As usual, everything's changed around here since last issue. This time, however, everything's even more chaotic then normal. See the next page for the reason.

David N. Searle is no longer head of the AADA. Until a new head can be appointed, Chris W. McCubbin will be acting as AADA administrator. Dave will, however, still be running the 1990 world championships.

The Winningest Duellist and Winningest Club contests, announced in ADQ 7/3 have been canceled. Apologies to all those who entered, but the chaos left behind in the wake of four different editors and two AADA administrators in the last year make anything resembling an accurate count an impossibility. To make it up to you, we'll be running the contest again next year, to begin the day after the world championships - July 2, 2040, and ending when the 2041 champion is crowned. Here are the rules:

Winningest Duellist: This award will go to the duellist with the most tournament victory points. Whenever you compete in a Car Wars tournament sponsored by Steve Jackson Games, and take one of the top three places, let us know! Points will be awarded in the following manner; first - 5 points, second - 3 points and third - 2 points. All you have to do is send ADQ a copy of the certificate, along with the name of the convention and event number for confirmation. The duellist with the most points at the end of the year will win a still-to-be-determined-but-cool prize from Steve Jackson Games, and official recognition in ADQ.

Winningest Club: This title will be awarded to the club with the most points from club4o-club competition. Each club may only compete for club points once per month. For example: If the NOMADS duel the RCADA in September, neither of these clubs would be eligible for club points again until October, no matter who won. Send in the signatures of all the Club members that competed, along with the name of the club they belong to, to get your points. The club that wins will get 3 points, the losing club gets 1 point. The winning club will receive recognition in ADQ and unlimited bragging rights for the next year.

World Championships

At this writing the 2040 World Championships are barely a month away, but with luck this issue should be available by the time they roll around. Complete rules were printed last issue. This time, we'll just give the schedule and answer a few questions that have come up since then.

Contrary to what we previously published, we were only able to get one time slot for the first round. It will be held Friday, June 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Club champions will be seated in the second round, to be held Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Regional champs will be seated in the third round, to be held immediately after, from 1p.m. toS p.m., and the final round will be held Sunday, from 8 a.m. to noon. Remember to report your club or regional victory, so we can confirm your champion status.

Yes, regional champions are eligible for a $50 travel reimbursement if they attend the World Championships. Please contact the SJG staffers at Origins as soon as possible after arriving, to arrange for your reimbursements. And please make sure that an account of your regional win is sent to ADQ as soon as possible, otherwise we'll have no way to veri~ your status at Origins.

We've gotten a couple of questions about definitions in the vehicle descriptions. In Car 1, PRSBFP tires are Puncture-Resistant, Steel-Belted, Flame-Proof tires. In Car 3, HTC is High Temperature ammo for the paint gun.

Finally, one obvious rules adjustment. Rule 3: All rules in the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition, and all official errata published in ADQ 8/2 (this issue) will be in effect. No other rule or rules change published after ADQ 8/1 will be used.

Other Championships

We only have a few club and regional reports in. If you haven't reported the results of your club or regional championship yet, or if your report got lost in the scuffle, let us know and we'll print a report next issue.

NOVA (Lincoln, NE): long-time ADQ contributor Tim Jacques scored an undisputed single-round victory in the NOVA club championships. Club president Norman McMullen took second, with Don Viner and Don Jacques in third and fourth. Rounding out the field were Mike Hirtis and Jay Chladek. Chladek, last year's champ, may have fallen from grace, but he went out in a big way in a head-on collision with Hirtis, with both cars going 85 mph!

WASTED (Hampstead, MD): Club president Erik Leppo and his Rocketeer sedan took the WASTED title in 26 seeonds. Kevin Eckles was a remote second and Matt Metcalf third, with John Packard and William Hobson tying for bottom honors.

Greater Orlando Duellists Society (Orlando, FL): Chris Woods is the first champion for this new Florida club, overcoming an early point-lead by Kyle Miller. Miller ended up in third place, and Eric "the slasher" (no last name) took second honors. Also in the field: Sidney Williams, Todd Hunt and (presumably) John M. Hurtt, who reported on the event to ADQ.

TRAACS (Colorado Springs, CO): Club VP Chris Mandile was declared champion by president Jason Burdullis, in a hotly-disputed playoff plagued by illegal vehicle designs. Also competing: new member Josh McElwee, Dan White, Pete Soderlund and James Cross.

Central Regionals: Tim "The Weasel" Jacques proved his club championship was no fluke in the Central Regionals, coming out on top against Norman "Stormin"' McMullen, Donald "Recoilless Rifle" Jacques and Cliff "Doe" Christiansen, last year's Midwest Regional champion. In a classic example of a bloody, no-holds-barred duel, Christiansen fell first, then Don Jacques. When Tim Jacques took out two of McMullen's tires he had McMullen at his mercy, but instead of administering the coup de grace then and there, accepted McMullen's challenge to a hand-weapon duel to decide the championship. It didn't do Norman any good, however, as Jacques blew him away with the first shot from his HAVR.

New Chapters

Welcome to our new chapters, the aforementioned Greater Orlando Duellists Society, the Dakota Outback Corps from Brookings, SD, Road Kill Cafe of Wichita, KS, Vindication: Greater Victoria AADA of Victoria, B.C., Canada and the Five Neat Guys from Livonia, MI.

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