Duelin' in the USA

"Duelin' in the USA" is a collection of short scenarios set throughout North America. Most are intended for two or three players, but could be easily adapted for more. Only a few need a referee. let us know if you want to see more scenario anthologies like this one - and send in your scenarios! - The Editors

Log Jam

by Eric Reel


Wisconsin isn't well known for gang activity. The logging industry just doesn't provide much opportunity for hijack profits, and the constant traffic of heavily-armed trucks makes the roads decidedly unhealthy for outlaw cyclists. Still, trucking losses in the Green Bay area are among the highest in the nation. Rivalry between lumber firms is heated, and few companies can resist the impulse to cut down on the competition. This, and the relatively few roads in the area, make bloody conflicts almost inevitable.

Setup: Four straight, clear road sections are placed end to end. Each player receives a stock Barcelona, stock Wolverine, and stock Spiked Maul, each towing a Crewcut trailer equipped with an explosive kingpin (players without The AADA Vehicle Guide: Volume 1 see the first variant, below). All drivers are trucker2, gunner 1. All gunners are trucker 1, gunner 2. $15,000 is available to arm the Crewcuts and buy personal armor and weapons. The only dropped weapons allowed are FOJs, SSs, PSs, FCEs and their HD variants. Players set up at opposite ends of the map, both at an initial speed of 60 mph.

Special Rules: Off-road movement is tightly constrained by surrounding forest. Movement further than 1" from the road surface will result in an automatic collision with a 30 DP tree for every 1" of movement. The Crewcuts are fully loaded with timber or logging equipment. Though the cargo does not completely obscure the cabs' back armor, it does impose difficulties. A -2 to-hit penalty is applied when targeting a cab if the line of sight passes through the flatbed. This does not apply to targeting a cab's turret or rocket platform.

Victory: Players receive 1 point for every cab or trailer which exits off the opposite side of the map (an intact convoy would yield 6 points). The player with the highest point total wins.

Variant: Allow each player $300,000 with which to design three cabs, each with at least a large power plant. The same restrictions and victory conditions apply.

Variant: Give each player $60,000 to design escort vehicles. Up to six 40-point characters may be used to man these vehicles. Previous dropped weapon restrictions apply. Escorts do not count towards victory conditions. Players may set up in any formation on their initial 12" of road.

Variant: Extra stretches of road, or curved road sections can be used as long as the layout is symmetric.

Beach Battle Bingo

by Eric Reel

Southern California

Once again, spring break is here. And once again the California beaches are invaded by hordes of slap-happy college students. Few breaks go by without at least one ugly incident to add spice to the holiday atmosphere, and this one is no exception. Two groups of students from rival universities meet on a crowded beach, each determined to drive the other off "their" stretch of coastline.

Setup: Nine straight, debris-littered road sections are laid out in a 3 X 3 pattern. Two columns represent relatively smooth beach and shallow water. The third represents the beginnings of coastal sand dunes. Vehicles exiting the map from the ocean side are considered to have shorted out their power plants and are counted as kills to the opposing player. Vehicles exiting from any other side are considered to have fled combat and may not reenter. A number of pedestrians (20 works well, but more may be added if counter supply permits) are scattered at random along the two seaward stretches of road section. Half of these beach-goers are armed with heavy pistols, which they will use against the nearest vehicle. The others will merely run towards the nearest map edge.

Forces: Each side receives $60,000 to outfit 6 characters with vehicles, hand weapons, and armor. All vehicles must have OR suspension and tires, and no vehicle may cost more than $10,000. Characters are built with 40 points, no skill receiving more than 30 points. However, 4 of each side's team members suffer a -1 to both HC and to-hit rolls due to intoxication. Players set up on opposite ends of the map at whatever starting speed is desired.

Special Rules: Consider beach to be standard OR terrain, with no risk of tire or underbody damage. Dunes impose an automatic D2 hazard and all maneuvers are at + D2 difficulty. Line of sight extends only 2" in the dunes. (A vehicle in the furthermost 1" could not be targeted from the beach.)

