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1. If a driver fires jump jets in, say, phase 2, when does the car start to lift? Assuming he's driving down an ordinary, flat road, how high does the car jump and what is the rate of ascent?

2. If I only needed 40 lbs. of rockets to accelerate my car, but I felt that I'd like to do this twice during a game and not on consecutive turns, how much space would my 80 lbs. of rocket propulsion take up: 1 or 2?

3. Fifteen percent of a 7-space vehicle is 1.05. Doesn't it seem a teensy bit unfair to you that a sloped, streamlined subcompact should lose nearly 1/4 of its spaces for the sake of 1/20th? Couldn't the ruling be changed to read, "round off" instead of "round up"?

4. If you are using a radar system and firing through smoke or paint, are the penalties reduced by 1? Unc Al's 1 says they are.

5. Using the 5-phase system, when do ejector seats eject?

- Phil Radle. Romford, England

1.The car immediately jumps 15' straight up. Use the jump table for the distance jumped. The angle is + 75 degrees.

2. Two, separate tubes.

3. yes. Maybe round to the nearest 1/2 space. This is unofficial, but let me know how it works.

4. Yes.

5.The seats eject three phases after declared and climb 2" per phase for five phases.

- DN.S

1.Does component armor on corner-mounted weapons count against the no more than one component armored weapon per side rule? For example, can you have component armor on weapons on adjacent corners?

2.The "Orca" (Boat Wars p.22) has a targeting laser in a rocket platform. Is this an official rules change about what can be put in rocket plats or is it an illegal design? If it is an official rules change then what other types of lasers or weapons can be put in a rocket platform?

3. If you thought oil on ice was a nasty combination then you haven't seen ice on ice. How about some new rules, if anyone has the time, +D8 to maneuvers and hazards is a little nasty (For example, +D4 for the first ice counter and an additional +D2 for each ice counter on top. This rule could also be expanded for other similar dropped weapons.)

4. If a crew member is standing up through a sun roof, convertible hardtop or leaning out of a window, does component armour protect?

5. Can a laser-targeting scope laser guide a tripod RL?

6. Are the rules which appear in ADQ for various offbeat things such as ice racing or drawbridges official?

7. Since an LL only takes up one space, can its battery occupy the other space on a tripod for a total of 5G's?

8. Can Rocket Boosters be placed in EWP's?

- David Gregg, Foxrock, Dublin

1. No, yes.

2. It's ZERO spaces so it can go anywhere and is destroyed with the platform.

3. Ice on ice is like oil on oil, only one affects the vehicle.

4. No.

5. Yes.

6. No. They're as official as they need to be. Play with them. If you like them, use them. Don't if they are not a rule you like. For that matter, do that with any "official" rules.

7. Yes.

8. Yes.

- DN.S

1. What happens if flaming oil is dropped onto a vehicle with a sun roof or convertible top?

2. Now that any twospace weapon can be on a tripod (UA 39), does a Tripod RR cost $1,605 (the old cost) or $2,035 (the new cost according to formula)? Does it now have 10 shots or still just 3?

3. The new encumbrance rules describe the special features of slung and holstered weapons. Do these modifications add any cost, weight or penalty?

4. Can "area effect" weapons target multiple vehicles within 1"?

5.If two dropped weapons counters of the same type overlap, is the hazard/damage doubled when a vehicle passes through the overlap area? (This usually happens when HD dropped weapons are placed on automatic.)

- Martin Poteralski, Miami, FL

1. Roll as normal for a sunroof, but the convertible is in big trouble.

2. A Tripod RR costs $2,035 and has 10 shots.

3. Yes. Holsters and slings weigh 1/4 lb. and cost $70.

4. No.

5. No. HD weapons drop every OTHER inch of move so as not to overlap.

- DN.S