like in 2039?
James "Felix the Cat" Clay
Avon, Great Britain

RE Ob-racing: A suggested rule for pedestrian combat is the Dodge roll. A pedestrian takes his reflex bonus (+1 or +2) and adds in his Martial Arts or Acrobatics skill level (whichever is higher) - if a character has both skills, add in the highest skill, pIus 1/2 the lower skill (rounded down). Now add three to that number and you have a pedestrian's Dodge roll. It is not nearly so complicated as it may sound.
Example: Ob-Racer #1 has Martial Arts-2 and Acrobatics-3, and he rolls a 5 for his reflex bonus (giving him a +1). He would have a Dodge of 8; 3 (Acrobatics skill level) + 1 (half of his Martial Arts skill level) + 1 (reflex bonus) + 3 (base Dodge) = 8. Now, when ob-racer #2 shoots at him, obracer #1 has to roll an 8 or less on three dice to dodge the shot and take no damage. Blasts from burst-effect weapons cannot be dodged.
A braced character will lose his bonus if he dodges. Dodging is a free action; a pedestrian may dodge as many times as he likes.
You also answered Phil Radley's question wrong in ADQ 7/1. An IR targeting scope would work if the pedestrian was wearing IR goggles. The guys at LEADA went to great pains to point this out to me.
David N. Searle
Across the office
Well, if Phil had mentioned using IR goggles with the IR laser targeting scope, I probably would have said yes. And why are you writing letters to me when you work in the same office?

Ob-racing? Sounds like miniature golf with body armor.
Creede Lambard
Also across the office
Oh, shut up.

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