Victory: Players are awarded 1 point for each enemy vehicle or character killed and penalized 1 point for each neutral pedestrian killed or rendered unconscious (the police will make that much more of an effort to track down the perpetrators). Vehicles and pedestrians fleeing the map do not count towards either side's victory points. Characters fleeing into the ocean are not counted as kills - only vehicles. A negative point total will result in all survivors of that side being hunted down and most likely executed.

Variants: Have three police cruisers equipped with OR tires enter from either end of the map, three turns after combat commences. These can be controlled by the referee or by a third player, with victory conditions as previously stated. Killing a policeman counts as a -2 penalty to victory conditions, though there is no penalty assessed for disabling police vehicles. A negative point total for the police player results in the police being kicked off the force. Remember, the police cruisers are not equipped with OR suspension.

Monday Morning Mayhem

by Andrew Metzger


"Monday Morning Mayhem" is a scenario for two or more players. One player runs a school bus carrying a congressman's child, and its escort vehicles. The other is a strike force of would-be kidnappers.

Congressman James Collier is travelling about Massachusetts on a publicity campaign, and has decided to bring his family with him. His advisers have told him that having his son, Bobby, go to the local schools for a day or so would be a boost to his campaign. As the school buses are fairly well armed, and the Congressman has hired additional escorts, all are quite confident that Bobby Collier will be safe during his stay. But there are those who wish to test this idea, for a possible profit...

The kidnapping player (or players) gets $135,000 to build at least four land vehicles and buy personal gear for the eight characters. Each kidnapper gets 50 skill points and Running at base level, but no more than 30 points may be used on any single skill. Also, at least one of their vehicles must have a passenger seat, in anticipation of taking Bobby Collier.

The bus player is driving a Northland Motors "Reliance" (detailed below). He gets six characters, two of whom must ride the bus as driver and gunner. The bus and escort characters all get 60 skill points and Running at base level, but again, no more than 30 points may be used on any single skill. The bus driver must be at least Trucker +1, and the Gunner must be at least Trucker. The bus player has $50,000 to build two or three land vehicles and purchase hand weapons and body armor.

The bus is assumed to be full, and all of the kids are wearing body armor (giving them 4 DP; 2 for each child, and 2 for the armor. Also, a child weighs 75 lbs. and takes up one space). None of the kids are armed or have any relevant skills. (Option: 3 Boy Scout Commandos happen to be riding the bus. They each have a SMG, and their relevant skills are Gunner, Handgunner +1.)

The bus will start out driving between 30 and 70 mph. The attackers will come from behind, being 10" behind the last vehicle of the bus player, and travelling 10 mph faster. The first two road sections are straight; after that, roll one die for each new section. On a 1 out of 6, there is a curve. If you have the Deluxe Road Sections, roll one die. The curve is a tight left on a 1, regular left on a 2 or 3' regular right on a 4 or 5, and tight right on a 6. If you don't have those sections, just choose right or left randomly with a 50% chance for either. All road sections are assumed clear, as this is in a well-populated and wealthy area.

If the bus player wins, the Congressman will reward the characters with $100,000, to be split amongst the survivors, and the battle is scored as if it were in an arena for prestige, with a 3-point bonus to each survivor if none of the other children were hurt. If the kidnappers succeed in taking Bobby, they will demand $200,000, and the Congressman will reluctantly pay. They don't receive any prestige.

By the way, should the kidnappers not turn Bobby over after receiving the payment, they will be hunted down and exterminated by the finest mercenaries money can buy. Guaranteed.

Vehicle Stats: Northland Motors "Reliance": 40' bus, x-hvy. chassis, regular truck power plant, 10 solid tires, Driver and Gunner, each with a Hi-Res computer. 2 linked VMGs in front and back turrets, with HD ammo; 3 linked SSs, one RB, LB and B, each loaded with tear gas; HDFOJ rear; 2 linked MFRPs front. Carries an Improved Fire Extinguisher, Tool Kit and Extra Driver Controls. 6 10-pt wheelguards. Passenger capacity: 30 kids. Armor: 50 points in all locations except the 2 underbody positions, where it is 25 points each. 23,945 lbs. $97,800.

Mountain Chase

by Randy Lander


"Mountain Chase" involves some of the ice-racing rules in ADQ 5/3. While the scenario may be played without the help of this article, it will make the scenario much more hazardous for your drivers. The scenario is for two players, and a referee would be helpful.

