Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 8Issue 1

Peregrine II

The Peregrine flies again!

In 2037, Falcon Industries was forced to recall its Peregrine one-man helicopter. We admit it; we goofed. We tried to push the envelope of personal flying and fighting too far, and we failed. But now, after three years of design and re-design, of test after gruelling test, we are proud to announce the release of Peregrine II, the new ruler of the skies! Peregrine II is as agile and graceful as a butterfly, but it carries more sting than any bee! A turret-mounted MG covers most of the angles. When a Peregrine turns, don't think it's running; the rear-pointing rocket launcher really discourages tailgating! Armor, aerodynamics and avionics combine with the handiest stowage ever seen to make the Peregrine II what the Peregrine was supposed to be --the ultimate for the one who flies alone!

Peregrine II -- one-man helicopter, minicopter plant, pilot, MG with 1 full load of explosive ammo in a 1-space universal turret-under, rocket launcher with incendiary rockets-under (facing to the rear), hi-res targeting computer, stowaway option, improved tail assembly. Armor: F5, R2, L2, U5, B5, T5, 10 points of armor on each rotor. Accel. 5, top speed 155, HC 3; 4,672 Ibs., $34,264.

Falcon Industries

--ruling the skies

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