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The AADA Here and Now

The American Autoduel Association, founded in 2025, was established to serve autoduelling and autoduellists. Today, that service includes sanctioning and administering the most popular sport in North America, as well as providing services and benefits to those who drive the streets and highways of the American nations.

While the early officers of the AADA were autoduellists, with little or no organizational experience, the tremendous growth of the AADA has forced it to look for people who are competent administrators first and autoduellists second. AADA president, Bill Wendland, was vice-president at Amex Combat Autoworks before coming over to take on the AADA presidency. Bill still takes time out on the weekends to participate in non-lethal practice duels. Our other officers include vice-president Elmer "Hutch" Huggins, retired triple ace and sometimes television commentator, and treasurer Chris Samuels.

The central AADA offices are located in Austin, Texas. The AADA has national headquarters in the capitals of Canada, Quebec, the United States, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and branch offices in most cities.

The most visible activity of the AADA is the organization and operation of the sanctioned autoduelling circuit. The AADA inspects new arenas for spectator safety and fairness to duellists before approving them for toumament use. Arenas already approved are periodically checked to make sure standards are kept up. The AADA also enforces vehicle design limits and other rules to ensure the fair, competitive autoduelling that fans expect. Broadcast fees from the TV networks help pay for these services.

The "behind-the-scenes'' activities of the AADA actually take up more of the organization's time and money than running the autoduelling circuits. For example, the AADA employs full-time lobbyists in every national and state capital to work for the rights of all citizens to bear vehicular arms. In our quarterly magazine, we keep duellists abreast of the latest in technological developments, warn them of trouble spots across the continent, and keep them in touch with the trials and triumphs of their fellow duellists.

Membership Requirements

Joining the AADA is simple. If you subscribe to Autoduel Quarterly, congratulations! You're a member. You can also become a member by joining a sponsored chapter of the AADA. Either way, you enjoy the benefits of reading Autoduel Quarterly.

If you wish to subscribe, simply send your membership fee to the home office: Steve Jackson Games, Box 18957, Astin, TX 78760. Your subscription to Autoduel Quarterly is included and will begin with the next quarterly issue. Membership fees are $12 a year in the United States, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Duellists in Canada, Mexico and Quebec must add $2 per year to cover additional postage. For addresses outside of North America, add $4 per year.

Members receive a new member packet with each new membership or renewal. The packet includes a membership card and a free gift. We occasionally offer members only merchandise as well. In the past we've offered caps, T-shirts and jackets. We're looking into other items of interest. Let us know what you'd like to see! These items are nor available to non-members.

Family memberships are also available. Simply sign up one member of the family in the usual way. Send the names of additional family members and $1 per person and we'll send them new member packets as well.

If you wish to join a store-sponsored chapter, contact them directly. They will let you know the requirements for joining their chapter. After you've joined, they will inform us of your membership and we will send them your new member packet. Joining the AADA in this manner gives you the additional benefit of great service from a local merchant.

Local Chapters

One of the greatest benefits of AADA membership is the chance to join (or form) your own local chapter of the American Autoduel Association.

Each chartered local chapter of the AADA has a unique name, usually based on the local area (e.g. "Baltimore League of Auto Duelling Elite -- BLADE"). A complete list is published periodically in ADQ. The first group to submit any given name will get to use it.

AADA chapters get chances to playtest new Car Wars products before they're available to the general public. And, of course, each chapter gets to hold sanetioned "Club Championships" -- with prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games! Club champions also get the right to participate at Regional Championships held at the country, culminating in the AADA World Championship held each year at Origins, the national gaming convention. If you can't get enough people together for a club, don't worry -- at-large members are also eligible to play, in a special qualifier at Origins. Watch "AADA News" in Autoduel Quarterly for the latest details.

There are two kind of chartered AADA chapters -- private chapters and sponsored chapters. Most of the requirements for both kinds of chapters are the same. Exceptions are noted below.

Each group wishing to become a chartered local chapter of the AADA must meet the following criteria. First, they must submit an application, suggesting a name for the chapter and naming a president. The president is responsible for submitting paperwork to the central office. The president must also be willing to have his or her name published in Autoduel Quarterly as the contact person for the chapter and must have a stable address in order to receive correspondence from the AADA home office.

Secondly, there must be at least four additional AADA members in the chapter (for a total of five). These may be either subscribers (for a private chapter) of people who buy their issues regularly from a retail store if that store is sponsoring the chapter (a sponsored chapter). If a game store is sponsoring a chapter, they must provide proof of a standing order for five or more copies of ADQ per issue. Copies of invoices or standing order forms are acceptable. Fill out the AADA Charter Application enclosed or use the one from the mailer cover of your ADQ.

There is also a $15 chartering fee. This covers each club's charter certificate and administrative costs. This charter is good for one year and must be renewed annually; the yearly charge is $15.

We require that each group meet at least once each month, have at least five members, hold an annual club championship and pay its chartering fee. All other questions -- additional officers, election procedures, how to raise the chartering fee, additional dues (if any), meeting places, etc. -- are left entirely to the discretion of each local chapter.

We encourage local unity. While it is possible for any town, county or area to have as many clubs as can pay chartering fees, it's usually a lot more fun to have one large club. The quality of duelling is higher, people make new friends instead of staying in little cliques, and everybody saves money as well. If you really want to have several local clubs, go ahead -- but you should schedule joint events some of the time.

A couple of pages in each issue of Autoduel Quarterly are devoted to AADA news. We list newly chartered clubs, winners of club championships, details on exciting duels, reports on exceptional club activities and more. We reserve the right, of course to edit any submissions to meet our requirements.

Many local clubs find a sponsor -- a business establishment that is willing to pay the chartering fee, do the paperwork, and provide a place to meet. Hobby shops with game rooms are perfect spots. Members of these chapters purchase their copies of Autoduel Quarterly directly from the store. New member packets are sent to the store and can be picked up there. It is up to the individual store to determine procedures for reserving issues and picking up member packets. For its trouble, the shop gets a large number of Car Wars fans packing the store every meeting, looking for new Car Wars material to buy as well as browsing through what the rest of the shop has to offer. Talk to your hobby shop!

Car dealerships and auto repair shops with a sense of humour are also prime candidates. If you have a unique sponsor, let us know. We'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for your interest, and Drive Offensively!

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