In the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado, there has been a long-lasting clan war since 2003. Two families started off firing at each other with handguns and moved slowly but steadily into autoduelling. Now, in 2040, the families have challenged each other to a Mountain Chase. This involves driving on a thin mountain road at high speeds, with cliffs on either side.

Each player gets one character, the champion of their family. The champion has 100 skill points and must have Driver and Gunner at base level. Other than this, there are no restrictions. Each champion also has $35,000 to build any type of car, ranging from subcompact to van. It is suggested that these vehicles be outfitted with IR Suspensions, Snow Tires, or something which gives traction and handling on ice, since a mountain chase is always held right after ice has frozen over on the roads. Therefore, add D4 to all hazards and maneuvers performed. It is also done at night, so there is a -2 firing modifier.

The road layout is detailed above, and the rules of the race are:

  1. No weapons fire may take place until the combatants come within 1" of each other.
  2. Speeds may not go below 45 mph, except when turning around.
  3. When the cars reach the end of the course, they must per-form bootleggers and run the course agam.

If either of the cars goes off the side of the map (quite possible, since it is a fair tactic to sideswipe), it falls over the cliff and explodes below. The driver has two turns to try to escape. The only real way to avoid exploding with the car is to jump out with a parachute or use an ejection seat.

Should both cars survive the race, whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. The character who wins gets salvage rights to the other vehicle, as well as having protected the clan's honor.

EDSEL Intervention

by Andrew Metzger

Eastern Seaboard

EDSEL (Eastern Driving Safety Enforcement league) is an organization dedicated to keeping the nation's highways safe for travel by preventing duelling. It was quite strong at one time, patrolling the whole East Coast, and far into the center of the U.S. But anti-duelling sentiments have faded in the past few years, and EDSEL suffered a tremendous defeat in Ohio at the hands of enraged autoduellists. EDSEL has since reviewed its position, and decided to pull in a little and concentrate on two major areas of population and stability: the southern New England, New York and New Jersey area, and the northwestern Great Lakes area (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota). In these areas EDSEL is making a slow but steady comeback, enforcing local anti-duelling laws, and instituting their own where none exist.

"EDSEL Intervention" is a scenario involving two duellists on a local highway engaged in a friendly (or not-so4riendly) duel. Much to their annoyance, an Edsel helicopter intervenes, and attempts to prevent the duel. This scenario is for two players and a referee. The two players should each build a highway vehicle for $30,000 or less, in accordance with AADA arena rules; i.e., hand weapons do not count against this $30,000, but body armor does. Neither player should have any idea as to the nature of the upcoming scenario, or what the other player is building, so as to force them to create a multi-purpose highway vehicle, rather than a one-shot special. If possible, even the title of the scenario should be withheld.

Each player gets one character, with Running at base level, and 60 more points to use as he wishes - the only restriction being that no more than 30 points may be used on any one skill.

Once the players have completed their designs, and have submitted them to the referee for approval, the referee should tell the players that they have decided to engage in a friendly highway duel, or perhaps that they have a grudge that they've decided to settle "the man's way" - on the road. In any case, the players should start a road duel, with one player (randomly determined) starting Out 2-12" in front of the other on clean, straight road sections. The players will be headed the same direction, and travelling at 60 mph at the start.

Two seconds after the first shot is fired, the Edsel helicopter (detailed below) will come at the players from the front, and hail them on the PA, ordering them to, "Cease all duelling activities! Proceed peacefully on to your destinations!" The pilot's relevant skills are Pilot +1, Gunner, Handgunner. The gunner's relevant skills are Pilot, Gunner +1, Handgunner. They are each wearing regular body armor over an FP suit, and have a parachute. They each carry a SMG. The helicopter will be 12" in front of the lead vehicle, and 8" high, travelling at 80 mph. The players have a number of options at this point. They could simply ignore the helicopter, and continue to duel, which will result in the EDSEL helicopter opening fire on the players. The players could also start firing on the helicopter, with the same result as above. Sneakier players might try to pretend to comply, with the intention of continuing the duel after the helicopter leaves, but the helicopter will follow the players at a slight distance, intending to escort them to their destination, or until one turns off. Once the players resume firing upon one another, the helicopter will come up and begin firing on the two vehicles. Finally, the players might actually agree to cease all duelling activity. In this last case, the referee may wish to point out that EDSEL has been interfering with the duellists' right to use the highway for many months, and therefore the local duellists have made an informal agreement to disrupt any EDSEL actions whenever possible.

