Amex Motors Overdrive

The latest in all-terrain transport from Amex, designed for the Australian outback but available to anyone. The Overdrive is the only passenger carrier to offer turbo-charged internal combustion power, backed up by overdrive and the firepower of the trusty 40mm RL. With enough armor to keep our customers safe, we think it's the best you can buy, and we know a lot about vehicles.

Overdrive: Camper, X-hvy. chassis, blueprinted 250 ci engine, tubular headers, OR suspension, 6 OR solids, driver, 7 passengers, turreted RL & magazine, SWC, turbo, 15-gallon racing tank, LD radio, overdrive, 2 spaces, 75 lbs. cargo, sloped armor F30, R25, L25, B25, U20, T25. 5 points CA around gas tank, engine and crew. Acce 10(15 with Turbo), HC1 (2 OR), top speed 87.5 (107.5 with overdrive). 7,800 lbs., $41,750.

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