AERODUEL, Mini-Scenarios

Gulf of Mexico, 2040: The fishing situation off the coast of Texas has reached a critical point. Fish provides a major source of protein and is one of the state's major exports. However, Texan fishing fleets have clashed in armed combat with Mexican fishermen over the right to fish. The conflict escalates, until the Mexican fishermen organize a task force of fighting boats, armed to destroy any Texan fishing vessel they can. News of this mini armada reaches Texas, and a counter-strike is ordered.

Flight Leader Roy Noboru of the Texas Air Rangers leads the attack, catching the Mexican boats still in their harbor. He sees the boats in motion, already alerted to the low-flying aircraft, and gives the signal for the attack:


A Mini-Scenario for Boat Wars and Aeroduel

Setup: The battle takes place on the Boat Wars map. Boats cannot go off the map-edges, since the harbor is a small one and the water too shallow to maneuver off-map. Any boat that runs off the map runs aground. They can't maneuver out of the harbor, either -- the Texans attacked at low tide, when the entrance is not deep enough. Ignore the depths on the map and treat the water as being 2" deep. Aircraft, of course, have no trouble maneuvering off the map.

The attacking Texas Air Rangers have $150,000 to purchase their aircraft -- they must have at least four aircraft. They get a total of eight crewmembers, and each crewman has 80 points of skills (no more than 40 points in any one skill).

The defending Mexicans have been alerted to the attackers. They have $200,000 to build a fleet of at least five boats. They have no limit on crewmembers except what the boats will hold. Mexican crewmen have 40 points of skills (no more than 20 points in any one skill).

The Texans must all enter from one side of the map. The Mexicans start on the map. Both sides have had plenty of time to accelerate, so all vehicles may be at whatever speed desired, up to maximum speed.

Victory Conditions: The Texans win by destroying over half of the Mexican boats. The Mexicans win by preventing this from happening, either by shooting down the Texans or having more boats than the Texans have ammo.

Suggested Tactics:

Texan Air Rangers -- Arm your aircraft with weapons that punch -- forget MGs, use RRs, rockets and heavier weaponry instead. This is not a dogfight, this is a ground-attack mission. Don't circle around the map. Go straight in for high-speed attack runs and turn around safely out of Mexican range. Torpedo-bombing is suggested, as one torpedo can sink most small ships and put a lot of damage on the bigger ones.

Mexicans -- Aircraft pack a lot of armor, so you'll need heavy weapons to hurt them. Remember that a low-flying aircraft is vulnerable to control loss -- hit 'em hard! Keep your boats out of each other's way, so you can put out maximum firepower at all times.


A Mini-Scenario for Aeroduel and Midville

Somewhere in a hidden headquarters building, the leader of A.S.P. (Assassination, Sabotage and Protectionism) receives news from his COBRA (Co-Ordinator of BRoadcast Activities).

"Mighty Black Asp, POISON (Propaganda Output/Information Source Online Network) has isolated an unsubstantiated claim of ASP activities." He handed the print-out to the masked terrorist commander. "A Nebraskan source states that a 'superhero' duellist destroyed one of our bases in Missouri, singlehandedly."

The Black Asp shifted from his bored posture, examining the message with interest. "That's preposterous! We don't even have any bases in Missouri!"

"Which is why the claim was brought to your attention, exalted leader."

"You did well to do so, COBRA. As you know, it is my policy that no one can be allowed to have more false or effective propaganda than ASP! This calls for a retaliatory act of totally wanton and random terrorism! Rodric!" he shouted at the singularly dull-looking individual standing next to the ASP throne. "Summon my air commanders! Tell them to attack Nebraska!"

"Yes, m'lord. Should we attack the whole state at once, or a bit at a time?"

"Not the whole thing, Rodric. Just destroy something in Nebraska, and make sure to get lots of film in the process!"

So it was that four rocket-laden Mamba fighters were dispatched to "destroy something in Nebraska," a great and senseless propaganda victory for ASP.

Setup: The battle takes place on the Midville map. Before the setup, the ASP player secretly decides which building he intends to destroy and notes it where the defender can't see it. After this is done, the defender sets up his forces.

The ASP player enters from one map-edge of his choice with four Mamba fighters (see below). They enter at any speed up to maximum and any desired altitude. The Mamba pilots are all Pilot-2, Gunner-1, except for one pilot (the flight leader) who is Pilot-4, Gunner-3, The flight leader's microplane must be designated before the start of the scenario.

The defender gets $75,000 and as many defenders as he wishes, setting up anywhere on the map. All defending pedestrians have 30 skill points. Any defending aircraft crewmen get 60 skill points (no more than 30 may be spent on any one skill).

Victory Conditions: The ASP player must put 100 or more points of damage into the chosen target building and have at least one Mamba escape (by flying off the map and outrunning any pursuit) to win. The Nebraskan defenders will by shooting down all four Mambas, preventing them from putting 100 points of damage into the chosen building, or both.

Mamba -- Large microplane, super car PP with PC, 2 ducted props wing-mounted B, 3 standard cycle tires, swept wines, pilot with body armor, 2 linked medium lasers F smart-linked to universally-turreted medium laser T, LGL on turret laser, laser battery for turret laser, wing-mounted retractable landing gear, 2 laser-guided AP HRs wing-mounted F (1 per wing), 2 2-space rocket EWPS wing-mounted F, with 2 AP HRs per EWP, all EWP rockets linked, Hi-res computer, LR radio, radar jammer, ejection seat. LR Armor: F30, L20, R20, B20, T20, U30. 10 points propeller armor for each prop. Acc 5, HC 3, maximum speed 370 mph; 5,989 lbs., $47,622.


ASP -- Concentrate your fire on your target building. You're not there to engage Nebraskans, you're there to blow up something. Since buildings are easy to hit, + 10 to be exact, hit it with your unguided rockets from range. Follow up with diving attack passes to concentrate all your laser-fire on the target. Keep your speed up; it's your best defense. Make your attack passes where the enemy's ground defenses are weak.

Defender -- Ground-mounted anti-aircraft weapons are all right ... if the ASP target is close to them. Otherwise they'll be unable to get into position to shoot at the Mambas. The best anti-aircraft weapons are SAMs, WGMs and RGMs (remember that the Mambas have radar jammers!).

You'll need something in the air, something with real speed. Otherwise you'll rarely be able to hit the Mambas as they fly by. A small dogfighting microplane is a good idea; Mambas have more weaponry than they have armor. A SAM-armed microplane can do a lot of damage to a Mamba.

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