The EDSEL helicopter will only cease firing on the players when it runs out of ammo, has one side of its armor breached, or one of the two duellists is taken out and the other agrees to leave. Should the second duellist stop to salvage the wreck of the first duellist, or continue to fire on the EDSEL copter, then the EDSEL members will continue to fight until one or the other is incapacitated. If the second duellist agrees to leave, the EDSEL members will radio for a tow truck or medic squad, if either are needed.

If the players succeed in downing the EDSEL helicopter, they may continue their duel, and the winner not only gets salvage rights to the loser's vehicle, but to the copter as well. The referee might want to scare the players into thinking reinforcements might come to the aid of the downed helicopter, by announcing radio calls for help by the EDSEL members when it is in danger of going down, but the truth is that EDSEL is still woefully understaffed, and no one will be able to respond to the call. Therefore, the duel and attending salvage will be allowed to progress to its completion uninterrupted.

Vehicle Stats: EDSEL Interceptor - Small helicopter, small helicopter power plant, driver and gunner, each with a target computer. Two 2-space EWP, one each side, with two linked MFRPs facing front, and 10 pts of armor each; VMG left; VMG right; 1 bomb and 1 cluster bomb mounted on 2-space bomb rack, underneath. Carries radar, a sound system and extra driver controls. Armor: F30, R30, L30, B20, T6, U30. Accel. 5 mph, HC 2, 7,88 lbs., $53,550.

Variant: This situation would also work well in a Convoy-style adventure, either having the helicopter come upon the players while they are engaged in a road combat - in which case the helicopter would be likely to aid the players, unless they started the battle - or having the players crest a hill to see the helicopter trying to suppress an ongoing road duel, in which case the players could end up on either side, depending on their sentiments.

Luve's Catacombs

by Gregory K. Mount


Luve's Raiders pulled it off!!! They raided KC-1, stole $50,000 from the largest bank in the Midwest, destroyed part of the Citadel and only lost three men and two cars. But the Enforcers are on their trail, and are not happy. There's only one place to hide: The Tunnel of Luve.

These catacombs are well hidden in the Flint Hills of far southeastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri. As the raiders slip through the cracks into their stinking holes and set up their defenses, the Enforcers are having their special vehicles flown in from KC-l. Now that they're ready to go in, the Enforcers charge in without thinking, which is what they do best.

Enforcer Setup: The Enforcers start out with eight Night Owl luxury cars. The drivers are Driver +2, Gunner +1 and have IBA, a SMG, and a heavy pistol. The gunners are Gunner +2, Handgunner + 1 and have IBA, a rifle with AV ammo, and a derringer. The passengers are Handgunner + 3, Running +1 and have Impact Armor, a fireproof suit, and assault rifle, tinted/infrared goggles, and a machine pistol. The cars can start out at any of the four known exists in any order.

Raider Setup: The Raiders are ready and start out with three Spelunker station wagons, one Manslaughter II sedan, ten mine counters, four machine gun emplacements and ten pedestrians. The drivers are Driver +2, Gunner +2, and have body armor, a rifle, and three explosive grenades. The passengers are Handgunner +2 and have IBA, an SMG with AV ammo, a grenade launcher with concussion grenades and tinted/infrared goggles. The three Spelunkers and the Manslaughter II start out in any of the six numbered, hidden garages. It takes one second to open the garage doors. The ten mine counters and the four machine gun emplacements can be set up anywhere, but must remain there throughout the scenario. The ten defending pedestrians start Out on the lettered squares.

Combat: Using the map provided, conduct the battle as if it were nighttime, except that the cars can only sec 2" forward and _" in any other directions normally, and radar is ineffective outside direct line~f-sight. All of the caves must be considered off-road.

Victory Conditions: If the Enforcers root out the Raiders, the booty will be destroyed by Luve before he is captured, but the

Enforcers will still be victorious. If the Raiders can stop the Enforcers and destroy them, they can keep the money and are victorious. But the Enforcers may not give up so easily.

Equipment: Night Owl - luxury, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires whO Pt. hubs, large PP w/SC, driver, gunner, passenger, 10 Pt. CA around crew, RL(AP) back smart linked to turret w/RL(AP) and TL w/LGL, infrared system, radar, 2 HR computer, LD radio, HD and AL brakes, spoiler, tinted and no-paint windshield, FE. FP plastic armor: F30, L26, B32, T20, U20. 6,600 lbs. $48,185.

Spelunker - station wagon, x-hvy. chassis, OR suspension, 4 solid tires with 10-Pt. hubs each, large power plant w/SC, driver, passenger, 10 Pt. CA around pass., 2 RR with AP shells front, arm. searchlight front, IR system, HD and AL brakes, LD radio, sunroof, portable FE, tinted windows, HRSWC. Plastic armor: F50, L4O, R40, B50, T8, U30. 6,600 lbs. $29,910.

Manslaughter II - sedan, x-hvy. chassis, OR suspension, Large PP w/PC, driver, passenger, 2 FG front, GL with 5 smoke and 5 tear gas and 2 magazines (1 concussion, 1 explosive) in 2 space turret, magazine switch, HD shocks, overdrive, spoiler, HD and AL brakes, 10 AP grenades, brushcutter, car blades, HR computer. Sloped plastic armor: F40 (ramplate), L30, R30, B40, T11, U20. 6,116 lbs. $29,078.

Machine gun emplacement-2 portable MGs, armored searchlight, 20 Pt. front and side armor, handgunner w/body armor, flak jacket, machine pistol. Has one facing and cannot be turned or moved by fewer than four people.


by Eric Reel


When you traveled to southeast Texas, you knew you were taking a risk. Still, the convoy hadn't expected much trouble. Most of the border gangs simply didn't have the firepower to take out a National Guard escort, and the flat, open landscape provided little opportunity for would-be ambushers. Unfortunately, the Muchachos' newly-acquired TOW missile launcher put a slight hitch in the travel plan.

The Muchachos have successfully blown two escorts and the cab of a truck carrying prime dairy cattle to El Paso into smoking wreckage. As the bandits cheer and swoop in to round up the cows, they are met by the avenging forces of the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol, who previously had been several kilometers to the rear, acting as rear guards and as a hidden reserve.

Setup: Lay down a strip of straight road sections lengthwise down the center of a 21" x 32"Car Wars Blank Map Sheet or roughly equivalent playing area. This represents east-west running highway. Drop from a height of about 6" a wrecked truck, trailer, and two vehicle counters. Randomly place 12 cows (represented by motorcycle counters) about the trailer. Determine direction by the grenade scatter rules and place cows ld" in that direction.

Special Rules: Cows have 6 DP and are targeted as a motorcycle. A cow moves at 20 mph, directly away from any moving vehicle within 2", any gunfire hitting the ground within 1", or any explosion within 4". If none of these conditions are met, the cow will remain stationary. If two or more of these event occur, the cow will move to maximize its distance from these events. In the case where several possible directions of movement are available, randomly determine the direction of travel. Example: two cars are attempting to ram a cow, one travelling due east, the other due west. Both are within 2" of the cow. Roll 1 die. On a 1-3 the cow moves due north. On a 4-6 the cow moves due south. A cow which is wounded will move at 20 mph directly away from where the shot was fired or the explosion occurred, until deflected by a vehicle, gunfire or explosion (as above). The cow then resumes normal behavior (they're still a bit dared from the crash).

Southeast Texas is hot, dry and flat. The penalty for off-road travel is reduced to -1 HC. A vehicle traveling off road will take 1 point of damage to a random tire if a 6 is rolled on 1 die. Roll each turn for tire damage. A vehicle equipped with OR tires takes no tire damage from OR travel.

Muchachos: The Muchachos receive $45,000 and 15 30-pt. characters. They may purchase only one very-rare weapon (fully loaded) with no extra ammo. Their vehicles and equipment are designed along standard Chassis & Crossbow guidelines. The WGM is out of ammo and its carrier vehicle has withdrawn.

Texans: Texas Rangers are well equipped. They have access to weapons and equipment not normally available to the average rider or citizen. A fiberglass spoiler or airdam acts normally, but is destroyed after 10 points of damage, including damage from hand weapons, hits the side it is mounted on. Ranger vehicles are equipped with heavy~duty, off-road tires, and carry a spare strapped to the roof. The Ranger player receives two patrol vehicles and an elite Interceptor.

Patrol Vehicle: Mid-sized, 300 cu. in. engine, multi-barrel carburetor, 25-gallon economy tank, 4 heavy-duty, off-road tires, driver, gunner, MG front on articulated mount, LD radio. Metal armor: F7, R4, M, B5, Ti, UO. Accel. 1, top speed 100, HC 1, base mpg 21. Spare tire (standard) on roof. 4,765 lbs., $14,055.

Note: the gunner may fire hand weapons into the F, R and B arcs.

Ranger Interceptor: Luxury, heavy chassis, improved suspension, 400 cu. in. engine, 25-gallon heavy duty tank, 4 heavy-duty, off-road tires, driver, gunner, fixed VMG front, SD with extra magazine rear, fiberglass spoiler and airdam, portable fire extinguisher (in gunner area), LD radio. Metal armor: F7, R4, M, B5, Ti, UO. Accel. 15, top speed 120, HC 2, base mpg 15. Spare tire (standard) on roof. 6,020 lbs., $27,930.

Note: No gunner is carried in this particular vehicle, a PFXT being thrown in the gunner's seat.

Patrol drivers are Driver-2, Handgunner-l, Running-i and are armed with a heavy pistol and 4 grenades (for GL). Gunners are Driver-i, Handgunner-2, Running-i and armed with a GL, heavy pistol and 3 grenades (for GL). The Interceptor driver is Driver-3, Handgunner-2, Running-i and equipped with body armor, 2 grenades (3 second delay) and a machine pistol with AP ammo.

Victory: Muchachos receive three points for each live cow remaining on the map and lose two points for each character killed. Muchacho vehicles may flee off an map edge, while Rangers may exit only to the east or west. The player with the highest point total wins, though any victory to a player with a negative total must be considered Pyrrhic at best.

Variant: Allow pursuit of vehicles fleeing off the east and west map edges. Muchachos will still be able to flee without risk or pursuit by moving more than 9" away from the road.

Variant: Scatter a number of obstacle counters over the playing area. These represent large rocks, cacti, scrub brush, etc.

Jaws' Revenge

by Ed Podsiad

Coastal Atlantic Ocean

In this scenario a force of eco-guerrillas attack a group of shark skin hunters. You will need DCW and Boat Wars to play. The eco-guerrillas get $150,000 to build as many boats as they want, but none bigger than cruiser-class. The shark hunters get $125,000 to build a yacht. It must have a least 28 spaces (including cargo) and 5,000 lbs. for dead sharks, a sonar, a winch (to haul the sharks aboard) and a Heavy Speargun (see below), a helicopter of any size, as a search vehicle, and as many other boats as they can afford. Neither side may use hovercraft. Use the blue maps from Boat Wars. The shark hunters set up first in the middle of the map, going any speed. The eco-guerrillas enter anywhere on the map (they may split up their forces) moving at the hunters' speed plus 20. The victor is the last side on the board.

Coast Guard Option: Give the shark hunters $160,000 plus the requirements above. The eco-guerrillas (or a third player) gets the forces listed above plus $30,000 for one microplane (if a third player is involved, assume it is the Coast Guard, who don't want any fighting in this area). He will fire at any vehicles in combat until one side disengages or is killed. If his armor is breached or he runs out of ammo, he will escape off the nearest map edge, never to be seen again.

Heavy Speargun -To Hit 7, 2 dice damage against pedestrians, animals and unarmored targets, id-i to everything else, $1,000, 200 lbs., 3 spaces, 5 shots. CPS 150, WPS 50, loaded cost $1,750, loaded weight 450 lbs. This is a large speargun whose projectiles have viciously-barbed tips and line hooked to the end. This is usually attached to a winch. When a shark or other creature is shot, the barbed tip sticks in it and it is hauled in aboard the ship. Against armored targets it has almost no penetration ability.

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